Clive Davis: “Beyonce Is The First Lady Of Music”

Published: Sunday 28th Jan 2018 by David

Clive Davis, the industry power player who fuelled the career of the late and great Whitney Houston, has declared that Beyonce is the first lady of music.

His positive estimation of Bey’s position in music below…


Davis showered the star with praise during an event erected to celebrate tonight’s 60th annual Grammy awards after observing her ascent to the top for the last twenty years.

His warm words, delivered at his pre-Grammy gala, were met with praise on social media.


Do you agree with Mr. Davis?

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  1. NT January 28, 2018

    She deserves some type of title other than r&b Star, i think it’s a bit extreme but the industry loves her so it works…

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 28, 2018

      Queen Bey

    • Oliver January 28, 2018

      It’s. Not and will never be Britney’ b**** of course it works and on point

    • China January 28, 2018

      FIRST LADY OF RNB. Pop NEVER. ARETHA. CELINE. MARIAH. WHITNEY. And the biggest selling female in history: MADONNA. Clive need to sit his OLD gay-f**** ass DOWN

      • JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2018

        And Adele, who with just one album in the CURRENT climate has sold what Beyonce in her entire career.

  2. Krista January 28, 2018

    Watch the haters seethe….

  3. John January 28, 2018

    Tell us something we don’t already know!! Lol. Just another honorary title to add to her list.
    1. Queen of R&B
    2.Queen of Pop
    3. Queen B
    4. King B
    5. First Lady of Music
    6. The Queen
    7. The Best Performer of this Generation

  4. steve January 28, 2018

    Am sure he gave such compliment to the best of their time Whitney Houston et all.

  5. Xtina4ever January 28, 2018

    Lmao such a lame title to such a lame singer and nothing special about her is even epic. Average vocals. Everyone kisses her a** it’s halarious. So many better black artist than her singing wise. I’ll admit she a good dancer, but Janet still does it the best.

    • Beystansince1997 January 28, 2018

      Christina fans mad lol! Y’all really thought Christina was going to be the next “Whitney Houston” lol! Christina is a HAS BEEN!!!! Stay mad…. Beyoncé is the queen of her generation! Deal with it!

    • BC January 28, 2018

      Lol ur so upset

    • First Lady Of Music’s wig January 28, 2018

      “Average vocals”

      You, Xtina Aguilera Fan.

      Xtina Aguilera being called the Voice Of The Generation. I could not believe it.

      Out of all the singers this generation had.. Aguilera getting this title?

      You can say: Don’t attack Xtina, her talent and their fans.

      And i’ll say it to you: After seeing her live, she doesn’t have that many.

    • Oliver January 28, 2018

      At least way better than xtina in everything

  6. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2018

    She is the most overpraised female artist of the past 10 years, whether that is the result of a good PR machine or people genuinely liking her, is up for debate, but she has indeed made her mark in the industry, however to call her “The First Lady of Music” is kind of an insult to female artists of all kinds of music genres who paved the way and gave women in music a voice, they were pioneers and revolutionaries, all female artists today benefit and enjoy privilege in the music industry, thanks to those women, Beyoncé herself benefits from it too, it is good to acknowledge the fewer talented artists we have today, but we shouldn’t forget history, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and many more, have contributed to the music world in ways that Beyoncé could never do, so, the title “First Lady of Music” is too big for her, her career/legacy does not fulfill the expectations of that title.

    • TeaOnly January 28, 2018

      We don’t care or no any of those dead has beens. Beyoncé is here ALIVE and PROSPERING!! The First Lady of Music has you seething 24/7 😂 po’thang!

      • JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2018

        So the moment Beyonce doesn´t release one more album and stops you will dismiss her like that? Stans kill me.

