Hot Shots: Beyonce Spotted At Art Exhibit Ahead Of Coachella Return

Published: Saturday 17th Feb 2018 by Sam

Beyonce made a rare appearance this week in Los Angeles.

Music’s reigning queen was snapped at Mark Bradford‘s private art exhibit opening alongside husband JAY-Z.

With rehearsals for her Coachella comeback well underway, the sighting is sure to quench the the thirst of fans itching for a glimpse of the reclusive songstress ahead of her return.

As widely reported, the 36-year-old was set to perform at last year’s instalment of the festival. However, her pregnancy (with twins Rumi and Sir) forced her to pull out.

Needless to say we’re counting down the days until Coachella. Until then, peep more of Mrs Carter getting a little down time after the jump…

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  1. Gagazoid February 17, 2018

    She looks old and haggard….

    • Oliver February 17, 2018

      I’m a big fan and I think the same

    • Your Name February 17, 2018

      She looks younger than Gaga…

    • Jasmine February 17, 2018

      No she don’t. Bey looks high. Notice how nobody else got on glasses and she got that I’m faded look to her face. That means she high.

  2. Wow February 17, 2018

    Why does she keep looking more and more white? Her father was right. If she was darker she would not have been as successful, sad but true.

    I hope she’s not messing with her skin..

    But also, she does look a bit..old. WAY too much makeup in that one pic..

    • Your Name February 17, 2018

      Beyonce has ALWAYS been light. You sound stupid.

  3. Jasmine February 17, 2018

    I love watching Beyonce age gracefully. She’s almost forty and looks great. When her and Mathew came to me for image consultation, way back when, I was a bit concerned, but she’s luckily kept her “beyonce” effect even as she sails out of the popular crew. Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Madonna have all had this moment of young/yet old and I’m happy to extend this invite into Wakanda(housing projects) to Beyonce and her Camel’n’crew! FOREVER YOUNG

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

      Oh Jas I am becomming a fan of yours more and more every day. I just love your stories. Did you get my other comment that I will be back in LA next weekend. Maybe I can stop by your crib in Santa Monica and have a couple drinks with you girl. Stay Blessed.

      • Jasmine February 17, 2018

        They don’t fancy white folks in the projects, are you open to black face?

      • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

        Girl you know I’m black and boojie. That is why I’m coming to LA to find me a white sugar daddy since my old one died and Suicide is a broke asss. Are you still sucking Tyrone’s thug d|ck in the projects on the low girl? I hope your husband don’t find out. I guess I can come over your spot in the projects but I would prefer to visit you at your house in Santa Monica like last time cause I’m trying to find me a white man with some coins. Lets hang out girl. I got some fire kush from overseas we can blaze and we can get our drink on gurl.

  4. Dea February 17, 2018

    Beyonce looks tired and aged…it might be the lipstick….but she looks a little old. Matbe its because we are used to her being in glam and lights and wigs

  5. Mhmm February 17, 2018

    I’m just curious about the s*** guy in the first pic with her

    • MissImpartial February 18, 2018

      Yep that’s I thought too. He is really cute ?

  6. kittykat February 17, 2018

    Lol her feet are so fat!

    • kittykat February 17, 2018

      but i do love that side part

  7. Beystansince1997 February 17, 2018

    Beyoncé can’t even dresss down and casual without the girls hating & getting mad lol! Enjoy your life Bey…. the peasants will always be beneath your $1,000 flip flops lol!

  8. Jasmine February 17, 2018

    Beyonce is so basic…. meh

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

      You tell em Jas. Basic yes indeed LMAO But she a rich basic ho.

      • Hmmm February 18, 2018

        JOHNVIDAL you must be Jasmines Michelle because you certainly ain’t no Beyoncé and you ain’t no Kelly you will always be in someone’s shadow.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2018

        Hmmm I’m the black Celine Dion. Don’t act brand new.

      • Hmmm February 18, 2018

        JOHNDUMBARSE I’m sorry I don’t speak poor.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2018

        Hmmm You are just jealous because massa Suicide likes me and not you ho. You wish you were the number one tom like me. Keep dreaming.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2018

        Hmmm Keep on farming those crops you field hand before I tell messa come beat u.

    • Jasmine February 17, 2018

      Stop impersonating me bítch

      • Suicide Blonde February 18, 2018

        So Jasmine when are you going to fist me? I just love being dominated by a strong black woman.

  9. The Wig Snatcher February 17, 2018

    Happy 20th anniversary of Destiny’s Child’s debut album. As a Beyoncé stan, it is alarming that Sam has made no mention of it and talked about the genius of Beyoncé.

  10. TAMMAH February 18, 2018


  11. YouFatusankoh February 18, 2018

    Queen Bey look young and beautiful haters have nothing on her

  12. The Baddest February 18, 2018

    She looks great and she is chilling. The only haggard I see are these weak ass performances from some of your favs like… Gaga, Justin,5H,CiCi, Bruno… the list goes on they will never bring the showmanship this woman brings.

  13. Jeans February 18, 2018

    She stand para-toed sometimes. Anyone else noticed that sometimes?

  14. MessyJessy February 18, 2018

    Just curious but how old are you trolls that come here and post the craziest comments on a blogsite that no one cares about? lol No one knows you and never will. Does this make you feel like a celeb?

  15. DanYiel Iman February 18, 2018

    Beyoncé haters drive quickly wherever her name is MENTIONED!! ? Bzzz!!

  16. Martha Nandila Lubasi February 19, 2018

    Ve loved Beyonce from the word go my ever queening star..

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