SZA Says She Hated Her ‘CTRL’ Album But Was ‘Mad As Hell’ After Grammy Snub

Published: Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 by Rashad

As far as 2017’s breakout stars go, few can boast the heights of Grammy-nominated songstress SZA (born Solana Rowe).

The ‘Love Galore’ performer received just that last year after years of mixtapes and underground hype all led to the release of her critically acclaimed official debut album, ‘Ctrl’ (which peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200).  Birthing platinum hits, top 40 placements by its singles, and earning a legion of new fans along the way, Rowe recently took to our friends at ‘Fader’ and  ‘GQ’ to reveal it was she who was not a fan of her own music.

But, the initial dislike of the tunes ‘Ctrl’ was comprised of certainly didn’t stop her from being ‘mad as hell’ at her 2018 Grammy shutout (as we previously reported).

See her interesting quotes and thoughts on these topics inside:

On Grammy snub [source]:

“…I didn’t imagine this album doing much anyway. I was so grateful to even have been honored by being nominated and having so many people fuck with my music. I feel like at some point you start to get sucked up into the accolades and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is what this is about, and this is what quantifies my success or me as an artist or a human being.’

We reached a billion streams on Spotify. The United States fucks with my songs. We’re changing little girls’ lives across the world, and we didn’t even know what we were doing when we started. This is something much bigger than me and a fucking trophy. I’m appreciative of the opportunity. But shit happens.”

“I just didn’t know how to take it. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t post, because I’ve never had to deal with anything I really believed in wholeheartedly, or invested in, and went through something that publicly before. I wanted to be honest as fuck, and if today I’m just mad as hell, I don’t want to say something that reflects me being mad as hell. But I definitely feel blessed now. I also don’t feel compelled to explain myself.”

On not liking ‘Ctrl’…at first [source]:

“I didn’t even f— with my own album, so I was so confused and almost, like, angry that everyone f—ed with it so much,” she told The Fader. “It meant everything I felt about myself was wrong. And it was just like, If that’s not the truth, then what is the truth?”

“I think when ‘Love Galore’ went platinum, Donald [Glover] texted me like, ‘Do you still think it sucks?’ And I was like, ‘I dunno.’”

Photo courtesy:  The Fader

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  1. DanYiel Iman March 1, 2018

    I liked her album!!

  2. Brent Christopher March 1, 2018


  3. China March 1, 2018

    STFU girl. You have marginal vocal ability. Your 2017’s Jody Watley. You singing SONGS about being a “SIDE CHICK and HO_E”, hearing young (under 10 years old) girls singing your BULLSHiZ songs makes my stomach turn. GET OVER YOURSELF…..we won’t even Know who you are in 2 years. YOU CANT SING. BAD INFLUENCE on young black girls. You don’t LOVE your CD? Great……We won’t remember it next year H_oe. You Bleak.

    • Lanafan1 March 1, 2018

      You’re a hater. Please stop!

    • Light March 1, 2018

      @China bird flu.. just stfu you dolt. Everything you type on this blog is laced with hate, which gives a direct view to perfect strangers how you feel about yourself.

    • Superstar! March 1, 2018

      @China – I agree with you in regards to the quality of her album. It’s not good. I listened to it twice and I wasn’t impressed.

  4. Killian March 1, 2018

    I like the old Sza though ,she seemed so authentic , I loved her former sound and vibe but she’s doing amazing for a dark brown sister..she’s compelling ,organic almost.

    • SuxMyCockiness =o March 1, 2018

      I agree, her previous work had such a variety of sounds. Ctrl is cute but not Grammy worthy. I’m glad she finally getting her shine though.

  5. Danzou is back! March 1, 2018

    I found her album boring AF!

    • Superstar! March 1, 2018

      @Danzou …- Totally. (Definitely NOT Grammy worthy.)

      • Danzou is back! March 1, 2018

        I liked Love Galore & Doves in the Wind and that’s IT only because they both had guest appearances on them, the rest of the album was a snooze-fest.

  6. Keegan A Parker March 1, 2018

    I’m glad she know it sucks that damn voice and them Melodies it’s like one long run-on sentence

  7. Kurt March 2, 2018

    Bitccch wtf? If its anyone who deserves its Jhene not her

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