      • TeaOnly January 28, 2018

        @John Yes!!! When she is rotting corpse we will move onto the next big thing and praise and forget all about her accomplishments. Welcome to society sweetie! 😘

      • China January 28, 2018

        TEAONLY is the reason the general public loathes the internet and gay community. they PRAISE beyonce with average vocals, stolen unoriginal swag from: JANET, WHITNEY, MARIAH and TINA. You are ignorant

      • cora January 29, 2018

        What swag was stolen from Whitney? Whitney was beautiful like Beyoncé is, but she doesn’t try to emulate Whitney. Copying Mariah is a joke.She has two left feet. & is very awkward.

    • Superstar! January 28, 2018

      @Suicide… – I agree.

    • Was that shade January 28, 2018

      LMAOO The First Lady Of Music has got your blood pressure on level 10.

  7. TRUTH SERUM January 28, 2018

    Beyonce is no fly by night success!!! She has worked her way to the top… The woman is extremely talented and has earned the respect and adulation . The legendary Clive Davis gave her that title. Who gives a f*** what haters say. Congrats Queen B!

  8. Like Liquour January 28, 2018

    Lol, so is Jay Z the President of music?

    Now just a few days ago many of these same people heralding his words were the same ones saying he needs to sit his old ass down for how he handled things during and after Whitney’s death. The same ones who said without Whitney he is irrelevant but now he throws such praise on Yonce and he’s relevant again. People are hilarious.

    But the weird thing is I don’t necessarily disagree with him as Beyoncé currently is the top lady.

  9. Whoops January 28, 2018

    I mean, everybody knows this. She has so much power and influence. But I’m more caught up about the fact that for some reason, I thought Clive Davis was dead. 😳 I’m glad he’s alive but I’m just so shook.

  10. RoyalKev January 28, 2018

    Here’s the thing, Beyonce is truly special! She’s a huge iconic force, pop culture phenomenon and all around first rate performer! Yet, some people are reluctant to give her that respect! If firmly believe that if she was someone else less threatening (with the same credentials), those nay-sayers would be giving her way more credit!

    I’ve honestly, never seen so many people constantly attempting to take something away from one individual! She might be the sole reason I used to always find myself online going back and forth with people! It was so much time and energy used to entertaining these stan wars! You don’t ever win with people that have bias! I’ve see people that attack Bey for things they’ve, (#1) excused from their favs and (#2) just was downright petty AF about! People grasp at straw when it comes to Bey! Looking back, I can say it was probably because of Beyonce that I’d engaged in so much online beef, but it’s because of her that I do it way less now! Bey’s proven herself, time, and time, and time, and time, and time again! It would be silly to get defensive when it comes to her now! I clearly remember how she was that bish in 2000 (When DC dropped ‘Say My Name’), it’s 2018 and this woman is still a hot topic! Now this is what you call relevant!

    We all know that Whitney was a first lady , just like Diana was a first lady and now yes, Bey can be one also! It’s her time!

    • Superstar! January 28, 2018

      @Royal… – Proven herself to be what? A thief? A narcissist? Insecure? I don’t get it. She tours like a work horse because her EGO won’t allow her to sit down or less she be forgotten. She’s stolen many visual concepts from other people and does NOT credit the original creators. Hell, she’s even done that with lyrics. (Cue the Bee Gee’s music) She plays into the QUEEN and JESUS concepts because she is INSECURE and will feign ignorance when called out on the visuals that she feeds into: Ex. MTV performance of herself as A god. The list goes on. So when you speak about her credentials make sure you INCLUDE them with asterisks as they do in the world of baseball (Due to the steroid era.)
      #Another CLUELESS STAN

      • RoyalKev January 28, 2018

        … Proven herself to be a superstar talent and success (her last 4 tours has each grossed over 100 million, every album she’s released landed at #1, she’s the 2000’s Artist of the decade)!

        Are you mad at her work ethic? What exactly are you trying to pick apart? Do you know Beyonce personally? How do you know if she has an ego? There are so many divas shooting each other down and I’ve not once seen Beyonce do it! If she’s such an egomaniac and so insecure, why does everyone speak so highly of her! People gravitate towards Beyonce! Everything claim you’re making is baseless! You going off on a rant like you’ve grown up with her in Texas! I’m not giving this energy sweetheart, knock yourself out with the hate! I’m sure we’ll both be eagerly anticipating B7 together!

