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Published: Friday 5th Jan 2018 by Sam

Check out June’s Diary!

The soulful singing sisters grace the cover of the inaugural issue of Nura Magazine.

Serving grace and glamor, the ladies’ appearance comes as they wrap up a critically acclaimed stint on ‘The Great Xscape Tour’ with Xscape, Tamar Braxton, and Monica.

Armed with the momentum of the trek and a growing fanbase, 2018 looks poised to be a great one for the group.

Peep more below…

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 5, 2018


    • Thanos January 7, 2018

      AGREED! They can SANG and look FAB! Whew chile

  2. Lester January 5, 2018

    Y’all petty ??‍♂️

  3. DanYiel Iman January 5, 2018

    June’s Diary is everything vocally & many people will be here for an album once’s it’s DELIVERED!! ?%

  4. Mhmm January 5, 2018

    Nice, but can we get a hit single (or just a single) and some performances on stages other than someone else’s tour or small 300 people locations? Like Kelly, get your music out and perform on a major show (if you can) and split your performance time with your group (you know the way Beyonce did back in ’07 at the BET awards. No shade, just saying these girls are talented and should be further by now

    • Ispeakfacts January 5, 2018


      Kelly has never been Junes Diary manager she is not responsible for booking them gigs… She doesn’t even book her own gigs her manager does that! They need a booking agent, proper manager (NOT FRANK GATSON), and a publicist! Instead of them being shady towards Kelly they need to be greatful for her giving all of them the opportunity to even have a platform. They book gigs because they have that Kelly Rowland connection… it also want hurt to see these girls more visible on social media! If not they should have a social media manager managing their accounts!

      • HiveHighness January 6, 2018

        How are they being towards shady towards kelly? Anytime she’s mentioned they always say nice things about her even tho it seems like she abandoned them, and they book gigs because of their talent not a kelly Rowland connection, Kelly is barely booking gigs herself with this delayed album, I used to stan for kelly but her roll out and promo for albums/singles sucks she should get new management hopefully destiny’s child is cooking up something, the girls are fine with frank, he knows the industry and appreciates authenticity

      • Ispeakfacts January 6, 2018


        Girl bye!!! To say these girls don’t book gigs bcuz of who they are associated with is just plain stupid! We wouldn’t know who Zonnique is if it wasn’t from the Tiny & T.I. connect & Yes they r talented but talent will only get u so far! Its always been who u know! As far as Kelly concern she is still working even though she isn’t visible… expect an album, tour, The Voice Australia tv show, possibly a DC reunion, & business ventures from her! She had to focus on HER career & fans while Frank manage those girls… & yes those girls shade Kelly… Gabby has done so on twitter as well as the others low key! They r grown women! Kelly can’t hold their hands every step of the way! That was never her intentions! Her job was to mentor & support them as well as get them a record deal!

    • Mary January 6, 2018

      You don’t even know whats going on.. They do have a booking agent. ( Cara Lewis – top in the game) What they don’t have is a label. I wish Frank Gatson would tell the world that he and he alone has been bank rolling the girls since December 2016.

      They are looking for a new label..When LA Reid left Epic, they left.. THANK GOD. Great Job Frank Gatson for being ride or die with June’s Diary. Keep up the hard work Frank and June’s Diary. Kill it tonight in LA.. Y’all were amazing in Oakland last night. Magical June’s Diary. Thank You Xscape for letting them open for you guys…33 shows. Amazing.. Thank You R. Kelly 40 shows as a opener and Brandy and Essence was LIT.. Thank You Essence. BEST GROUP EVER.. They have 8 songs out everyone and a mixtape… DO your homework.. They did this with Frank and themselves .. Independent.. GO JUNE’S DIARY… Forget the Haters, Love you Guys. God Bless You.

      • HiveHighness January 6, 2018

        Thank you cause that idiot thinks kelly is responsible for these girls booking no she is not, like I said kelly is barely getting booked herself and im a fan, kelly did her job by helping to put them together but what kind of mentoring has she done for them if that’s her job? She left the girls completely in franks hands and if they are shading her oh f****** well you don’t put a group together and vanish Beyonce is active with chole and halley and you may not see it often but there’s proof of that. Kelly is never anywhere near these girls, I’d shade her ass too

  5. Jeans January 5, 2018

    If they haven’t popped off by now, they won’t pop off. Sorry.

    • JDStan January 6, 2018

      You’re wrong, but I guess everyone is entitled to a wrong opinion

  6. Davii January 6, 2018

    Who and what magazine?

    • JDStan January 6, 2018

      Google is free, use it

  7. Liam January 6, 2018

    They slayed on the Xscape tour I was pretty impressed they were moving and giving great vocals live. I feel like this year they will get their shine at least we see they started from the ground built from a foundation of old school hard work to the top

  8. cocobutta January 6, 2018

    I sort of like the grind way they doing their up rising. The tv show could have broken them but they’ve really challenged themselves to get ratings as a group authentic way. Keep on the music live circuit ladies and that time will come as long as they stay believing the process

    • DS January 6, 2018

      I agree. At first I thought, “they will never catch on” but it’s better to be a slow burn than a quick fire. And truly, all I takes is one breakout song to take things to a new level. If they can find that hit, they may be huge, a la “Stay With Me” Sam Smith or “Bodak Yellow” Cardi B.

  9. iamdiego January 6, 2018

    The problem is simply they are not able to release music which means they are not able to find a JD sound. I can tell you off rip that these ladies can sing their asses off, but I hate hearing the amount of auto tuned vocals on the records that are leaked and from the mixtape (it’s time for another one btw). They already sound perfect no need to perfect them it takes the soul out. Also, they should really be writing their own music. I’m not sure what kind of deal they have but if they cant put out music I doubt if the have creative control or funds to put records together. They have more than enough girls to work together to come up with their own material. I know Kristal has a powerful voice with so much range and has great arrangements. Ashley’s voice is smooth, strong, and has just enough rasp to make them sound unique as a collective. The masses (urban community) will eat that up. Bre has pop appeal. She is very versatile and her voice is strong as well but its her stage presence that sets her apart from the rest, She is very confident. Gabby has a rich full voice. She and Ashley have similar tones but she focuses on facial expressions more than going above and beyond with the vocals. The girl has a lot of personality but, I don’t feel like she is genuine on stage (the GP loves that type of stuff too, but it’s a no for me haha) she seems like she could be a great writer though. Shy is growing into herself but gives me Sevyn Streeter tease which is a good thing. Her voice is simply raw and sweet at the same time. I feel like she has a good balance of everything just stay consistent with them vocals.

  10. Junior in Jamaica January 6, 2018

    I am one day away from losing interest…just unfathomable what is happening (or not) with their careers.

    • JDStan January 7, 2018

      Unfortunately they arent signed anymore so they are working with what they have. But music is set to come this year sooner than we think just gotta trust the process

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