Justin Timberlake Unveils ‘Man Of The Woods’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 by Sam

Justin Timberlake trumpeted his return earlier today with the official announcement of new album ‘Man Of The Woods.’

Already earmarked as one of the most eagerly awaited projects of the year, anticipation  for the set (due February 2nd) cranked into overdrive when JT previewed music and visuals in a high-octane trailer.

He continues to the steady reveal with the unveiling of the LP’s artwork. Lensed by Ryan McGinley, you can check it out above!

Thematically in-sync with with all that was seen/heard in the sizzle reel, the cover seems to cement the more personal direction the singer is driving.

Missed the trailer? Watch below…

‘Man Of The Woods’ arrives  via RCA on Feb 2nd – just two days before the star takes to the stage as headliner at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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  1. 2Bad2Bme January 2, 2018

    I can not wait! Broke Back Mountain Realness

  2. Fancy BISH January 2, 2018

    Oh dear lol #Fail

  3. mr.m January 2, 2018

    I like JT.. he’s one of the best male performers
    but I never really cared about his albums tho
    but this one looks promising!! Am here for it!

  4. Haters Gon’ Hate January 2, 2018

    LIKE WTF. Why is his label trying to make au naturel Justina happen? It screams TRY HARD and at this juncture in his career is just pure inauthentic yawnfest. And yes I came here to comment because I bought his music in the past.

    • ??? January 2, 2018

      lmao thats because justina has always been a try hard IN GENERAL lmfao.

  5. Yasbish January 2, 2018


  6. ??? January 2, 2018

    lmao bye timberb*tch. u can keep your fake ass country music mess lmfao.

    • Suicide Blonde January 2, 2018

      Nice article by that BLACK girl.

      • Haters Gon’ Hate January 2, 2018

        So are you making a point of the fact to illustrate your option her point of view is far too biased to be relevant? That’s like you wriitng about the Beatles and someone saying nice article by a WHITE guy – like what is the point in highlighting that?

      • Caleb January 3, 2018

        Yea, and?

  7. Suicide Blonde January 2, 2018

    Very indie esque.

  8. Meteorite January 2, 2018

    In more important news:
    Christina Aguilera just deleted all but 17 pictures on her Instagram…
    She’s coming!!!

  9. Brent Christopher January 2, 2018

    Im a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan. I have been since Justified was released in fall 2002. HOWEVER, I am very worried about the direction of this new album. The trailer and now this album cover have me a bit weary about the material that is going to comprise this 5th official project. UGH! I haaaate when artists stray too far away from their signature sound. I am NOT here for a country tinged album from freakin Justin Timberlake. Thats what these visuals are offering. Its horrible.

  10. Tori January 2, 2018

    I was excited but from the name, the previews, the cover…just the over all imagery and snippets in the previews, i won’t be pleased by this era. And it may flop, the imagery is left field from what he’s constantly put out. Has he done country music before? Does any one think that could be a market for him?

  11. @Nate January 2, 2018

    Miley, gaga already went “back to their white roots”, he’s tired. Plus, aint nobody buzzin about any superbowl performances.. bad sign.

    • DS January 2, 2018

      Yep. And it was an epic fail for Miley and Gaga.

      • Bam January 3, 2018

        Not really for GaGa as the album still ended up platinum after her Super Bowl performance.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 3, 2018

        It wasn´t a fail for Gaga. Definitely not. She sold what a successful album sells nowadays. Milye flopped but the music was good, first single at least. Both eras seemed more authentic than this. This man has not shown anything that is truly his with his artistry really. No own style whatsoever.

  12. Bruhman January 2, 2018

    Call me crazy….. But I think this is a good thing. The window of opportunity has been open once again for Usher to become the top male Pop/R&B male of the year. At first I thought there was no chance for Ush due to JT being in the same lane as him,booking the super bowl and thinking that JT’s new era was going to be massive amongst pop & urban fans. But by the looks of things JT is annihilating himself from the urban audience (clearly they’re not here for him either ala Janet Nipplegate & BET Awards 2016) & he’s going country competing with the Ed Sheerans,Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus of the worlds. Not only that, the other big male pop/r&b acts (Bruno Mars,Chris Brown, JB,The Weeknd) have all wrapped/wrapping up their eras. The coast is basically cleared for Usher this year if he plays his cards right (especially with Scooter Braun as his manager) and folllow the formula that he’s known to do: create bangers that crossover from hip hop/R&B to the mainstream, Be The Usher that we all know and love (flashy,flamboyant,The ultimate showman,crazy ass dance moves,nice vocals), and promote his album on a “Purpose” or “24K Magic” type level he’ll be the number 1 R&b male act of the 2018. Lol it could be like 2004 all over again Usher runnning male r&b and Beyonce running female r&b. Fingers crossed ????

  13. justafan January 3, 2018

    copying Kanye’s cover much??!

  14. JOHNVIDAL January 3, 2018

    The title of the album is really really bad.

  15. BOOBIE January 3, 2018


  16. G.O.D. January 3, 2018

    Hello ‘Joanne’, how are Justin’s “Daddy Lessons’ going?

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