    • Superstar! January 28, 2018

      @Royal.. – The only person who is RANTING is YOU dear. Everything that I stated in my post was FACTUAL unlike you who is basing your posting on EMOTIONALISM. (By the way, just because you are EMOTIONAL that does NOT make you right.) See the difference dear? I’m sure you don’t because you’re a [email protected] aka a CLUELESS STAN. You lot are blockheads.

      Again, her tours GROSS because she fears being FORGOTTEN which, AGAIN, is why she tours like a work horse. Superstar Talent? Once more, SHE STEALS HER CREATIVE CONCEPTS and TRIES to take credit for OTHER PEOPLE’S work and that INCLUDES THEIR WORDS. (tap, tap, NEYO on the shoulder, while I listen to the BEE GEE’s.) And as far as her ego is concerned, again, re-read the start of this paragraph.

      Her ALBUMS are crap and it shows since ALL HER SONGS FALL OFF RADIO after about 4-6 weeks of airplay. I suggest you take YOUR OWN WORDS and “KNOCK YOURSELF OUT..” but I’m going to add to that and tell you to do so WITH DELUSION.
      #When STANS are BLOCKHEADS

      • RoyalKev January 28, 2018

        Sweetheart, you sound all kinds of angry! The caps, the name calling… you are hurt! Beyonce shouldn’t get anyone this riled up! You’re going to have a stroke at this rate when she reaches her 10th era!

        Her tours gross because she fears being forgotten? What does that even mean?! What’s making people pay hundreds of dollars to come out to see her? … Right! They’re doing so on their own free will! That’s what’s making her tours gross so high! The albums are crap to you! You’re trying to flop them, but these albums don’t do less than 300k debut week – none of them! …Since day 1! Bey doesn’t even release now in order for a full 7 days to count and she’s still pulling in 400k – 600k+ every time! … and I see you’re trying to make me go back to 2006 and revist eras that left you fuming! Pull yourself together! Well, it’s time for the Grammys, which Bey have 22 of! Enjoy your night!

    • Superstar! January 28, 2018

      @Kev.. – Again, the only person who SOUNDS angry is YOU. The delusion is REAL. Cue the (!!!!!) hahaha. Yup, YOU’RE HURT. Oh, and the usage of CAPS is to draw EMPHASIS to certain words. Again, thanks for showing yourself to be EXACTLY what I said YOU are. A CLUELESS STAN aka BLOCKHEAD. hahaha. I bet you don’t even know what a blockhead is do ya dearie. I suggest you consult Merriam Webster slow one.

      I agree Beyonce shouldn’t get anyone this riled up sooo why all the !!!!!!. And hey, if YOU have a stroke because of this exchange then so be it. Remember YOUR WORDS: “Knock yourself out…” hahaha no one is going to miss you. Clearly you’re the one who’s “fuming” hence ANOTHER BOOK OF BULLSH!T in which you show yourself to be QUITE EMOTIONAL and the FACTS that I mentioned in ALL of my posts. (shrugs) I quite like the fact that I have YOU in such a tizzy dear. Let’s me know all the more how CORRECT I AM. hahaha

      People go to Beyonce’s tours the same reason men go to strip shows dear. It’s not rocket science. Again, stay delusional blockhead. “Her tours gross because she fears being forgotten? What does that even mean?!” – I means just what I said it meant the 1st two times. She works like a WORK HOURS so she won’t be FORGOTTEN. People go to see her because they like her. Their called STANS DEAR. In addition, she’s always available with the same funky onsie and the same tired weave/wig people love. Has she changed anything in her shows? Nope. Same sh!t, different year.

