Mary J. Blige’s Ex Husband Claims Split Put Him In Hospital: “I’m Stressed”

Published: Thursday 4th Jan 2018 by David

Mary J. Blige‘s ex-husband Kendu Isaacs has claimed that the pair’s divorce is to blame for his recent hospitalisation.

Bad news from the man who was once the head of Mary’s household below…

Blige revealed that she was leaving Mr. Isaacs and used her latest album ‘Strength of a Woman’ to detail the emotional abuse and infidelity she says he put her through during the marriage.

Unfortunately for him, Mary’s departure from the relationship has forced him to depart with her money leaving him no choice but to find a way to maintain the lifestyle Mary afforded him…without her.

How he hopes to do this? By forcing her to take care of him via spousal support.

‘The Blast’ reports…

According to court docs Isaacs claims the ordeal has taken its toll on his health.

He says in the docs, “[Isaacs] has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized.”

Kendu also stated that he is unable to find work because he is “unemployable” which means he cannot even afford to pay his rent and fears he is close to destitution.

The trial kicks off in March.

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  1. I hate b. And w bitchexzz January 4, 2018

    Well Mary was stressed by you cheating,,,.kendu married to Mary bilge and cheats….what a fool

  2. Jose January 4, 2018

    Imagine being a fully grown man begging someone to take care of you. And then imagine being a fully grown man begging someone you cheated on and abused to take care of you. Useless dunce he is!

    • MissImpartial January 4, 2018


  3. China January 4, 2018

    Only in America — can a Man cheat on a woman. Use her. Use her to take care of his entire family. And the court system deem her responsible. HAS THIS WOMAN NOT BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH. This PUNK needs to go and find a job like a REAL man.

    • I hate b. And w bitchexzz January 4, 2018

      He can’t get a job..he said he is now UN.employable. …he was the king before

      • Rhonda January 6, 2018

        He needs to just beca man anf not a little boy who is dependent on a lady. All this crying is showing his true colors. Glad Mary left his sorry ass!!! He needs to get off his high horse and do like everyone else is doing and take a job out of his field to survive!!!

  4. Lisa Ahmed January 4, 2018

    I dnt feel sorry one bit about wat he doin threw ,when u had a good women u didn’t love her , respect her etc instead u did thge opposite so u bed ur bed lasy in it

  5. Sleazy January 4, 2018

    I dont understand why mem get away with this. YOU need to lift your ass and get a job!! You CHEATED there is no excuse!!! Women have to pick themselves up and rebuild everything. Men are weak

    • Bam January 4, 2018

      Yeah well Grown Women are guilty of this too…
      All in all alimony is an outdated concept that needs an overhaul.

  6. TaylorDuh January 4, 2018

    smh this guy is a clown. He better find a burger joint to manage.

    • Blak January 4, 2018

      LAMO! Right!

  7. Blak January 4, 2018

    This n**** He ain’t a man he’s a b**** ass n**** point blank take the 30k Mary is being forced to give u go get a apartment for 850 a month & go get a real job! #BasicNiggaKendu

  8. Dev January 4, 2018

    I saw this ninja on snapchat with that guy from LAHHH gambling money he know he ain’t earned
    But he’s stressed. ninja please!!!!

  9. olusheyi banjo January 4, 2018

    He just wants attention. Bye cheating ass LOOSER, that’s what your ass gets

  10. DanYiel Iman January 4, 2018

    This is coming from a man who wasn’t in the hospital but GAMBLING with Mary J Blige funds?!! He’s an ASS WIPE!!

  11. Oh puhlease January 5, 2018

    Hmmmm….apparently he must have lost his dice game after being filmed gambling on Instagram Live or Facebook Live (either way the video is on YouTube)… now he’s stressed? ???…Boy Bye!

  12. Rhonda January 6, 2018

    He needs to just beca man anf not a little boy who is dependent on a lady. All this crying is showing his true colors. Glad Mary left his sorry ass!!!

  13. KING B!! January 8, 2018

    Kendu Issacs is a F*****!!!

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