Rihanna Pulls Support From #Keaton Following Racism Revelation

Published: Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 by David

The genial superstar Rihanna was one of the many celebrities who stepped up to support a young man named Keaton when his mother uploaded a video of him detailing the abuse he suffered at the hands of his bullies.

Keen to support the child, these celebrities led the charge to raise money to support he and his family via GoFundMe pages with hopes the cash would go some way to lift his spirits.

Alas, things took a turn for the left (or far right) when it emerged that Keaton’s family may be confederate-flag waving, Black Lives Matter hating, viciously wild racists!

How Rihanna responded?

Find out below…


Perhaps hurt that she was fooled into putting money into the pockets of camp Keaton, Rihanna pulled the viral video from her Instagram page and replaced it with this one…

Just heartbreaking!!!!! We’re losing our babies to bullying!!! Teach your kids love and equality. Teach them about the beauty in uniqueness and how to embrace others’ differences! I can’t imagine what the families of these 2 young girls are feeling right now! But my heart breaks for you!! #BulliesKill

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She wasn’t the only one.

Here’s hoping GoFundMe refunds anyone who donated to Keaton’s “cause”.


Your thoughts?

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  1. TeaOnly December 12, 2017

    @SuicideBlonde get ya family sis.

    • Fancy BISH December 12, 2017


    • Meme December 12, 2017

      I’m f$@?ing dead. Take me directly to the funeral home.

      • Me Again… December 12, 2017

        I am officially done!!!! ?????

    • S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

      I’m not even American, you fool, but leave the kid alone.

      • Its me gowrl December 12, 2017

        You’re a racist BUM!

    • Jamie December 12, 2017

      I am done!!!!!!!!??????????????????

    • Abel Minaj December 12, 2017

      *Prince voice* BIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!?????

    • Its me gowrl December 12, 2017


  2. Mami December 12, 2017

    THE SISTER SAID THEY DIDNT MAKE A GOFUNDME AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THE LITTLE BOY CALLED HIS CLASSMATES A N*GGER…..REGARDLESS of what his ignorant mother said in the past, NO ONE should be getting bullied and this is a KID we’re talking about. So if you’re gonna say something..stand in your truth and stick to that, don’t back track because this is about the KID not the mother.

    • Bruno Martian December 12, 2017

      The kid is a racist. You can’t tell me that his mom’s Facebook posts have nothing to do with what happened in school. The truth will be revealed. The good news is that the GoFundMe has been suspended.

      • XYZ December 12, 2017

        The kid is just a product of his family. No one is born a racist. The kid being bullied has nothing to do with the family being racist as the bullying was mainly due to his looks. Nonetheless, the hypocrisy of his mother is horrible.

      • Andrena December 12, 2017

        Yes goodmorning i think you should check into all of the matter people will do anything for money

    • Its me gowrl December 12, 2017

      Stfu u bigot

  3. Ocean December 12, 2017

    First of all she didn’t post the viral video she posted a picture …

    I get it you guys are blogs … but y’all gotta investigate

    • Its me gowrl December 12, 2017

      Stfu u bigot. where did the video come from then u stupid ass

  4. Fancy BISH December 12, 2017

    Now, what I’m about to say doesn’t get said enough! American society has painted an image of white people that is seriously flawed and is biting them on the behind! Now, regardless of his family, the video looked genuine and my heart goes out to the kid! What I’m about to say has to be said tho lol…to put it bluntly….the majority of white people look more like Mama June and Honey Boo Boo than they do Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe! I can’t for the life of me understand how ANYONE doesn’t see what I’m seeing LOL…I’ve ALWAYS seen it! Hollywood created a facade for white people like no other! And that’s the tea time real problem lol…Chris Evans is gorgeous…but that’s Hollywood….Mama June is the REAL lol…now, bye! ?