      Again, her albums ARE CRAP dear. Where are they on radio? Within any given hour how many Beyonce songs do you hear? Again, the s*** drops off radio FUN FACT. I don’t care if you go back to the day the chick was born it’s STILL NOT going to change the fact that NO ONE IS PLAYING THAT CRAP and spare with the details of nothingness that is streaming. I suggest YOU pull it together and calm down before you have that stroke you mentioned. Not that I care because I’d ACTUALLY LOVE to know that you had one over a Beyonce post. It would go to show just how ridiculous and sad you [email protected] really are.
      #ALL That and You’re STILL CLUELESS

      • RoyalKev January 28, 2018

        LOOool… You’ve been here long enough to know that my !!!! are used in every comment I write up! Hurt? My first comment made you feel a way! You are angry love, you’re spewing out insults and coming across quite juvenile with all the name calling! It’s making me think you’re disturbed! I can tell when someone is a little off! That’s you all day! If you want to worry about Bey’s stans seeing an artist they love repeated in concert – knock yourself out! Don’t say you don’t care … I know you care!!! You’re bothered! Your rant still won’t change a thing!

        You’re bringing up radio and not realizing that half of today’s artists racking up #1’s can’t sell albums or even maintain a 5 year career! Pull it together love!

      • Trey moe January 30, 2018

        @superstar Shut yo ass up you see that you’re losing

      • Superstar! January 31, 2018

        @ Trey Moe – [email protected] you are ghetto. You lost a looooonnnggg time ago.
        #Stop Trying
        #When Bee-A$$-Kissers Try And Fail

    • Superstar! January 28, 2018

      @kev.. — Dude, don’t even give me that YOU KNOW ME CRAP. I don’t know you NOR your writing any more than I know I random Joe Blow in the mall. You tried it. You’re EMOTIONAL kid, it’s evident whether you directly admit it or not. You are angry dear cue the (!!!) I call a spade a spade dearie, shrugs, so delusional, blockheaded and cluelesss all apply here kiddo as they are not NAMES they are adjectives and a noun used to identify and modify the noun it is DESCRIBING. Thanks once more for proving you are exactly what I say you are: A CLUELESS STAN. (aka blockhead)

      You are correct your rant won’t change a thing but yet you still try. Why is that dear? Because YOU CARE and know that you WRONG. Superstar? Hardly, she a thief FACT. Cue the Bee Gee’s song once more and wait let me go get Neyo. I don’t care that people see Beyonce in concert, YOU DO. Which is why you brought up what she grosses as if that means anything since the beyotch’s music DOESN’T EVEN GET PLAYED ONE RADIO. (Drops the mic) Babe the people who are GETTING NUMBER ONE’s – Cue Drake, Kendrick, Justin, HAVE THEIR MUSIC PLAYED ON THE RADIO so miss me with Beyonce’s PHANTOM numbers baby.

      I suggest you “pull it together love” because the dramatics (!!!) may work for easily impressed Beyonce stan but that crap will NOT work with me. Clearly you’re disturbed if you’re using (!!!!) but you’re not bothered. Cut the crap. You’re bothered because you keep responding with the same WEAK p.o.v. that’s STILL NOT GETTING YOU ANYWHERE. You’re BEYOND a little off dear, it’s QUITE DISTURBING. I’d really love to see you have that stroke you were alluding to earlier. That would be the icing on the shee-uut cake that you are making.
      #It Ain’t Working Babe
      #The Delusion Is Deep With The [email protected]

    • Superstar! January 31, 2018

      @ Trey moe – Will ya puh-lease or do you need a “D” in your mouth to help you do that?
      #Stay Ghetto
      #Was That Even English
      #No Comprendes
      #Ebonically Challenged

  11. hell naw January 28, 2018

    Lol No just no

  12. Fancy BISH January 28, 2018

    I feel like Beyonce can still make her best music! She never feels like her best music is behind her like some of these artists do…I won’t name names lol…Beyonce sustains a high level of anticipation…plus, homegirl looks amazing…I co-sign Clivesha’s statement lol

  13. JOHNVIDAL January 28, 2018

    It´s a little bit disrespectful that´s all. Like what Adele did at the grammys last go around ignoring all the other nominees only to praise Beyonce (oh wait now I remembered Adele. Isn´t she the first bitsh?)

