Report: Lady Gaga To Net $100 Million For Las Vegas Residency

Published: Tuesday 19th Dec 2017 by Sam

Lady Gaga is raking in big bucks for her mammoth ‘Joanne World Tour’ and her newly confirmed Las Vegas residency looks set to net her even more.

Full story below…

As reported earlier today, Gaga will kick off her as yet unnamed show late next year.

Now, details are beginning to emerge about the specifics of the deal.

According to Variety, the partnership is worth more initially touted.

Mother Monster will reportedly perform 74 dates over two years in a deal that will net her in the region of $100 million by its end. And there’s talk of extensions – as has become customary for similar residencies.

In a huge coup for the singer, she will be clearing $1 million-plus dollars per show at MGM’s Park Theater.

In comparison, Britney Spears’ initial two-year run at Planet Hollywood amassed $30 million.

Gaga’s deal was engineered by potent team that included her fiancé Christian Carino (of CAA).


Response from fans and critics alike has been mixed. But we want to know: does news of her hefty payday change or reaffirm your perspective?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cough Cough December 19, 2017

    YET some idiots were on here talking nonsense earlier like she didn’t know what she was doing. Go on boo.!

  2. Sean Daniel December 19, 2017

    That money, hunny.

    • Fancy BISH December 19, 2017

      ? lol yaaas ?

  3. TeaOnly December 19, 2017

    Flop! Fenty Beauty coming to outsell in a year. Beyoncé next tour coming to outgross in 2 months with 20 dates again like in 2016. ? She is over her fans need to shut the fuxk up now! All that shade they threw at Britney for being in Vegas. We love KARMA!

    • Floppinfor100mill December 19, 2017

      If 100 Million is a flop. Sign me up. I will flop all day

      • Jasmine December 19, 2017

        @Floppinfor100mill Sign me up too. Plus with merchandising money and if her team negotiates back end she could get a whole lot more. Vegas needs Gaga desperately!!!!!!! Thus, Gaga should be well paid for helping Vegas out.

    • Cough Cough December 19, 2017

      She’s on a world tour right now though, dumbass. Your logic makes absolutely no sense. Britney is not even on the Vegas strip and not on a world tour.,, Tea is not your thing because tea is reads that come with facts… Bruno mars did a Vegas residency as well….. and a world tour. Change your name from tea to LATE

    • JOHNVIDAL December 20, 2017

      Gaga flop with all these numbers and tours based on MUSIC and TALENT but Rihanna not? LMAO Also, let´s please forget the idea of Vagas being for has beens. Celine Dion changed that over a decade ago already when she went there because she wanted to and right after selling over 600k copies first week of what had been her new album a year before her debut in Vegas 🙂

  4. GurlWepa1989 December 19, 2017

    Get that paper Gaga!! She can sing, dance, act and play instruments. she she’s a multi talented artist unlike the others. I’m happy for this deal because she’s still young and if she want to tour the world in the future she can. Plus it’s nice to be settle in one place especially with her health problem. Go Gaga, little monster rejoice.

  5. Jasmine December 19, 2017

    This article is incorrect, Britney made over 1 million per week in Vegas. Britney made 475K per show plus back ends and merchandise sales:

    Also, Britney extended her contract twice and did extra shows so this site’s 30 million amount is totally incorrect.

    As for Gaga, I am happy for her. I think she should do Vegas and release a new album at the same time to maximize her profits and provide new music to her fans. Someone like Gaga is exactly what Vegas needs right now to revitalize that dead city.

    • Electrikblue December 20, 2017

      When was the last time you were in Vegas??? It’s akways lit. Only time it died down was after that man murdered all those people

      • Jasmine December 20, 2017

        I go at about 4 times a year. Vegas is only a 45 minute plane ride for me. The booking tourism died down drastically now that cities have local casinos to go to. It is a dead town. Go there monday through thursday and you will see what i am talking about.

  6. Fancy BISH December 19, 2017

    Joanne, can I borrow a dollar right quick? lol

  7. Mase December 20, 2017

    100 millions? I’m happy for her. But as a fan I don’t think I ever wanted to see her do a Vegas residency because Its for has beens

  8. DanYiel Iman December 20, 2017

    If her fans will endure go for what you know!!

  9. Truth is Truth December 20, 2017

    That figure is incorrect, thats why you aren’t able to put up a reputable source for that statement. Anyway Gaga has a 360 deal, her label gets like 30-35% of her earnings. Thats why her ass aint seen the top of the forbes list since her decline, 3 years into her career.

    • Jasmine December 20, 2017

      If that is true that sucks for Gaga. She should have sued to get out of deal years ago if that is really true.

  10. JOHNVIDAL December 20, 2017

    I suppose this comes as a result of her health status. Celine Dion already proved over a decade ago that this helps you to keep growing as a touring force (if you are one of course, and Gaga sure is), and at the same time it helps with stability and you can work on the studio at the same time. She can keep releasing albums and do another world tour eventually. No problem here.

    She looks spectacular in that photo btw. Amazing outfit dahhlings.

  11. Whalei December 20, 2017

    Shes oficially out of the game. The next album of lady will sell less than 50 k. And vegas is for artists with no presence on the charts and radios. Like her nowadays.

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