Beyonce & Ed Sheeran Earn 4th Week At #1 On Billboard Hot 100

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 by Sam

Beyonce is well acquainted with the top spot. Hence, it’s only fitting that music’s reigning queen ended 2017 at #1 and begins the New Year…at #1.

Full story below…

On the the latest issue of the Billboard Hot 100, the diva’s duet with Ed Sheeran ‘Perfect’ – retains its spot atop of the pack for a fourth consecutive week.

The ballad managed the feat by accruing the following in the US this tracking week: 163,000 digital downloads, 37 million streams, and a radio audience of 129.6 million.

This serves as an undoubtable testament to the longevity and popularity.

Can this power pair make it a 5th week at #1? Stay tuned!


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  1. MissImpartial January 2, 2018

    Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran or ED SHEERAN and Beyoncé? Don’t BEG ? for a number 1. Have some dignity ?

    • Me Again… January 2, 2018


    • ??? January 2, 2018

      lmfao problem is the roach nest cant even spell dignity lmfaoooo.

      • Strawberry January 2, 2018

        Well Today,”???/Roach-woman(dude), and you Too,”S****** (nazi) Blonde”,get ready to be Shut Down. If there are any Beehive reps or just plain ‘ol common sens pushers out there looking for spokesperson, hit me up ‘Cause i got the numbers of these two Haters! First of all, you LOVE to talk about Roaches. I bet your house is crawlin’ with them. they always seem to be top of mind. that’s not surprising, becaus a nasty Low-life beyonce obsessed Loser like you Of Course would be jealous of Beyonce. Since she IS the pinnacle of Success, you Are her polar opposite. Too Bad for you that the only thing you can do is rattle off chart stats & sales figures. Sweetie dont you know nobody but a small percentage of OCD no-life havin’Nerds care about chart stats Chart stats are 4 freshmen and newbies hoping 2 beCome Legends. Once u Reach legendary status honey charts no longer matter. Especially not i-tunes, because besides being a joke, i-tunes is just 1 of Many sales Outlets that are considered in the mix for the Real chart, Billboard. and NewsFlash!- the general public don’t care about them either. But we all know a pop music phenomenon when we see one. We saw it with Elvis. We saw it with the Beatles. We saw it with Michael Jackson. and Now we see it with Beyonce. Deal with it! Beyonce is 21st century nusic Royalty & the greatest artist of our generation. I know it hurts, especially 4 YOU, S****** Blonde. All you jealous haters and racists who can’t stand the fact that once again, like MJ before her, the greatest living Talent the world has is not only black, but a gorgeous, Stunning Woman this time. Perfect Duet is STILL #1 and it was Beyonce’s haunting vocals ( married to a lyric worthy of her Angelic voice), that propelled this sweet but “peaking” song into the international conversation! You like 2 talk about “strugglin” too, RoachQueen. The only “strugglin’ going on is YOU tryin’2 comprehend how it is that yo Fave, Rihanna has 30 top tens & 14 #1’s (half of ’em features), yet all the world seems to care about is Beyonce. NewsFlash!- even if Beyonce Wasn’t the Queen of Pop (which she IS), Rihanna doesn’t even get as much cred as Katy, Ga-Ga, Taylor or Adele! DESPITE having twice as many hits as they do, she’d still hav 2 git in Line behind them before she can even get Close to the pop throne where Beyonce has been sittin’ ever since she stormed outta the gate with “crazy in love”,Already a megastar Household name after her award winning stint with Destiny’s Child. the reason you don’t understand it miss/mr. Nasty Roach-house, is because what puts your name on everyone’s lips is NOT your chart stats. Rihanna may excel on a list based on that, but the public-at-large is not only unaware of chart stats but they couldnt care less. They just know who they like. who they love to look at and who they love to see perform. This is why Beyonce Rules. With no Real challenges from THIS generation in sight. and she doesnt need hit singles anymore to stay relevant, been there-dun that. Beyonce IS the Hit. Because like the King of Pop b4 her, she is the whole package, Rihanna is Not. Even if she had 50 #1singles she still would not be as famous as Beyonce. and i Like Rih, i’m just tellin’ u da truth. Want proof?..Here’s proof that Hits don’t matter, Iconicness does. The legendary godfather James Brown- 0 number 1’s. The undisputed queen of soul Aretha Franklin, only 2 number 1’s. The 20th century rock God, bruce Springsteen, 0 number 1’s. and the famed Purple One himself, the late great “Prince”rogers nelson, second only to madonna & mike jackson on the list of 80’s pop icons… only had FOUR #1’s a 40 year career! yet All those folks are far more legendary than Rihanna could ever hope to be. Beyonce’s stellar career was split between a group & a solo career, and combined she has TEN #1’s. need i go on? Bruno Mars has more than Justin Timberlake, Mariah has more than Elvis, Rihanna has more than Madonna, so as u can see Chart stats dont matter & even if they did, Queen Bey has had her share of chart success as Well. All artists look up to, are in awe of, and worship Beyonce. When Ed sheeran, this year’s top Pop star, went looking for a duet partner he didn’t ask for Adele, or Taylor.. and he sho as hell didnt ask for Rihanna. he asked for Beyonce cuz he wanted the Best! And now because of his smart choice, he sits in the Penthouse of the Billboard Charts, at #1, next to his Queen for the Fourth week in a row. And for you stupid people out there who pretend not to know the difference, this is NOT a remix NOR a “feature”. It is a DUET. Meaning Both parties contributed equal vocal time to the song, so therfore the Both deserv EQUAL credit. Before this version took the world by storm, the song was doomed to peak in the top5 behind “havana”&”rockstar”. Not having a”hit” might destroy a lesser artist, but Beyonce is untouchable. Her status is cemented in Time. If she never made another record, she would STILL be Legendary. Everybody wanna reach dat Level. Wanna do it like that. Every female artist wants to BE her. Every straight man wants to”F” her, and every Gay man idolizes her. DEAL WITH IT. and the ones that dont like her are either jealous like YOU roachhouse, in awe of her (or Both) .. or Racist SCUM like S****** Blonde. Queen Bee & Eddie Sheeran send their regards from the top of the Billboard charts, roach so watch the throne honey, i know it hurts.(LMAO!!) oh, by the way, you like to end your trollings with LMFAO, but we all know you’re really CYFEO (cryin’yo”F’n”eyez out) everytime ThatGrapejuice posts yet another achievement for the iconic Unstoppable Beyonce*. Peace out, Bum go play with your filthy roaches, and suicideBlonde, don’t you got some more crosses to burn, GurL, Bye!!*** #greetings from The Queen #Start makin’ Lemonade. #the Flawless one***

