2017 Year in Review: The #Beyhive’s Greatest Hits (Tomi Lahren, Taylor Swift, & More)

Published: Sunday 31st Dec 2017 by Rashad

Scribbled in history books for some good and not-so-good reasons, 2016 brought with it some of modern music’s most memorable moments.  Now, as the year draws to a close, TGJ is reflecting on 31 moments that rocked – and to some degree shaped – the Urban and Pop musical landscape as we know it.

Next, we’ll reflect on 2017’s greatest stings as imparted by Beyonce’s beloved #Beyhive:


Admittedly, the year was considerably slow for the Beyhive attacks (compared to year’s prior).  This, arguably, could be attributed to  Beyonce’s inactivity due to her pregnancy.  Trust, that does not mean they didn’t make time to swarm any detractors who dared to speak ill of the Queen during her time out of the spotlight.

Look for our favorite 2017 moments below:

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Tomi Lahren:  Stung for slamming Beyonce & Colin Kaepernick

Antonio Biaggi:  Gay film star stung for slamming Beyonce in racist rant

Carlos Santana:  Stung for saying Beyonce can’t sing as well as Adele

Kayleigh McEnany:  CNN report stung for saying Beyonce can’t sing as well as country star Toby Keith

Monica:  Stung for perceived disses to Blue Ivy

Taylor Swift:  Stung for allegedly ripping off ‘Formation’ video with her ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video

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  1. Me Again… January 1, 2018

    Why does this deserve a post? A lot of artist gets criticized by the masses, not just Beyoncé. The obsession with her is quite sickening and disturbing. I’m sure she would say the same if she gave this site any attention. #DoBetterN2018!

  2. YouFatusankoh January 1, 2018

    Love our queen Bey more blessing to her this new year she will continue to win and loved by all

  3. Meme January 1, 2018

    Stop encourage this trashy behavior from Beyoncé’s fans please.

    • Dea January 1, 2018

      Let also discuss how Rihanna can sell more than 600k on the next album without Samsung buying her credentials???

  4. SMH January 1, 2018

    Hopefully this will be the year somebody finally sprays pesticide on those insects.

  5. JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2018

    These behaviours and also this post itself from aspiring journalists are a disgrace. Do better and leave Beyonce´s buble. This could very easily ridiculized.

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