Coolio Hit With Transgender Controversy

Published: Sunday 24th Dec 2017 by David

The rapper Coolio has been forced to deny allegations that he is transphobic after a Trans-woman accused him of rejecting her advances at a hotel.

His story below…

Coolio is said to have attended a wild swinger’s party on March 19th of this year and met an adult entertainer named Lena Kelly.

Shortly after, Lena says the rapper invited her to join him at a Naughty Boy Nature concert at the Luxor Hotel.

Once there, she told the ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ performer that she was biologically male but identified as a woman and was startled when he walked away without saying a word.

He literally, without even saying a word, went over to his boys, had a little huddle and one of his boys comes back to me and goes, ‘Coolio is not trying to have that image. He says you got to go.’

Hurt, confused and horrified, Lena was then forced to reach deep into her pockets to find the cash to pay for her own ride home!

I was upset. I was crying. He didn’t even give me a cab home.

Coolio’s rep denied this.

That never happened and [Coolio] knows lots of porn stars and spoken out numerous of times that he has no problems with LGBT community and has friends and family that’s LGBT. Sadly this person has come forward nine months later from this alleged incident to demean his character.

One group of people who are struggling to sympathise with Kelly’s story? The Twitter community.


What do you make of this story?

Do you think Lena was right to be hurt?

Weigh in below…

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  1. J December 24, 2017

    I’m going to say this and go. Gay men (that includes trans women because they are men who are attracted to other men) are just as predatory as straight men. All men, myself included, benefit from male privilege and all men are conditioned to feel entitled to attention from people we see as potential partners. People assume that gay/bi men or trans women don’t subscribe to the same ideas when we do. Gay men aren’t worse but they’re exactly the same and Use the same tactics to harass men they think they are entitled to as cisgender straight men do to women. I know this first hand as will any “straight acting” man who has been propositioned by an openly gay man. Isn’t it a gay or straight thing but a man thing.

    • J December 24, 2017

      Should also add that this is why there is so much hype around figuring out who is gay and who is straight among the gay community. It isn’t because it’s anyone’s business if a “straight acting” or “down low” guy is gay but because gay men, like their straight brothers and uncles, feel entitled to that information. That’s why single girls are sometimes forced to say they have boyfriends to guys trying to flirt with them because they know that most guys refuse to accept that a single woman who is attracted to men isn’t attracted to them. The same applies to gay guys. When one guy thinks a guy he likes is down low EVERY effort is made to find out whether it’s true or not because they assume they have a shot. I’ve seen several down low guys have their business unfairly exposed simply because they turned an out guy down. Male privilege and the abuse of power crosses all lines.

      • Mike December 24, 2017

        I agree with ALL of that. Interesting perspective ????????

      • Caleb December 24, 2017

        Yea sadly you’re correct.

    • SuxMyCockiness =o December 24, 2017

      I agree with what you are saying to an extent, Most men have this since of entitlement when it comes to s**. But we can forget that this is a trait that has been socialized into men. I’ve met plenty of women who act in the same manner and most people call them Whores or S****. Man and Woman are so much more complex than how we’ve allowed society to portray us.

  2. Liam December 24, 2017

    I don’t see the issue here Coolio was respectful and has his preference of preferring a biological woman.

  3. truthteller December 24, 2017

    So if a man or woman politely rejects a transgender person that makes them transphobic? Absolutely ridiculous

  4. GurlWepa1989 December 24, 2017

    We all have preference and if a trans person is not his cup of tea and so be it. He did nothing wrong here.

  5. Abel December 24, 2017

    This b**** is a attention w****!

  6. Chocolatebox777 December 24, 2017

    Why do trannies always feel like theyre entitled? He or whatever deceived Coolio into thinking he was a real female. He’s lucky he left alive in one piece.

  7. December 24, 2017

    So you mad because you force your self on the dude, you wanted to force coolio to bed you when you know he a straight dude, then get mad when he ditch you because you were selling him a lie. so some gays are trying to make a big deal out of this now trying to label coolio a bad dude because of is sexual preference, so what about coolio’s right doesn’t he have a right too to say no he doesn’t go that way?

  8. Caleb December 24, 2017

    This is such a nonstory. So he donesn’t want to have s** with you. Big f****** deal. And tgj it’s Naughty By Nature, not ‘Naughty Boy Nature.’

  9. DanYiel Iman December 24, 2017

    Chile if he’s not interested he not INTERESTED!! ✌??

  10. Jamie December 25, 2017

    What he needs to be hit with is a barber to cut the rest of that shyytt of off his head!

  11. MiaRose83 February 20, 2020

    As a trans woman, as much as I’d like for the majority of society to consider it straight for a man to have s** with us, and include us as a type of female, that’s not the case. We have no choice but to surround ourselves with those who treat us as female, and then just peacefully ignore those who don’t, rather than fight everyone who doesn’t. Not everyone’s going to agree, and trans women like Lena have no choice but to make peace with that. We have to pick our battles, and crying over some dude who refuses to sleep with us is not the hill we should be dying on, we have systemic discrimination to worry about.

    Coolio has the right to his preference, as well as the right to protect his brand. Coolio could’ve handled it better by being a gentleman and giving her cab money to get home, I’ll give her that. However, Lena’s lucky that she just suffered some embarrassment and hurt feelings. Coolio’s a crip, the whole situation could’ve taken a horrific turn.

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