Cardi B Covers Billboard Magazine

Published: Thursday 21st Dec 2017 by Sam

Cardi B has been blazing the Billboard charts with hit after hit. So, who better to cover the magazine’s latest issue?

Striking a fierce pose a-front of the 2017 Year In Review edition, the 25-year-old looks every inch the star she’s become.

The feature arrives on the eve of the release of her new single ‘Bartier Cardi’ – the follow-up to #1 smash ‘Bodak Yellow.’

It also comes after the femcee, real name Belcalis Almanzar, became the first female rapper in history to have her first three singles hit the top ten of the Hot 100.

Peep another pic below….

She slayed!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beysus December 21, 2017

    It what she deserves

  2. Electrikblue December 21, 2017

    They weren’t all singles. A number 1 single and 2 top 10 features right? Soon to be 3 top 10 with that new Modelo song

  3. ??? December 21, 2017

    lol hit after hit? i think you mean feature after feature lmao.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 21, 2017

      Says the Nicki Minaj fan….

      • TAMMAH December 21, 2017

        Right! I Shouldn’t Hear No Barbiecue Stans Tlk Down On Another Artists Gettin’ Top 10s By Features & PLAGIARISM!

  4. I hate b. And w bitchexzz December 21, 2017

    Why only a 1# hit wonder

  5. Brent Christopher December 21, 2017

    unfortunately, this second single isn’t going to perform nearly as great as BODAK YELLOW and the album itself will have lost major steam prior to its arrival. I HATE THE FACT that her team and Remy’s alike are waiting for Nicki’s release before they distribute their individual projects.

    something tells me that either Nicki or Justin Timberlake are dropping a surprise album tonight!

    • Caleb December 21, 2017

      Or Nicki is waiting on their albums, since Nicki’s was announced way before theirs were.

      • Faf December 21, 2017

        Wrong nicki didn’t announce the album was dropping she likely re-recorded 10-12 songs to shade remy after shether dropped hence the delay

        These two have announced actual release dates cardi said October it’s damn near january

      • Caleb December 22, 2017

        @Faf but she said the album was about to drop way back in January and now it’s almost January of next year! And the Remy beef happened in Feb.-March so why this 9-10 month delay?

  6. Sza December 21, 2017

    Lol i bet the writer was seething having to write this without a mention of Nicki Minaj ?

  7. GurlWepa1989 December 21, 2017

    So happy and proud of her!! We need more female MCs out there. Here’s the problem I have with some of y’all. When there’s a new Gril out, y’all try to pitch them against one another or discredit one another..there are rooms for many female MCs. Look at the men or the pop girls…they don’t get petty like that. Shoutout to Nicki and can’t wait for NM4.

    • TAMMAH December 21, 2017

      Check Out My Girl Megan Thee Stallion. She Is A Dope Female MC From Houston, Texas. When I Tell You She’s Gonna Be The Next Come Up & Knock The Industry By Storm, Trust & Believe, She Will.

    • Moti December 21, 2017

      Yes the pop girl do, they just hide it better. You see what’s going on with Katy and T Swift. It’s not just hip hop but it is overtly obvious

  8. Yolanda December 21, 2017

    Cardi went and got d*** happy. At first, she was going at Nicki subliminally, the same way Nicki does everybody else…THEN…

    Her man, Offset, tricked her into ignoring Nicki and pay attention to the money. Offset convinced her to get on a track with Nicki and Nicki dissed Cardi throughout the entire song. Don’t forget how Nicki dissed Cardi on No Flags/ft. Offset.

    Nicki played Cardi for a #1 hit. Cardi kept tweeting how she is no fool and she knows EVERYBODY who doesn’t like her. But Cardi wasn’t ready for the evilness of Nicki. Nicki disses Cardi early and often. The worst is Nicki dissed Cardi on the same track!!!!!!!!

    Because of Offset, Cardi is trying to take the high road and ignore Nicki. But what does a man know about a “girl” fight. Cardi should’ve made Offset get off Motorsport. I just don’t ride with Cardi like I use to. I thought she was a New York, Bronx native that was going to make people think twice about coming at her. But now, she’s Nicki’s doormat because Nicki disses Cardi at-will. She does it when she feels like it and Cardi is just going to have to take it. Why? Because Offset got himself in the middle of a “girl” fight.

    • December 21, 2017

      dude, it was Nicki and QUAVO’S song from the get-go, then QUAVO or offset or whichever one it was, ask if cardi can be on the song and Nicki said yes, then she and the next two jump on the song. I’m just saying Cardi had no power in the first place to kick off anyone off the song because the song wasn’t hers, to begin with.

    • ??? December 21, 2017

      Did you literally just make all that s*** up in your head and have the nerve to post it as it were facts?

      • Yolanda December 21, 2017

        It is just my observation of how I think Cardi and Offset have handled the Nicki situation. But I love them as a couple and I cannot wait to see the wedding. Cardi has the biggest smile whenever she is around him.

    • Faf December 21, 2017

      Nicki is from New York too

  9. Yolanda December 21, 2017

    Did Cardi have to get on the song? As Joe Budden said, “Nicki needed that song.” Didn’t Cardi realize that Nicki’s features were not doing so well? Didn’t Cardi know that she was the “seller” of that song? Would Nicki have ever thrown Cardi a bone if Cardi’s stardom was dying down? Cardi helped Nicki, admit it!! But she helped Nicki on a song where Nicki is dissing her!! I think Offset got in her ear and told her to be the better person. But Offset should’ve known that Cardi is the new headliner now!!! They both should’ve gotten off that song once they heard Nicki’s verse.

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