  14. Datredd23 January 28, 2018

    Rihanna and Bey stay getting praised and adored around the globe !

  15. ??? January 28, 2018

    Lmao trumps america will never call roach such a thing lmfaoo 😂😂😂

    • Jeans January 28, 2018

      That title won’t stick! If it does, she can have it. Janet is the “queen of music”. First Lady is just a First Lady of a country lol.

  16. madbrax January 28, 2018

    wow I needed that after such a long hard day at work.
    but seriously though in the age of shitty disposable non epic, none anthemic, non generation defining, non classic music I guess she’d be top choice to be the leader of that .

  17. Memo January 28, 2018

    That’s a little stretch, I would say. Beyoncé might be admired, liked, loved or whatever you wanna call it, but she’s never been the best of the best. Her best album has barely sold 11m, she has no more #1 singles and her hype has been constructed based on scandals rather than her music. She’s been caught stealing. The thing she might excel at is touring.

  18. Theman January 28, 2018

    This is nothing more than a** kissing. Her pr machine is great.

  19. Wow January 28, 2018

    Lol so one person calls her that and it’s a thing.

    She’s a b****, plain and simple.

  20. Pat January 28, 2018

    Her sales say otherwise though!

  21. Lol January 28, 2018

    Okay, so to reach the level of success that Beyonce has in the music industry I just have to steal the blueprint of all the highly successful female artists before me, have a marriage to one of the greatest snakes in the music industry, stab all of my former bandmates in the back, sign a bigger deal by selling my soul to the devil and gyrate across the stage, and buy all my Grammys…… she is so overrated and so undeserving of everything that she receives. Though what Beyonce has put out has been some great things, but people continue to not realize that she has taken everything that she has done from the artists before her. Nice to know that music Executives can recognize copycats

    • Trey moe January 30, 2018

      You’re delusional

  22. mukodasimon January 28, 2018

    The word is that Beyonce is the king in this game she rules she is so special and reserved more than anyone else including the late Whitney Huston I love her magic its the world of her own lots of love to u Beyonce

  23. Chocolatebox777 January 28, 2018

    Now I can see why Janet the REAL FIRST LADY OF MUSIC doesn’t attend these anymore. The nerve of Clive! After Whitney passed right before that event years ago to say that. He is obviously getting senile or first signs of dementia.

    • Mhmm January 28, 2018

      I agree

  24. justafan January 29, 2018

    uh, no.

  25. Noope January 29, 2018

    And McDonald’s brags about having over a billion sold. Clive Davis is a 🐍..I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near hi.

    • Noope January 29, 2018


  26. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2018

    I’ll say she’s a great vocalist & that’s that!! Whitney Houston is “THE VOICE”

  27. Jake January 29, 2018

    No old man Beyoncé is the president of music , Jay Z is music’s first man . Don’t get it twisted!

  28. Trey moe January 30, 2018

    @superstar getting dragged I love it.

    • Superstar! January 31, 2018

      @Trey moe – I like I how you TRY to spin truth. Awwwh, ANOTHER b*** hurt [email protected]
      #Facts Hurt
      #Love The Name Change Royal But Your Name is Shee-utt
      #It STILL Ain’t Working
      #Stay Hurt

    • Superstar! January 31, 2018

      @Trey moe – No babe, no. The only person who got “dragged” is YOU babe. Cue the Bee-Gee’s music, you know the music that your thief of an idol “wrote” remember? hahahaha

      Keep changing your name and trying to pass shee-utt of as caviar. We ALL know it’s shee-utt babe. Awwhh, I really hurt you huh kiddo? hahahaha Good!

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