Celebrities React To Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

Published: Sunday 4th Feb 2018 by Rashad

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Everyone is still abuzz after Justin Timberlake took to Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank stadium to rock the Super Bowl LII halftime show.

With pyrotechnics and high octane choreography to boot, the Grammy-winner was armed with a bevy of tricks, crowd-hyping, and, of course, his top hits. Taking the stage by his lonesomehe single-handedly set the city and Twitter alight tonight as evidenced by ongoing discussion by fans, critics, and even celebrities.

With weigh ins from all across the board, tuck in to see what some of your favorite celebs had to say about the outing:




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  1. Tori February 4, 2018


    • China February 5, 2018


  2. Meme February 4, 2018

    That was the most lacking boring half time ever. I gave it an honest watch and was even rooting for him cuz I love a good comeback story. But that was horrible. He really isn’t that talented and it shows.

    • Hunter February 4, 2018


    • Stephy February 4, 2018

      I mean, Timberlakes style is overall boring. But he’s talented

      • Bam February 4, 2018

        He seems to love the whole “follow me as we go from backstage to onstage” as he does it at almost every big show. It’s pretty stale now…

    • LiLi’n’RiRi February 5, 2018

      I think its safe to say that this year is gonna go down for most boring Halftime Show and most boring Grammy’s. Im sorry but so far 2018 is messy as hell

    • Mike Breezy February 5, 2018

      Rihanna fans now have the nerve to hate on a Justin Timberlake performance? I can’t wait till she gets the superbowl slot so that she can wow us with her amazing singing and dancing. Lol.

      • tyana February 5, 2018

        F*** DAT MAN BEATER RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Xoxo February 4, 2018

    Hated it. It was boring

  4. S****** Blonde February 4, 2018

    The ones complaining are the irrelevant ones, lol.

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      STOP IMPERSONATING ME RACIST F@GG0T. YOU have been warned B|TCH BOY. I would take a plunger and stick it up you but you would not even feel that no walls methed out trash!

  5. Xtina4life February 4, 2018

    Soggy as.. haters..

    • Kennedy February 4, 2018

      So when you give your opinion on anything, are you hating as well?

  6. Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

    Eagles just sent Tomeka Brady home lol…I didn’t watch Justinesha! ??

    • Justin February 5, 2018

      Well we know who Justin and Tom are. Who the f*** plays for the Eagles again?

      • Strawberry. February 5, 2018

        Terrible single roll-out. Terrible album roll-out. Terrible Superbowl half-time show… Three strikes, you’re OUT! Justin, you BLew it. I hope Jessica Biel & that baby packed a large bag, ..cause after last night there’s a tent marked B-List with Timberlake’s name on it. They gon’be livin’ in the dam woods for a Long time. #precious recording studio time is a terrible thing to waste.

  7. 2bad2bme February 4, 2018

    Girl i came to the understanding that some people will hate something before you even deal your cards. All of a sudden everybody hating on him ??? people so FAKE these days

    • MakeItKnown February 4, 2018

      No, people are realizing how FAKE he is, as well as how mediocre he is as well.

    • Kennedy February 4, 2018

      Everyone has their blinders off. So don’t disregard everyone else’s insight about him because you’re too slow to see past his bulls#it.

      • 2bad2bme February 5, 2018

        What about him sis. Y’all not saying nothing but the same thing. This man did not nothing wrong. Stop acting fake woke and go to sleep.

      • Kennedy February 5, 2018

        Lol Fake woke? I’ve never liked him from day one, so you can keep that tired rebuttal to yourself you misguided clown. And like I said before, just because you’re slow on realizing his agenda, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  8. j0e February 4, 2018

    Absolutely flawless.

  9. We’re Good February 4, 2018

    Justin Timberlake makes The Weeknd look like Apollo Amatuer Night.

  10. Realness February 4, 2018

    Well, it was good. I must say.

    • MakeItKnown February 4, 2018

      Didn’t you say that twice already with your other two fake accounts above you LOL.

      • Fancy BISH February 4, 2018

        Bloop! Call all these fakes out! I keep seeing new screenames pop up…I’m like, “Who is YOU?” ? They’ll be talking to you like they’ve been on TGJ since forever! Expose them! I can’t WAIT to see this heffa that tried my last nerve pop up again lol…probably with a different account tho smh

  11. MakeItKnown February 4, 2018

    He definitely had the worst halftime performance ever.

