Report: L.A Reid Plots Comeback / Secures $75 Million For New Label

Published: Friday 5th Jan 2018 by Sam

L.A Reid is ready to return to the record label arena – according to a new report.

The industry visionary, who is famed for engineering career-defining successes for the likes of Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Usher, and TLC, departed Epic Records last April under the most dramatic of circumstances.

Indeed, as reported, the Sony Music severed ties with him after allegations of sexual assault from a co-worker surfaced.

In the time since, Reid has said nothing and been seldom seen. However, the 60 year old seems poised for quite the close-up in 2018.

Details below…

Citing sources close to the situation, Music Business Worldwide report that Reid is believed to have raised as much as $75 million in funding for a new label venture.

And while the unannounced project is still in infancy, it already has legs. Because word on the curb is that the exec moved into new offices in Beverly Hills this week and is already building out a team.

If indeed Reid is going it alone (away from the major label system), he’d be doing so at an opportune time.

Streaming has quite literally changed the game and has enabled a growing list of artists to go against the grain and innovate in exciting new ways.

What’s more, indie forces such as Lyor Cohen‘s 300 Entertainment (which is a part label/part marking firm that has backing from Google) have birthed success stories that rival those of major labels. Case in point Migos and Fetty Wap.

So, assuming he’s successfully able to detach himself from the scandal that chased him out of Epic, Reid could be next up to capitalize on the changing tide.

He’s proven himself a visionary before, can he do it again?

Your thoughts?

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  1. erica January 5, 2018

    He needs to ahead and get Britney they both share interest in working with each other! they kinda would do wonders for one another reid can put Britney back in the urban field get her A MUCH NEEDED NEW TEAM & for the love of god get her back in the dance studio, im talking Monday-Friday 5 hours a day. & Britney could help reid by just her name alone would get the media storm they need.

    • Chocolatebox777 January 6, 2018

      Britney has done nothing but follow every trend that Janet did to become successful. As long as Reid stays away from the innovator Janet who he threw under bus.

  2. The Wig Snatcher January 5, 2018

    Just when you thought the evil predator and queen was a thing of the past…

  3. Fancy BISH January 5, 2018

    Secure the bag 💰lol

  4. China January 5, 2018

    He is a supposed……PREDATOR. Rapist. Creeper. Will not support his habits which lead to HURTING HARMLESS WOMEN….and probably a few men as well. He is DISGUSTING.

    • The Wig Snatcher January 5, 2018

      not probably a few men, definitely a few (or more) men

  5. MARY January 5, 2018

    Now we know what’s up with JUNE’S DIARY.. They must not be at EPIC Records anymore.. Thank God for FRANK GATSON.. He kept those amazing ladies out there.

    They were amazing on the XSCAPE tour. GrapeJuice. Where is that story ?

    GOOD LUCK June’s Diary. The most amazing female group ever… Check them out .#JUNESDIARY – created 2016.. not even 2 years in the game and they are killing it on stage. R. Kelly, Monica, Brandy, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Luke James, EnVogue, Fantasia, Jussie Smollett saw it and Xscape saw it.. Get ready world.

    • MARY January 5, 2018

      Essence Saw it to.. That show was amazing at Essence..

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 5, 2018


    • Ispeakfacts January 5, 2018


      June’s Diary doesn’t have the support behind them at Epic Records because LA Reid left Epic Records bcuz of the sexual abuse allegations! LA Reid is the person that asked Kelly to help him find talent… June’s Diary need him to be honest… & stop giving Frank all this credit bcuz we all know these girls r booking these gigs bcuz of who??? Kelly Rowland!

  6. Tori January 5, 2018

    Every one is talking about his personal life but that’s non of my personal business. I’m looking at what he’s done professionally in the last 5 years and it’s pathetic. Let’s start with “One Woman Army”/“CIARA”. I’ll give him credit that “Sweat” and “Got Me Good” were flops but “Sorry” put Ciara back in some kind of light but they did nothing for the video. Once “Body Party” and “I’m Out” took off phenomenally, they stop promoting the album after its release. He also approved her shooting 5 video snippets, WHY wasn’t actual video shot? They could’ve furthered the promo while she was pregnant and took leave. He also through “Overdose” out and that was a hit but it went no where. And the way him and Streamline let “Calling All Lovers” flop without help was a MESS. He OK’d “If I Don’t Have You” being a single while “Catfish” and “Angels and Demons” were the obvious hits that were radio friendly and could’ve crossed over. And once Tamar took sick, he didn’t release the 3 videos she shot or promote the in any kind of way or submit it to the Grammys. I’ll admit “Jackie” was tragic as a whole, but leading with “I Bet” and “Dance Like Were Making Love”, there’s no reason the album didn’t do at least 50-70k! The promo WASNT THERE! He always give artists 3 singles, 2 videos and they pay for the rest of their own promo. He isn’t “IT” anymore. He’s seem incredibly lazy!

    • KING MELANIN January 5, 2018


    • Paulo January 5, 2018

      Sweat didn’t flop as it wasn’t sent to radio tho. Co-sign with everything else

  7. Meme January 5, 2018

    I don’t care how much of a visionary he is…he is old and his style is played. The times has changed. All he does is try to revive the careers of other played out artist. Until you find some new talents, I ain’t having none of it.

  8. Boytoy1814 January 5, 2018

    Sexual predator strikes again!
    I can’t stand this dirt bag mofo
    especially after he destroyed TLC Toni Braxton & Janet’s career. If I see him the streets ima trip his ass & watch him fall flat on his face!

  9. Theman January 5, 2018

    Y’all give streaming way too much credit. These artists aren’t making much from that. If you aren’t a major artist then it’s really nothing to it.

  10. DanYiel Iman January 5, 2018

    Oh lawd sexual abusers shouldn’t be given money to do anything & why would artist want to be apart of that anyway??

  11. Paulo January 5, 2018

    So the money hungry B****** who made Toni and TLC bankrupt is also a sexual predator. And people still willing to throw 75 million bucks at him. Disgusting

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