Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty On Course To Conquer Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian In Cosmetic Sales

Published: Sunday 28th Jan 2018 by Sam

Now more than ever, celebrities are using their clout in one arena to build empires in others. A reality that is seeing competition spill out of the charts and the box office and into fields such as fashion and beauty.

Just ask Rihanna, who is shaking up the cosmetics space with Fenty Beauty.

So much so that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian may have met their match.

Full story below…

WWD reports that although Fenty Beauty launched last September, it’s proving to have ample influence on US online shoppers and  is on track to best the roaring revenues of Jenner’s Kylie Beauty and Kim Kardashian’s KKW line. This according to newly compiled research data from Slice Intelligence.

Per the firm, their findings unveiled that though Kylie Cosmetics posted the highest yearly sales, Fenty Beauty’s first month sales were five times Kylie Cosmetics and 34% higher the following month.

To add further context to Fenty’s success, its owners LVMH don’t release revenue numbers per brand, but it’s worth noting that RiRi’s range is outpacing the group’s established stellar performer – Kat Von D‘s make-up line by a considerable margin.

What’s more, in a testament to how stimulated shoppers are by the star’s newest proposition, the 29-year-old’s line also stands out for having the customers that spend the most on beauty products in general.

Indeed, the study found that Fenty Beauty wearers spend an average of $471 per year in the makeup category, versus shoppers of Kat Von D who spend $371, KKW shoppers who spend $278 and Kylie Cosmetics shoppers who spend $181.


Slay Robyn, slay!

The challenge of course will be sustaining these numbers, because while undeniably impressive – they are concentrated in the launch window of the line.

Will Fenty Beauty continue to level up or level out? Time will tell. But for now RiRi has the heat and is scorching the competition. As a businesswoman, more power to her.

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  1. Kerry Johnson January 28, 2018

    Rihanna is a Goddess!!! The true queen of this industry ? ?

  2. Kerry Johnson January 28, 2018

    (Rihanna walks into a business office with Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner depressed)

    Rihanna: Hey s**** why the long face

    Kim: Oh hey RiRi, sorry I wanna be happy for you and all but I’m just not feeling today’s news

    Rihanna: Why what’s wrong

    Kyle: ? ? Rihanna your slaying our cosmetics line, and it’s all I really got going for myself besides our families lame ass show now

    (Rihanna flips bangs and rolls eyes)

    Rihanna: Girrrllllllll( island voice) me not care

    Kim: Hey Rihanna is there any way we can partner up on your Fenty Beauty products, pretty please ?

    Kyle: Yes ( still crying ?) I need to be on top on atleast something in life

    Rihanna: Kyle are you pregnant ?, giirrrlll you getting fat

    Kyle: Yes I’m pregnant ? I’m just didn’t want the media in all my business

    (Kim opens her mouth in surprise but face doesn’t moves)

    Kim: Rihanna look we called you here to do Buisness, now can we please join you.

    Rihanna: b**** s*** up, tell momma kris to use Kyle’s baby for more money like she already has plans for and make yo own business out that ? money.

    ( Melissa enters the room)

    Melissa: Damn RiRi where the weed at like it said on the text

    Rihanna: Gggiirrrll ain’t no weed but 2 s**** asking for my money and shine

    ( kim begans to cry and calls Kanye)

    (Kyle begins to cry and calls momma kris & Caitlyn)

    • Laughing January 28, 2018


    • Carlitos January 28, 2018

      Wow, you really have too much time on your hands!

      • Kerry Johnson January 28, 2018

        Sure ??

  3. I hate Blacak. And Whiyte bitczhc January 28, 2018

    What does the Kardashians dirty Cosmetics have to do with Fenty Beauty

    • Kerry Johnson January 28, 2018

      Shut up and kiss me

  4. IG : mixedboy January 28, 2018

    Black excellence ?✊?

  5. Datredd23 January 28, 2018

    She is the definition of a legend
    First music now fashion and beauty next film she is a versatile queen ! Very much more so then her peers by light years!

  6. Achooo! January 28, 2018

    Rihanna Fenty line will be successful many years to come as she caters to all women but specifically all shade of women of color and don’t forget women of color love to spend money. Congratulations! Very smart

  7. Gee January 28, 2018

    Many things have been said about Rihanna but no one can deny that she is very marketable and people love her style so I am not surprised that her cosmetics line is besting her competitors.

  8. Jake January 28, 2018

    Except Kylie or Kim don’t owe money to marketing , publicists , retail , Sephora , LVMH and co … they get most of it , Rihanna will probably see a third of it all

  9. Fancy BISH January 28, 2018

    Come TF thru Miss Fenty lol

  10. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2018

    It should those Kartrashian’s aren’t as melanated as they want folks to see them ass TANNING & all!!

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