Britney Spears To Perform On ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’

Published: Thursday 21st Dec 2017 by Sam

Britney Spears looks set to end 2017 with a bang!

Because, the Pop superstar has been tapped to perform at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.

Full story below…

The 36-year-old made the announcement herself moments ago:

Her showing will be broadcast live from Las Vegas, where she’ll be wrapping up her Piece Of Me residency.

With this being the same platform that played host to Mariah Carey’s now infamous NYE showing, let’s hope Britney has her dance-steps and pre-records ready come the 31st.

Other performers on the bill include Kelly Clarkson, Camila Cabello, and Nick Jonas. Ciara will be hosting the West Coast countdown, while Ryan Seacrest will officiate on the East Coast.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde December 21, 2017

    She was the hottest girl in the world from 2001 to 2004, hard to believe that now, her body it’s still bangin though.

    • MessyBoots December 21, 2017

      I thought Baby One More Time came out in 1999 and Oops sold 1.3m first week in 2000.. do those years not count or something?

  2. G7Pat December 21, 2017

    W bey ciara n Janet storming 2018 she better step them 8 counts up

  3. Jasmine December 21, 2017

    I like Britney but she needs a facelift and skin tightening asap. There is no reason a woman under 40 should be looking that old when they have a lot of money.

    • Suicide Blonde December 21, 2017

      She would look so much worse if she does surgery/Botox, better to be natural IMO, she has been through alot, that has definitely contributed to make her face look tired, still a good looking woman, besides, not all female celebrities are pro-surgery/botox, she definitely has had some botox on her face, maybe because she reads comments like yours, telling her that she looks old for a 36 years old woman.

      • Jasmine December 21, 2017

        I guess. But her face is not “natural”. Maybe it is her medication and smoking cigarettes that is causing it. The reason i said she should do it is because she is no stranger to plastic surgery so some skin tightening and a face lift or botox should help her.

      • JOHNVIDAL December 21, 2017

        suicide do you remember that time when you used to say that britney Spears was so big that she was always going to be a bigger icon than Mariah Carey and others? That she was the biggest thing in pop culture since Madonna and that it was going to last decades? 🙂 Where is her impact anywhere now? Who thinks about her at all? Meanwhile Whitney or Mariah keep and will live forever year after year with just one of their songs (All I want says hi).

      • Suicide Blonde December 21, 2017

        I think you misunderstood my words, I have always said that Britney and Madonna are the biggest female Pop stars ever, I never said that she was bigger than Whitney or Mariah, I said that Britney will be more remembered in the pop field than Whitney and Mariah, I know W and M are Pop Stars two, but i tend to separate the likes of Britney and Madonna from W and M, for me they don’t fit that caregory, even though they are, they’r more than that, of course Britney will be remembered just like any other legend, don’t dismish her power, Britney was literally “pop culture” in the beginning of the 2000’s, Whitney and Mariah are of course on another level, but Britney’s legacy is more than cemented, you don’t have to be talented to be remembered, Marilyn Monroe is probably the biggest female icon of all time after the Virgin Mary, do we consider her to be on the same level of acting as Better Davis?, no, the thing is, Britney is part of Pop music history, she’s one of the greatest phenomenons in music history, and even though her star seems dead now, once she dies her star will shine more than ever. To clarify, yes, Whitney and Mariah are going to be remembered eternally, just in a different way, when we think of Whitney, we think about that Voice, same will be with Mariah, it’s more about their talent, Britney will probably be remembered as a celebrity, ala Marilyn, hope you get my point.

      • Suicide Blonde December 21, 2017

        Sorry for the typos.

      • JOHNVIDAL December 21, 2017

        I got your point the first time. But I really think Britney is nowhere near of becoming such thing. A Marilyn and all that. People don´t take her seriously and image wise she is not half as powerful as Marilyn in her day. She may have been for a few years in teh early 00s. But even then, everybody knew she was a TEEN phenomenon. she didn´t croos all barriers. Older people didn´t care about her. I truly believe she´ll be forgotten except for when she dies yes. But an icon she won´t be. Like I said, her image is not powerful enough.

      • Suicide Blonde December 21, 2017

        I’m going to ignore you.
        I used Marilyn just so you can get an idea of my point of view, of course she was never as big as Marilyn, nor she will ever be, not even after death.

      • Video December 21, 2017

        @ Jasmine ?Gathering that reeking meth head clown.

      • tip December 22, 2017

        Exactly that! Ive noticed at award shows she gets fillers in her lips. Its so sad, cuz she’s a good looking gal, who still has that girl next door, s*** when she wants to be thing going on.

  4. Brent Christopher December 21, 2017

    WHY did she have to REEEEAD that from a prompter tho?

  5. JOHNVIDAL December 21, 2017

    She better be careful cause they like to expose people there. In Mariah´s case only a few whistles were going to be lipped and the rest of Emotions was going to be live, but Brit lips everything.

    • I MightNate December 21, 2017

      Lol Right! So weird they would pick Britney of all people, especially after last year.. Would be funny if it happens again tho.

  6. Erica December 21, 2017

    Shares not going to be there live, her last show for Vegas is that night!!

  7. Ocean December 21, 2017

    They better make sure they set up the right track we can’t have another mime disaster

  8. DanYiel Iman December 21, 2017

    She’s getting her vocals recorded right now to be played as she dances & mines her tunes on New Year’s Day!! ✌??

    • Jasmine December 21, 2017

      Stop the lies. You know Britney dances / mimes to the ALBUM versions of her song.

      • JOHNVIDAL December 21, 2017

        LOl Yes. When the hell has Britney re-recorded anything?

  9. Sean December 21, 2017

    Most overrated pop star of all time. Can’t sing, dance or write songs and zero creativity

    • MessyBoots December 21, 2017

      Yet, she stays getting booked. Almost 20 years after her debut. #youmadhuh?

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