      • Alex January 2, 2018

        @strawberry FINISH EM!!!! ????

    • Strawberry January 2, 2018

      Oh you mean like when eddie bevged the Queen to sing on his little record to help it get to number one?*** #watchtheThrone.

  2. truthtea January 2, 2018


    So, if anything, the original version is the one keeping it at #1. AGAIN, NOT BEYONCE!

    I get it, y’all are part of the beyhive. Just rename your blog to The Beyhive!

    • mr.m January 2, 2018


      • Strawberry January 3, 2018

        Hey mr.M cant you just picture you, me.. and BEYONCE, softly luxuriating under warm silk sheets ,all drunk in love, as the Queen & Eddie Sheeran’s latest #1smash Perfect plays (we-be) all night ?♡♡♡*** (..oh, & Tyler-grandchildren of slaves,”i promise 2 save a slice 4u2…♡) LOL!! #get me bodied*

    • Slay January 2, 2018

      So If that’s the truth, please explain to me why she is credited on the BB Hot 100. Bring receipts please.

      • Strawberry January 2, 2018

        The reason Beyonce is credited is Because his solo version was months old & on the verge of peaking somewhere in the top5 because it could compete with neither the sales nor the streams of “rockstar”, nor the radio airplay of “havana”, when suddeny he anounced that he had re-recorded the song as a Duet with BEYONCE and social media went crazy, word spread that the duet was a slice of heaven & suddenly the song had a new life, sales went thru the roof plus according to Billboard’s rules all versions of a song must combine with credit being granted to which ever version pushes the song to #1. Without question is was the Beyonce version as it outsold the original 2-1 at the time. Enough to knock “rockstar” out of #1 not just in the United States but all over the world. Once that version was the initial drive that catapulted the track to #1 ,that version would recieve the final historic credit with Beyonce sharing lead artist credit (as it IS a duet), regardless of any future fluctuation or reversal of sales order. The duet has since fallen behind in sales but mitigating factors such as the avalanche of sales for the duet during the initial weeks & the deep discount offer on the original. The streams remain strong for the duet and internationally the duet has outsold the original by a 3-1 margin ,& the duet remains the most popular version by far. Ed Sheeran has publicly gushed about his honor of glory that she agreed to do a record with him. He also acknowledged that the song wouldnt’ve gone all the way to #1 were it not for the magic that is BEYONCE*** #theFlawless one*

    • NT January 2, 2018

      It’s a duet so they’re both leads all though the sales aren’t coming from the duet but the other versions but that’s a whole different story

    • Strawberry January 2, 2018

      Jealous much? Go stick a sock in it honey everybody knows that iTunes don’t count ! LMAO!!! p.s. Queen Bee and Ed Sheeran sends their regards trom the top of the Hot 100) #Beyonce is the Queen Of Pop

  3. Stephy January 2, 2018

    I can’t wait for Bey’s new era.

  4. Abel Minaj January 2, 2018

    This is why your site is dead

    • Strawberry January 3, 2018

      You mad the Queen sits on her throne ?

  5. Datredd23 January 2, 2018

    The Hive can never come for Rihanna again! Lol

    • Haters Gon’ Hate January 2, 2018

      The Hive can come for Rihanna as long as she keeps phoning in performances and patting her b**** in her sleep on stage in front of a mic stand. Chile.

