Watch: Justin Timberlake Performs At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Published: Sunday 4th Feb 2018 by Rashad
(Photo Credit:  Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

After much ado, Justin Timberlake performed at the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Drawing on an array of production bells and whistles, the 37-year-old star delivered a set comprised of classics such as ‘Rock Your Body’ and ‘Cry Me A River’ and new tracks from his recently released album ‘Man Of The Woods.’ Also, with the game taking place in Minneapolis, Timberlake seized the moment to salute hometown hero Prince.

With much controversy surrounding JT’s return (in light of the fallout from his 2004 appearance with Janet Jackson and her unfair treatment), did JT deliver?

Watch below to find out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jenny February 4, 2018

    It sucks

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN February 4, 2018

      I’m a huge JanFan, but the show was not that bad, I have to give bredit where it’s due. The first half he danced too much rather than singing, from the ballads on it was better. The Prince tribute was ok. Still want Justice for Janet. Since it’s janetappricationday I’m going to put it out there into the universe and wait for to come true “Janet 2019 Halftime Show Headliner!!”

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 4, 2018


  3. Its me Gowrl February 4, 2018


    • Strawberry. February 5, 2018

      Terrible singles. Terrible album. Terrible half-time. Justin, u blew it. #precious recording studio time is a terrible thing to waste.

  4. nate February 4, 2018

    this demon first released his album & partied in Prince’s house, then used prince’s likeness in his performance! prince did not like him, and he knows this! purposely disrespectful.

  5. JUNE February 4, 2018


  6. Me Again… February 4, 2018

    I can’t believe he still performed Rock your body, and stopped at the part he ruined Janet’s career. He’s a true culture vulture who has absolutely no respect for our legends!

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      What are you talking about he has no respect, he just gave Prince a massive shout out by showing him love.

      • Me Again… February 4, 2018

        And Prince would not have approved. For one, him having a release party at his house after he came for him. You obviously don’t know about Prince well. That’s what I’m talking about. Fu_ck Justin!

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        Suicide stop trying to impersonate me. How pathetic and sad. Using my name to praise your fav Justina. Get a life b|tch. Only a pathetic miserable F A G G O T would want to impersonate a woman so you obviously are the racist t***** I envision you to be. I already warned you b|tch. STOP IMPERSONATING ME AND F U C K JUSTINA TIMBERFAG TOO.

  7. G7Pat February 4, 2018

    He’s nothibg without black culture

  8. Yeah February 4, 2018

    Just like his album, he is kinda stuck in 2010
    Come on, youre 40, dancing like that is not cool anymore

  9. China February 4, 2018

    It was NOT his best performance or vocals, it was ok. His dancing was on point. WHY has he not Botox that face his closeups of his face ….he looks old

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      He is old. White people age like spoiled milk after 30 and when they got those white trash genes they age even faster like bad cottage cheese.

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        You are just racist trash I hope your youngest and oldest family members get brutally r apes and attacked.

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        Stop impersonating me Suicide. Everyone knows it is you b|tch. I warned you last time not to impersonate me trash! You think I was kidding? I’m coming for you!

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        I am not Suicide you dumb c unt I have no reason lie, you just can’t take it that other people apart from Suicide challenge your ugly smelly racist self. Burn deep in hell ??

      • MakeItKnown February 4, 2018

        That is Suicide, because just like with his “Latina Chick account”, he’s using the Banana? as a weak racist insult.

  10. Eric February 4, 2018

    I expected more from JT. He was stiff while dancing and did bring the star power I expected him to bring. Bruno Mars had a better Halftime Super Bowl performance than him. He should have brought out Janet Jackson and Nsyc, which would made him a top competitor for he Super Bowl.

  11. Mark111 February 4, 2018

    I thought the crowd was hyped, but then found out it’s the rehearsed crowd, people in the stadium were bored and still.

  12. Meteorite February 4, 2018

    Well that was EXTRA rude he at least could have let his “friends” get some shine. Hell, even Beyoncé let Kelly and Michelle get some shine. SMH

  13. Suicide Blonde February 4, 2018

    He opted for a minimalistic show like Bruno Mars did, he showed his talents, best part was Prince tribute, that was beautiful, the end was meh but he did a fantastic job, definitely one of the best halftime shows, it’s funny how different the halftime shows by pop girls are, men are much more focused on showing their musicianship, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Bruno, Prince…etc, Pop girls are interesting in SLAY, Madonna, Katy, Beyoncé, Gaga…etc, if you know what I mean. I expect his detractors to find flaws in his performance and deny his greatness, watch people be mad at him, all because he didn’t fail like they were hoping.

    Julius Caesar

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      Get lost racist f a g g o t. I already told you trash every time I catch you trolling on this site I am going to put you in your place b|tch!

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        I’m going to do the same to you.
        And you know very well I am not suicide.

      • Suicide Blonde February 4, 2018

        Mmm I’m starting to think that you both are part of TGJ staff ?

      • Jasmine February 4, 2018

        Get lost racist f a g g o t. I already told you trash every time I catch you trolling on this site I am going to put you in your place b|tch! SLOW PATHETIC NO WALLS BOTTOM F@GG0T

    • Mark111 February 4, 2018

      But you said he puts on amazing shows. I have yet to see it. 20 years in and he’s still Meh.

