Reaching? Cardi B Faces Copycat Claims Following Tommy Genesis Drama

Published: Sunday 24th Dec 2017 by David

Her name is Tommy Genesis.

Unfortunately, despite making promising waves as a musician this year, this artist is set to receive the most publicity she has scored to date for all the wrong reasons.

How so? Theft.


Details below…

Cardi B’s brand new jam ‘Bartier Cardi’ was met with praise when it dropped this week but soon slipped into controversy when members of Tommy’s small but apparently powerful fan base took to Twitter to bash the cut.




Cardi is yet to respond.

Our thoughts on the matter? Probably a coincidence at least or harmless a case of inspiration at worst.

If not? Another example of what may have happen if two or more artists share the same writers.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sommer December 24, 2017

    They do sound alike.

    • Everyone’s A Critic December 24, 2017


      • Its me gowrl December 24, 2017

        Did u even listen??

  2. Everyone’s A Critic December 24, 2017

    I’m sorry but this a mr fantastic REEEEACH!!
    I don’t hear any similarities. The tones are different. The only thing people are picking up on is the girl saying her name in every bar….
    That’s like saying Beyonce copied Mariah Carey cos they both used the word ‘love’!!!
    That’s how stupid you all sound. CARDI GOT RICH, THEY UPSET (CARTIER)

    • Its me gowrl December 24, 2017

      Girl, listen to the song and stfu! Like hell they don’t sound alike. B****

      • Everyone’s A Critic December 24, 2017

        1. I’m not a girl..
        2. I did listen and i don’t HEAR it..
        3. Refrain from profanities cah I have plenty time on this xmas eve to drag you from your knaps and make you regret having the confidence to EVER address the Critic.

        Now go sit on them fingers that you like to type profanities with. Merry xmas

      • Overpaid Consumer December 24, 2017

        Everyone’s A Critic

        Girl, calm yo ass down. You females be tripping too damn hard

    • Caleb December 24, 2017

      I don’t care how much you like Cardi B, the flow is exactly the same. Don’t be delusional.

  3. FentyBeauty December 24, 2017

    Biggest reach of the year goes to..

  4. Truth Be Told December 24, 2017

    This is not a reach. I heard the similarities too (cadence and flow). If u can’t hear it then ur also the ones that don’t realize that Cardi uses the same adlibs as the migos. The song is a bop no doubt but just like iggy, cardi reached her peak too soon and now she’s gonna be chasing #1s.

    • Essence_Of_Sean December 24, 2017

      Lmaoooo how she reach her peak?

      Well now that she set to do a song and video with Bruno Mars and currently slaying billboard and iTunes right now. We shall see ?

  5. Essence_Of_Sean December 24, 2017


    BUT THIS IS A REACH FR AND ITS THE BARBS, not Tommy’s little fan base

    • Caleb December 24, 2017

      Nah this s*** sound exactly alike.

  6. Truth Be Told December 24, 2017

    Who get this m*********** started? (Cardi)
    Who took your b**** out to party? (Cardi)
    I took your b**** in the party (Cardi)
    Who that be fly as a Martian? (Cardi)
    Who that on fleek in the cut? (Cardi)
    Who got the bricks in the truck? (Cardi)
    Them diamonds gon’ hit like a b**** on a bitchy ass b****
    B****, you a wannabe Cardi

    She wanna know who’s Tommy
    Who’s this girl Tommy?
    She wanna know who’s Tommy
    All these b****** get off me
    Nobody f*** with Tommy
    Nobody’s high like Tommy
    Nobody rock like Tommy
    All these b****** get off me
    You know I wear that Hilfiger
    You know I stare when you with her
    You know she hit me, admit it
    You know she did me, admit it
    I got a gun, Tommy

    Definitely similar

  7. KingMe December 24, 2017

    …almost every male in hip hop shares the same flow RIGHT NOW… but migos ..nevermind

  8. Whoops December 24, 2017

    Their names are Tommy and Cardi. Who knew that them both making a song around their names would elicit similar cadence. The songs themselves sound nothing alike. This may just be a reach to get Tommy’s and on the map. It’s not like she’s original either. Tommy comes across as a wannabe to me. Fake artsy.

    • Faf December 24, 2017

      Ok but she’s shouting it to the same flow as Tommy so that is a copy lmaoo like their names can be similar but it’s the repetitive choral chant that we’re talking about

  9. Oh puhlease December 24, 2017

    Yeah they sound similiar….just like every single rap song on the radio social media and YouTube ….what’s the problem?

  10. Slicc Loskii December 24, 2017

    Sorry but that Tommy b******* is not Bartier Cardi….

  11. Lake Erie December 24, 2017

    The cardi beat was tweaked but they do sound alike beat wise tbh. Lyrically, NO.. Lol. Tommy really not saying anything to me.

  12. Ron December 24, 2017

    Absolute reachhhhh. The melody for the 1st two bars are similar to tommies song but that’s literally it. The reality is..melodies are often recycled, or even remixed. Cardi definitely didn’t steal anything here. Great minds think alike n that’s a fact.

  13. Audreyherbsburm December 24, 2017

    Are they f****** kidding me? So is she stealing from migos, oj da juiceman, juicy j, future, nicki minaj or any of the mumble rappers who ALL have rapped with the same f****** flow and cadence? Half these damn “trap” songs sound like that, and this braggadocious s*** been popping. Gtfoh and who the hell is Tommy genesis? They’re reaching.

  14. The Wig Snatcher December 24, 2017

    They both have the same flow as “Panda.” Does that mean Desiigner wrote both songs??? Gurl bye.

    • Faf December 24, 2017

      Designer is not shouting panda every bar tho tho

  15. Tisha December 24, 2017

    I Mean all the rappers sounds alike too, same melodies so what the probelm, but GO CARDI I wouldn’t listen to the other girl anyways!

  16. Ocean December 24, 2017

    I’m sure when y’all heard Bodak Yellow you said the same thing … Bodak Yellow (kodak black)

    Bartier Bardi (Tommy Genesis)

  17. I hate b. And w bitchexzz December 24, 2017

    Yet, to respond this big mouth cow has yet to respond all of a sudden….NM4 anyone

  18. IssaDemigod December 24, 2017

    They are identical. Any thing else is just delusional stanning.

  19. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 24, 2017

    I definitely hear some similarities; it sounds as if Bartier Cardi was inspired by the song. Nevertheless, the songs are wholly different as Cardi’s style, cadence, delivery, and flow are at a completely different.level… I hope it doesn’t affect the songs performance, because it’s pure trap fire.

  20. TAMMAH December 24, 2017

    There Are No Similarities! I Don’t Hear It At All! When I Heard This News, All I Seen Was Cardi & Tommy’s Name. I Thought Ahhhhh S*** Wht Did Cardi’s Ex Do?? She Doesn’t Deserve To Be Tlkd About Or Headlining Any Blogs IMO. Imma Need Megan Thee Stallion To Hurry Up & Get Famous So I Can Stan!!

  21. Melissa Washington January 21, 2018

    You think this the reason they rolled out “Finesse” so soon after Bartier Cardi dropped?

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