    • Bey Sting December 12, 2017

      Screeching!!!!!!!! It’s true. I never noticed until you said it. That’s why Hollywood has fought hard against diversity because the only way white supremacy can be enforced is if the average white person thinks they’re more beautiful than the average minority.

    • XYZ December 12, 2017

      Ehm no…not the majority of white people look like that, only the majority of Americans…Land of the obese

    • Meme December 12, 2017

      I am on the floor hollering. I just can’t with y’all today.

      But sis, Britney Spears needs to be replaced with Carey Underwood or Taylor Swift, because she falls right in line with the unattractive ones.

      • Caleb December 12, 2017

        Taylor Swift?!

    • S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

      I agree with you on white people, but only if you’re referring to White Americans, Europeans are good looking people on average, especially Northern and Southern Europeans, White Americans are a species on their own, most of them does look like that obese woman, lol.

      • Meme December 12, 2017

        Did u collect your family tho? That’s the question.

      • S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

        What do you mean?

      • Fancy BISH December 12, 2017

        I can agree with that, because the majority of great actors are coming from overseas now! The beauty has to be imported these days, cause the big white white lady from Trading Spouses isn’t making the cut! “DORK SIDED” isn’t getting any roles anytime soon lol…and Idris Elba is all types of scrumptious…breakfast, lunch and dinner! And can we trade Mama June and Honey Boo Boo for Adrian Paul and Daniel Craig? lol ?

      • Its me gowrl December 12, 2017

        This is your family s******

    • lol December 12, 2017

      But that’s like saying all African Americans look like Beyoncé and let me tell you I’ve ever saw a Beyoncé in Walmart…. or a Britney for that matter ?

      • S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

        Lol, that’s true, they will kill me for this but the average African Americans look like the woman in the viral video “aint nobody got time for that”, sorry brothers and sistas.

      • Meme December 12, 2017

        No all African Americans do not loook like Beyoncé. But the black woman in Hollywood is an accurate portrayal of how African Americans look. Jada, Gabrielle Union, Taraji, Meagan good, Regina King, viola….these are all woman who look just like my friends, myself, my family and every day black woman I see in America.

        This is NOT the case with white Hollywood. I dont see a Scarlett Johansson, or a Charlene Theron, Angelina Jolie or Jessica Beil in everyday setting. Perhaps I’ve never seen a white woman as beautiful as those ladies ever. Thinking of my co workers and friends, none of them are even remotely close to looking like those woman.

      • Famous December 12, 2017

        @Meme, exactly!

      • Caleb December 12, 2017

        I think it went over your head. The commenter was saying that Hollywood gives a portrayal of white people that’s more beautiful than reality. Hollywood does not go to such lengths to portray Black people in a good light and if you know your history you know the opposite is true. I.e. minstrel shows.

      • ??? December 12, 2017

        lol um no, all african americans do not look like roaches, try another analogy lmfao

    • Davii December 12, 2017

      Is that why so many of your black celebs are bleaching their skin to look like Casper the ghost? Lol

      • Meme December 12, 2017

        Please name the so many celebs bleaching their skin. I’ll wait. You probably can’t even name 2. And Lil Kim and Azealia Banks don’t count.

      • ??? December 12, 2017

        lol is that why so many of your white celebs are pumping silicone & motor oil in their asses and lips to look like black folks, but end up looking like botched science projects? lmfao

      • XYZ December 12, 2017

        @??? Black girls do the same, don‘t they? Nicki etc with all their fake asses looking dumb (her face looks great though, congrats to the surgeon)

    • Caleb December 12, 2017

      This is a great observation

  5. Meme December 12, 2017

    I literally was going to pop off on y’all because I was mad that y’all didnt post the original story. I feel like the content here doesn’t reach the scope of pop culture and y’all never make post related to real issues.

    I’m glad y’all didn’t post it. However I know it’s not because of what’s now being said about the family.