      • ??? January 2, 2018

        lmao the roaches cant come for Rihanna until this bug b*tch can rack up 14 #1 hits BY HERSELF without desperate c*ck hopping, so dont try it roach lmfaooo.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 2, 2018

        When was the last time FadGaga or Nicki Minaj had a #1 tho? Stay in ya lane JAILani

    • Alex January 2, 2018

      @??? Did Rihanna get those 14#1s by herself?? No she didn’t so don’t come for Bey. Continue to be mad, while she stays at #1!! ??

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 2, 2018

        Right! Rihanna stays doing features. Alot of those socalled #1’s are FEATURES.

      • Del January 2, 2018

        T.I Live your life

        Eminem Monster/ love the way you lie

        S&M ft britney

      • Alex January 2, 2018

        @Tyler EXACTLY! They can continue to seethe! ????

    • Strawberry January 3, 2018

      Why Bey is credited (part 2): it is also important to stress that while yet another duet version (andrea pocelli’s “Perfect Symphony”) being new,briefly eclipsed the BEYONCE one, it then quickly dropped far BeLow them all & Thus

    • Strawberry January 3, 2018

      P.S. why Beyonce is credited (part 2): it’s important to stress that while yet Another duet (andrea pocelli’s “Perfect symphony” being NEW, briefly eclipsed the BEYONCE one, it then quickly dropped Far beLow them all & thus was NEVER formally credited* because UnLike the Beyonce version, it pLayed absolutely No RoLe in the record’s Ascension to# 1,nor did it at ANY point ever manage to surpass the sales of the Original*** #All haiL the IrrepLaceable one*

  6. Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

    Edneesha and Beyoncé ain’t playing around!

  7. ??? January 2, 2018

    lmao so roach is hanging from the white man’s balls for another week huh lmfaoooo.

    • Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

      You should be glad it’s 2018 and I’m trying to be nicer when I respond to comments lol…so go ahead and pick on the Queen while she eats grapes from the top of the Billboard Hot 100 ?

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 2, 2018

      You clearly have it backwards you fake ass wannabe Willy Lynch. FADga could never. Go buy a copy of ARTflop or whatever that f****** b******* album was called. Because its collecting dust on the shelves.

    • Strawberry January 2, 2018

      Hey miss/mr.Roach since u hate Beyonce so much u shiuld check out the long letter i just left 4 yo ass at the top of the page***

  8. Robert Whitaker January 2, 2018

    It’s cool !!

  9. Alex January 2, 2018

    I see people are still PRESSED like a dry cleaned shirt, because Ed and Bey are #1 for another week!! Lmao!! And for the DUMMIES saying that she’s featured, BILLBOARD IS YOUR RELIABLE SOURCE! It’s a DUET. The first this decade to go #1. ???‍♂️????

  10. FCK you January 2, 2018

    What a Funny post.Ha Ha.Ed Sheeran congrats on your#1.How you doing ???

    • Oliver January 2, 2018

      Beyonce and ed sheran slay ..Rihanna number one are mostly features. Anyway best revenge is her papers haters keep make my queen relevant .. that’s yor job . Next week she will be number one with ed sheran again .. billboard is your source ..

    • Alex January 2, 2018

      @Oliver They so mad and I’m LOVING IT!!!! Don’t they know when the queen goes #1 on the hot 100, she stays there for AT LEAST a month?? They better check her stats! ??‍♂️???

      • Oliver January 2, 2018

        ????to be quiet honest I don’t really care if they do their research about my queen or not but I want them to never change hating in order to make my queen more relevant when she will keep winning and get them shook until they blood pressure went high n the biggot got red n break their neck ???the beyhive is enough we don’t need them to pretend we need their hates their jealousy to make beyonce slay for century.. 2018-2019 is coming..are u ready to be entertained ??

  11. DanYiel Iman January 2, 2018

    Wow that’s cool for both artist…

  12. Rome January 3, 2018

    Please stop being bias, this is not a beyonce and ed song it’s ed’s song featuring beyonce. She is not used to being at the top of the charts, especially considering that her last #1 hit on the hot 100 was single ladies. This is not me hating it’s just facts. So I think her fans should be thanking ed for asking her to be on his record and getting her a #1 record, considering she hasn’t had one in a decade. Please stop kissing her ass and look at the facts. Single ladies was number one in 2008 it’s now 2018. That is all.

    • Strawberry January 3, 2018

      On the contrary HE should be thanking HER.. oh, that’s right-check the net, ge already HAS, Multiple times. You see, stupid she’s already been there ten times, & because of BEYONCE, he finally got (only) his second. The original would have been stopped by Post Malone, Camilla Cabello and Justin Timberlake.

    • Strawberry January 3, 2018

      ..and you’re wrong AGAIN, stupid for the umpteenth time, it is NOT a feature. It is a DUET. do you even know what that means? #a mind is a terrible thing to waste.*

      • Rome January 4, 2018

        Your still dancing around the fact that her last #1 was single ladies. That is all.

      • Strawberry. January 11, 2018


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