Tina Turner To Release Tell-All Book / Plans To Detail Ike Turner Abuse

Published: Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 by David

Thought you knew all there was to know about the Tina Turner story?

Well…think again. For, the ‘Private Dancer‘ is readying the release of a new book which will lift the lid…on everything.

Details below…

The book will sail into retailers as the follow-up to her first autobiography ‘I, Turner‘ and will offer readers insight into the icon’s mind as she enjoys life away from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her sadistic ex-husband Ike Turner.

A truly demonic brother.

Anyway, the book is called ‘Tina Turner: My Love Story’ and will be released via Atria Books in October.

‘EW’ adds…

Topics covered will include everything from “finding love” to surviving a “life-threatening illness” she had not previously disclosed. Simon & Schuster audio is co-releasing, set for an October 2018 publication date.

Tina will take her life story to the stage next year via a musical based on the same story.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Essence_Of_Sean December 12, 2017


  2. Coolio December 12, 2017

    Damn tina lets go. She should release a song too just a buzz song

    • ? + ✈ = ? December 12, 2017

      Might aswel give us a album nanna

  3. Suicide Blonde December 12, 2017

    This woman is everything, there’s something about her.

    • Naïme December 12, 2017

      And you are nothing and there is something empty about you.

      • Famous December 12, 2017

        Blast that clown.

      • Caleb December 12, 2017


  4. Jay December 12, 2017

    That looks like Sheree from rhoa in the pic lol

  5. Gia December 12, 2017

    This story is sensationalized. Tina said she’s writing about finding love and her health. This book is a sequal. Let Ike RIP Grape Juice. Today is the 10th anniversary of his death. They raised a famiky together. Tina long said she forgave him.

  6. Plugg62208 December 12, 2017

    Tina wasn’t no Saint…those who got family in the East Saint Louis area now this to be true.

    • Caleb December 12, 2017

      So you’re implying she deserved to be abused? People kill me with the constant victim-bashing.

      • DanYiel Iman December 13, 2017


  7. Bam Bam December 12, 2017

    But I thought that the movie blew things out of proportion, and Tina said that…

  8. PatienceHoney December 12, 2017

    This c*** is looking for a check!!!!!

  9. JOHNVIDAL December 12, 2017

    I agree with @Suicide blonde. She is obviously epic. Some rare force of nature. We have never seen anything like her. Best female performer in pop history. Raw, real, authentic, ORIGINAL, no other like her. She definitely deserves the position she ended having in music.

  10. Julian December 13, 2017

    Her first book was titled “I, Tina” not “I, Turner”. ?

    Anyway, I’m here for it! We love a legend.

  11. DanYiel Iman December 13, 2017

    That’s awesome surely her fans will be all over it!!

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