    • TAMMAH December 12, 2017

      To Be Honest, I Don’t Think TGJ Specializes Real Life Political stories Unless A Celebrity Is Involved. I May Be Wrong, But I Believe Either TGJ Don’t Want To Be Incorrect Or They Don’t Want To Struck A Nerve To Most Of Their Audience. This Is A Blog For Celebrity Gossip. If You Want More Of A Diverse Setting Of Celeb Gossip Mixed With A Hint Of Athletes, Or Viral Stories On Whts Goin’ On Today Like The Libya Story, Keaton Bully, etc., LoveBScott.com Is The Site.

  6. S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

    I still feel sorry for the kid, I couldn’t finish the video.

    • Caleb December 12, 2017

      I feel more for the people who have undoubtedly been victimized by his neoconferderafe nazi mother during her lifetime.

      • XYZ December 12, 2017

        The kid is not to blame for his mother though

  7. Rawspitta December 12, 2017

    I can’t believe how some are saying the mother doesn’t have anything to do with him getting bullied. I beg to differ. If the Mom and Dad are racist, the son is as well by default. Now if the n****** ?are bullying him…Why.
    Not because the way he looks, that was the backlash im sure. Evil breeds evil remember that.

  8. Bam December 12, 2017

    This is why you don’t throw money at every sobbing child thinking you’re fixing sh*+. There is no reason a go fund me needed to be set up for that kid. There is no reason he needed to be invited to premiers and sh*+ cause it doesn’t solve the bigger issue it just places a bandaid over it while it’s still gushing blood.

  9. Jamie December 12, 2017

    Maybe the money will get him a well-needed nosejob. #noshade but I mean, if his nose is why people were picking on him, pay to get it fixed.

    • S****** Blonde December 12, 2017

      It’s just a kid, Jesus!

  10. Ronneisha*StudMuffin* Jones December 12, 2017

    It’s a very sad case how we can see others but not ourselves! You reap what you sow!! How the hell you think God is going to allow you to get away with racism and not allow you to go through a pre check off it for your self??!!!! You’ve brought it upon yourself, unto your son!! Now purify your evil, put away your devilish and turn from your wicked ways!!

  11. Joy Moye December 12, 2017

    Iit’s unfortunate that this kid has to grow up with such an ignorant mom. A portion of the go funder money could assistant I some counseling for this kid and his Mom. I suggest the money go directly to a therapist.

    • Caleb December 12, 2017

      In a society as entrenched in racism and white supremacy as ours, I’m not too sure therapy is really going to do much to eradicate what’s at the core of this evil.

  12. Caleb December 12, 2017

    Even if the kid was bullied, I’m not sure what the funds were being raised for? Is he not going to be bullied if he has money? I don’t get it. And sadly it seems celebrities often jump on a bandwagon without actually doing their research into who’s behind what they’re promoting, a perfect example being #StopKony in 2012.

  13. Field n**** December 12, 2017


  14. Field n**** December 12, 2017

    How do u house n***** feel now.60,000 for the clan! 4:44

  15. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 12, 2017

    I can nahhhhh! I can nahhhhh! I can nahhhhh

  16. Linda December 12, 2017

    This is so sad, you would think they would have checked the social media page before anyone ent money.. Her I a just had major neck surgery, can’t afford all my meds, needed supplies and there laughing all the way to the bank

  17. Richhomielora December 12, 2017

    Yes he’s an actor F*** that he gets props for being bullied but our other babies are gone but the truth ? stands that boy wasn’t bullied he played a game and he won y’all celebrity are freaking ignorant as him as his racist family #FuckFakesforFame.

    • Richhomielora December 12, 2017

      #Gofundme return there money back can I ask for a hand our I got a car payment and owe 6grand …I’m going to make a fake viral video see if celebrity come to my aid #FuckFakesforFame

  18. DanYiel Iman December 13, 2017

    That mother had those ⭐️ EATING OUT HER RACIST HANDS!!! ??

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