Normani & Khalid Blast Into iTunes Top 10 With ‘Love Lies’

Published: Saturday 17th Feb 2018 by Sam

It’s liftoff for Normani and Khalid‘s arresting new single ‘Love Lies.’

Unwrapped on Valentine’s Day, the the moody mid-tempo saw its video arrive yesterday. And the latter is having a major effect.

Full story below…

As at writing, the jam sits at #8 (and rising) on the US iTunes.

To put into context, the song sat nearer #30 pre the arrival of the visual.

It marks an awesome start for the track, which is lifted from the ‘Love, Simon’ movie soundtrack comes the heels of Khalid’s Platinum colored success with debut album ‘American Teen.’

For Normani, it’s the best of starts for her solo journey as she branches out from her Fifth Harmony base.

Can the track climb higher? Stay tuned!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Oliver February 17, 2018

    She’s beyoncing everything

    • GurlWepa1989 February 17, 2018

      Nah, she’ll be another Tinashe at the most. Camila will still be shitting on her.

      • Truth February 18, 2018

        She’ll be bigger than Tinashe, but sadly not Camila. Whiteys and white latinas support that snake Camila. Just look at Taylor Swift… come one now. Mediocrity at best.

      • sww February 18, 2018

        She’ll be what she’ll be but she’ll definitely be more successful than you think.

  2. Suicide Blonde February 17, 2018

    I’m not here for this J****** ho or that Wetback ho Camilla. Basic hos

    • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2018

      Oops sorry I forgot that I am trying not to be so racist LOL. Oh well I meant what I said on this one. No F U C K S given.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

      I’m not here for it either master. Basic hos yes indeed LMAO

    • Jasmine February 17, 2018

      Hmmm you just showed us how dumb you are calling Normani a wetback when she’s black scum.

      • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2018

        Oh Jasmine learn to read girl. I called Camilla a Wetback and Normani a J******. So Jasmine when are you going to fist me. I just love you s*** masculine black women, especially when you dominate me.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

        Massa Suicide I want Jasmine to fist me too. Lets have a threesome. We can play bend over and let the strong black woman fist us again.

      • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2018

        Now JOHNVIDAL You know I need both of her fists. I have no walls she going to have use both fists for me to feel anything.

      • Jasmine February 17, 2018

        Yall are some nasty F A G G O T S. First, I’m married so the answer is no. Second, even if I considered it yall are too broke to afford me. Everybody knows you need 6 figures or more to get with this. 50 stacks before I get to the front door and another 50 stacks if I decide to do anything which I probably won’t. Hell I’m in between books so I’ll do it. What is your email. I’ll send you my Paypal info so you can send me the 50 stacks deposit first. When I get there yall better be clean because I do not fist dirty assses. Take your enemas b|tches before I get there.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2018

        100K is steep Jas. Can you do 80K? I’ll pay because you know my master Suicide’s broke asss don’t got it.

      • Jasmine February 17, 2018

        I’ll think about it JOHNVIDAL because that is too low a number for me but yall better fleet before we meet.

      • Hmmm February 17, 2018

        Hey girl you tell em.

      • Jasmine February 17, 2018

        What up Hmmm. I love you homie. They know they better run Jasmine her money. These f*** trynna low pay me. I’m about to go off like Monique. 6 figures or more. Nothing less.

    • Hmmm February 18, 2018

      Lies your just a side chick.

  3. iamdiego February 17, 2018


  4. Jasmine February 17, 2018

    I got a message for all you broke people that think you can book me for less than 100K stacks.

    Do you see yourself with a rida like me?
    Coppin you nice things
    Prada and ice blings
    Do you want me?

    I’ll be the first to admit, I’m spoiled rotten
    You need 20 G’s just to take me shoe shoppin’
    I only fuuck with real nigggas and heavy hitters
    That’ll fly me to Nassau just for conch fritters
    If you want me, you gotta show me
    Fly me to the Staples Center to see the Lakers play Miami
    G.G. Hunter, Tiffany necklace
    Fly me to Paris, just for breakfast
    Cavolet Lexus to diamond kisses
    His and her Fredrick’s on our wristses
    If you want me, you gotta treat me special
    Every watch that you cop for me, freeze the Bezzle
    Every whip that you cop for me, make it a drop
    You need a wife in your life and I’m takin the spot
    So if you want me, just let me know
    And we can keep it on the low for sho’, uh

    If you want me
    I’ll be that b|tch
    That’ll hold the steel for you
    Steal and kill for you
    Do you want me?

    If you want me, you gotta wine and dine me
    And cop me the biggest diamond you can find me
    Some Liberace sh|t that’ll blind me, real shiny
    20 karats or better, n***** ’nuffin tiny,
    Cop me the ice blue Chacarda
    Park the Bentley or larger in my front yard and
    Shoppin sprees, coppin Frankie be ‘s
    Baby please, I stays wit major cheese
    Give me the extra set of Bently keys
    Plus the Asti Martin for 80 G’s
    If you want me
    It take a lot of cream, a lot of bling
    Boy, I’m ’bout a lot of things, uh

  5. Hmmm February 17, 2018

    Am I the dumbest n**** on here

    • Jasmine February 17, 2018

      You are not dumb homie. The dumb one is the troll who thinks it is you impersonating people. They dumb as hell.

      • Hmmm February 17, 2018

        Which Jasmine are you now?

      • Hmmm February 17, 2018

        You damn psycho!

  6. Yess girl February 17, 2018

    Amazing start.

    The song is a definate grower and her voice sounds crazy good. The video is smart, she looked like a STAR getting out of that car. She arrived.

  7. Meteorite February 17, 2018

    Sorry this song isn’t for me, I think it’s below basic.
    I don’t see the appeal.
    But congrats someone’s buying it… ??‍♀️

  8. kittykat February 18, 2018

    AWww they look so kute together #Blacklove

  9. kayla February 18, 2018

    its funny how most of you guys come on here to say that camila is better than her like come on get a life stop comparing them and how is she better when her song is at number 6 and camilas song is at 7 so…umm yep do the math

  10. JET February 18, 2018

    yasss this is amazing. She will definitely succeed. I just wonder how Lauren, Dinah and Ally will do. I am most worried about Ally…

  11. DanYiel Iman February 18, 2018

    I agree it’s a hot track!! 1.29 exact!! ? ?%

  12. Hmmm February 20, 2018

    Hey Girl

  13. GirlsnBoys February 21, 2018

    Camila’s future is just like Jlo.. still making money but not topping charts years later. Same with Shakira. Meanwhile Normani is following the pace of Beyonce, Rihanna.. only racists and children fans of her other group members that dislikes her. The good thing is, they can’t stop her, they tried with Bey too but look where she at now. Haters gon keep hating n my girl gon keep going higher.

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