      • Suicide Blonde February 4, 2018

        I’m not surprised, you’re impressed by Rihanna’s performances, but you have yet to see a good JT performance, lol.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2018

        Says a Rihanna fan??? lmao

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2018

      How did Justin focused more on musicianship? More than Gaga???? No, simply not true. Gaga played the piano too and can actually sing. More than beyonce or Katy´s if anything. Bruno yes, it was more about performing and music. That was definitely my top Superbowl performance of the last years along with Gaga´s.

    • Strawberry. February 5, 2018

      Suicide i see you’re still suckin’ grease off timberlake’s testicles. Even YOU gotta know that was one of the tackiest half-time shows in modern NFL history. #blackeyed peas, move over, you’ve got company.

  14. Jeans February 4, 2018

    It was ok

  15. Slicc Loskii February 4, 2018


  16. Jasmine February 4, 2018

    When Justing came on the screen I turned the channel. I purposefully missed that trash’s performance.

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      Baby want her ?

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      STOP IMPERSONATING ME TRASH. I’m coming for you. Just wait and see b|tch!

      • Jasmine February 5, 2018

        What are you going to do keyboard warrior

  17. Stephy February 4, 2018

    I thought he did good. I didn’t like the Prince part but still good.

  18. Superstar! February 4, 2018


  19. Bravo!! February 4, 2018

    I caught the end of his performance, but his booty got phat, and he look high of some type of Substance, and he look stank as well.

    • Caleb February 4, 2018

      His booty got phat? Pictures please or it didn’t happen.

  20. Bam February 4, 2018

    Well it had nice lighting… Honestly I’m not the best person to critique this cause after he started performing “rock your body” I rolled my eyes and went back to playing overwatch.

  21. Lake Erie February 4, 2018

    Smh not what I expected at all. The anticipation was definitely overrated. It was kind of a snooze fest for real. Smh.

  22. Hunter February 4, 2018

    Lol smh Just like I thought, boring and bland, and straight up mediocre. Definitely the worst halftime performance ever.

  23. Deyzz February 4, 2018

    Do we really know who’s idea it was that Janet revealed her breast?! Stop blaming Justin. I truly believe Janet is to blame. If she was not to blame, she would’ve raised hell!
    No way would she stand by and watch him get away with this idea. It was Janet’s and she should apologize to Justin. She got the heat because it was her idea. When you have talent, you Don’t need to rely on shock value. It was not a wardrobe malfunction. With pasties on the nipple?
    Wake up people. I am not a Justin fan, but I am sick of him getting all this heat.
    The truth should come out.

    • eric February 4, 2018

      Whatever it was they were attempting, both artists willingly participated in it, so it doesn’t matter whose idea it was as long as they both agreed to it. If Justin had no responsibility, he wouldn’t have given an interview this year claiming to have gone and made things right with Janet. He knows he was wrong. He admittedly fumbled through the performance, didn’t do what he was supposed to, then he turned his back on Janet and watched her drown for his mistake. Not OK. #JusticeForJanet

    • Bam February 4, 2018

      I don’t know how to say this other than to just say it so I’m gonna say it…you’re an idiot.

      • Deyzz February 5, 2018

        I stand by what I said. That’s my opinion and if I am a idiot. So be it. Janet is not worth fighting for. Michael, Bruno, Gaga, and Beyonce yes.
        I respect true stars that are born, not made to be stars.

    • Jasmine February 4, 2018

      Deyzz = Suicide. That was 2004. Nobody cares or remembers that little incident from almost 20 years ago bu you LOSER F@GG0T NO WALLS BOTTOM B|TCH. I could stick a plunger up you and you wouldn’t feel it b|tch boy! Whatever happened that night was not that big a deal for Janet to get blacklisted. #FACTS

      • Jasmine February 5, 2018

        This proves my point anyone that has their own opinion is Suicide your so pathetic! Like a typical useless a**.

      • Deyzz February 5, 2018

        Janet neither gained or lost that night. Get over it.

    • Caleb February 4, 2018

      She didn’t have pasties on her nipple. It’s called a nipple piercing.

      • Deyzz February 5, 2018

        Check the photos again. Whatever it was, was there for a reason. Duh!

  24. SuxMyCockiness =o February 4, 2018

    He sang well but his dancing seemed restrained, like he was marking through a rehearsal. Also the overall theme left a lot to be desired. No hate, but this was the most boring Super Bowl performance in a long time.

  25. Danyboo February 4, 2018

    TRASH ?

  26. Haters Gon’ Hate February 5, 2018

    It’s funny how this performance was SAVED by ‘old justin’ performing his old Urban hits with CHOREOGRAPHY, MELODIES and focused musical direction.

    I’ll give it to him, he danced and sang, but it wasn’t the “We’re going to do something that hasn’t been done before” creativity it was OVER HYPED to be. It was just okay, not memorable and I even enjoyed Katy Perry more than this.

    Sidenote. Notice how he ended the performance next to an elated BLACK MAN – his PR think they slick – because that’s the last thing you see and just like the selfie ?? it was deliberate and designed to send an image of unity.

  27. Beud February 5, 2018

    Who Said BRITNEY doesn’t sing live… ?after this “awkwardness” Super Bowl better inviting Britney Bi**

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