  12. Yolanda February 4, 2018

    Prince performed his own SuperBowl Halftime Show. Does Justin think his tribute will be better? D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Justin February 4, 2018

    I love Michael Bolton’s tweet. The real, not you fake Grape Juice witches. lol

    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2018

      Then why are you here? ? Michael Bolton can sing circles, laps and marathons around JT, let’s get THAT straight *Whitney Houston voice* ?? I use Michael Bolton’s music, not JTesha’s ? See, that’s what you get for coming here…the truth!

      • Justin February 5, 2018

        To try and turn that into a negative let’s me know you are just a bitter, ugly, old BISH. ;p

      • Fancy BISH February 5, 2018

        You fat lipped motherfuckr

      • Justin February 5, 2018


      • Fancy BISH February 5, 2018

        BISH, who are you? You don’t know me! Run your fat lips ?

      • Justin February 7, 2018


  14. Beystansince1997 February 5, 2018

    Gabby’s Last tweet lol ???

  15. Jamie February 5, 2018

    Seems like Justin has a bunch of yes person’s around him. And he about to make Precious come back out. Omg…Glad I didn’t watch any of it!

  16. Danyboo February 5, 2018

    Lol his catalog is great… that performance trash? Not for the superbowl

  17. Beud February 5, 2018

    Who Said BRITNEY doesn’t sing live… ?after this “awkwardness” Super Bowl better inviting Britney Bi**

  18. MusicLife February 5, 2018

    So we see some celebs kissed his ass and some didn’t. Shoutout to the ones who didn’t. Demi shouldn’t have went back on her original thought because if Beyonce can bring out DC3 he def should have had N’Sync. Just saying.
    I will watch again but it was sooooo lackluster and just meh. Like Usher would have done more and better and so would have JLo. Hell even 2010s Britney would have done more imo. This was just boring to watch and then the Prince tribute was not cool by me after his Prince diss.
    I just expected so much more from a seasoned vet but he was up there looking like an old man who couldn’t even keep up with his dancers.
    On the plus side… thank god he has an epic catalog of music because take that away and they might have just brought Bruno Mars back for a third time.

  19. ~The Arcade~ February 5, 2018

    He did a typical Justin Timberlake “CONCERT” performance rather that an entertaining NFL Halftime performance; there’s a difference. He was in his comfort zone indeed and it showed.

    He was doing way too much crowd- hyping than actual singing; his dancing was like watching him in rehersals lol, it just wasn’t sharp and on point.
    Not gon’ lie, but when he sang End of Time, I was jammin.

    • MusicLife February 5, 2018

      I was shocked at home dress rehearsa -esc his dancing was. It looked so off and not like him to me.

      Def stood out for all the wrong reasons for me.

      • MusicLife February 5, 2018

        *how dress rehearsal-esc ****

  20. DanYiel Iman February 5, 2018

    #Karpernick didn’t allow me to view the NFL for 2 years so I’m not able to judge but congratulations Eagles ?…

  21. JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2018

    Well he did good. let´s not act like he all of a sudden cannot perform cause he can. Some of you are realy crazy. Especially witnessing Rihanna fans talking about superior artists performing skills is hilarious. They really believe the buble they have created in their imagination.

    What was totally out of place was the Prince tribute. He should have not done it and it only adds to the messiness of teh era. Nobody pucking knows which direction he is going for. He is lost.

    That said, yes, it was worse than Lady Gaga, beyonce, and Bruno. Very obviously (notice I´m not saying Perry, that´s another one who cannot perform or sing, like Rihanna). It was also obvious he didn´t want to bring anyone cause Gaga did it all by herself just last year after many years of people having guests. But still he did the Prince thing. Most of the 00s stars are not strong enough and I´ve always said it. Fergie, Gwen, Justin (he is bigger but still), Nelly and many others. It was obvious megastars from the 90s and 80s were going to outlast and outimpact them forever.

  22. cocobutta February 5, 2018

    He done cool but wasn’t excited at any point. Just did good.

    It won’t last in the memories unlike Pink slayage of the Anthem.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2018

      Pink´s anthem won´t be remembered either. It was good, but nothing else.

  23. The Wig Snatcher February 5, 2018

    Only boringly basic white people liked it, especially Ellen Degenerate. Doesn’t she know that Justin is friends with Woody Allen???

  24. Bam February 5, 2018

    All the radio stations in my area (one of which is nationally syndicated) hated him or found it just ‘meh’.

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