New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Spicy (Ft Fabulous)’

Published: Saturday 3rd Mar 2018 by David

Lil Kim is back with a brand new single!

Its name? ‘Spicy.

Assisting? Fabulous!

 You drippin’ wack juice, boy, it’s not sauce / Stop hypin’ up these goofies and wack rhymers / The **** suckin’ done got worse than Blac Chyna.

Give ‘Spicy’ a spin below…

Kim’s new album is set to drop this year!

It’ll be her first since 2005’s ‘Naked Truth.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Justme March 3, 2018

    Explain to me how Beyonce is a better rapper than Kim. Beyonce got more bars than Kim.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES March 3, 2018

      You’re too dumb to understand Kim’s bars. Kim had bars all over this song.

  2. Honesty March 3, 2018

    Kim girl no. Go back to the drawing board.

    • Aaron March 6, 2018

      Stay in school

  3. China March 3, 2018

    KIM’s hardcore is a classic. Most Innovative female rap cd. That being said: Either she DID not fully write those RAPS on HARDCORE because after BIGGIE died she lost her luster and swag. AGAIN HARDCORE IS a C L A S S I C. Everything she has done since seems like a “b-side”.

    • @KurtisLeeSinger March 4, 2018

      Lies all her albums are amazing! Thenaked truth got 5 mics- she never had a bad album sorry not sorry!!

    • Aaron March 6, 2018

      Make that make sense being her most versatile and the album that single handedly created the lane that Nicki drives in is the Notorious Kim he was already dead when she penned the album that would go platinum IN ONE MONTH

      So make it make sense being she’s also notably responsible for Quiet storm as well soooo ??‍♂️?

  4. FentyBeauty March 3, 2018

    Kim’s an icon. Her catalog is the best of any female rapper! Her new music might not be the same but she’s got nothing to prove at this point..

    • RihNaj March 3, 2018

      Exactly! That’s why she’s even should just hang it up….No ones want to hear her NOW not being mean it’s just facts tbh

      • I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz March 3, 2018

        It’s no way in hell Lil Mama queen bee needs to hang it the f****** b****…… some respect to our female rapstar who jump-started the culture

  5. Bravo!! March 3, 2018

    Lil Kim herself is a classic! For her time she change the game she will always be remembered as a trendsetter Queen of female rap of her era, She literally defined the hardcore album as a new era of female rappers. Ever era has a king & Queen..lil Kim & Nicki where queens of their era. Could Cardi B be the new Era and Queen??

    • Bravo!! March 3, 2018

      I’m not into the white girl rap from Kim at all, I like the beat fabulous bars and flow. I just wish she could transition the song like fabulous… lil Kim needs to proud of being black.

      • Aaron March 6, 2018

        You sound dumb AF

  6. Meme March 3, 2018

    No mam. I want Kim to win so bad man, but it’s not it. I’m not trying to be funny but I wonder if her surgery changed the way she raps. She even speaks differently. She just doesn’t rap the same anymore. Everything sounds so amateur.

    • Tori March 3, 2018

      After reading this, i listened to the song and could see her face rapping this and i was DONE!

      • RihNaj March 4, 2018

        Screaming to all of this ?????????

    • Aaron March 6, 2018

      ? ok Colonizer

  7. Yolanda March 3, 2018

    Snoop, Remy, Kim, Missy are artists from another era trying to find THAT SONG. Missy is the closest to discovering it.

    • The Wig Snatcher March 3, 2018

      You are 100% correct. Add Busta, Trina, Nelly, Luda, Diddy, etc. to your list.

      • Faf March 4, 2018

        Nelly has had success inn country and snoop has had #1 features

  8. Liam March 3, 2018

    This is cute I like it

  9. Gee March 3, 2018

    Kim set the bar with Hardcore for females in hip hop hands down. Kim definitely spit bars here and Fabolous did his thang as well now all I need from them is a street record that knocks everyone over the head just one time for Brooklyn.

  10. Its me Gowrl March 3, 2018

    Wtf is this mess

  11. NOBITCHASSNESS March 3, 2018

    Ugh. Come harder than that Kim. Sounding all high pitch and s*** 🙁

  12. eric March 3, 2018

    She just doesn’t rap the same anymore. It’s like she’s forgotten how to use her voice. The song is terrible.

    • Steven March 4, 2018

      She seems to only use the her raw deep voice when she disses people now. It’s a shame.

  13. I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz March 3, 2018

    The song is a nice start for Lil Kim

  14. Your Name March 3, 2018

    Lil Kim needs to retire. She is TIRED!

  15. Chillitsjustpizza March 3, 2018

    So many lil Kim and Remy haters on this site omg……..Kim is the queen of reinventing herself and her sound This is a lady that has managed to change her whole appearance every era. I don’t care if she sounds like white woman on one track and migos on the next. Respect motha….

    • Its me Gowrl March 4, 2018

      Hunny I’m the biggest Kim fan but this ish is a mess!

    • DanYiel Iman March 4, 2018

      EXACTLY LIL’KIM IS THE S*** & will always be the S***!!??

  16. IAMME March 4, 2018


  17. DanYiel Iman March 4, 2018

    Everyone hates the Queen & y’all can’t make it!! Tricki Garbagh is a #FRAUD!!????

  18. YHTRA? March 4, 2018

    If Kim continues to listen to her fans, she’ll probably never chart again.
    I grew up on Lil Kim, I’m talking black woman Lil Kim. The quality of music sans a bar here and there has just been lackluster. It’s been that way since after Naked Truth.
    Her hardcore fans continue to praise weak and tepid music. The last time Kim sounded inspired was her PayPal album.
    Plus she’s not no damn queen of rap.
    Maybe Queen of NYC rap in the 90’s, and that’s only cause Lauryn Hill was from NJ.
    She gave us the slutty fashions her fans hate on other female rappers for sporting today. She inspired these females rappers to be out here looking like extras in sci-fi flicks and that’s what some of you choose to dote on? That legacy? The song sucks btw ?

  19. Junior in Jamaica March 4, 2018

    Not spicy at all. What is this mess? I cannot get over how she sounds man…it’s like the surgeries messed with her vocals.

  20. HipHop Genius March 5, 2018

    Smart business delivery by Lil Kim in this uneducated era of actual Hip Hop. Kim can’t bring 1999 material into 2018. If u hear the track it sounds like current music. Reasons to why she drops teaser songs for receptive feedback. So many ppl are stuck in the old days. The bars in this track was undeniable and bringing Fab on the track was definitely a great move. Kim already said her flo on her new album will not be what her fans are used to. Times are changing and so is rap music. So some may not get it but it makes perfect sense. And her voice sound the same with a hint of Kardashian sexiness. Keep in mind these are only teaser tracks, not an official singles. This song JUMPS not to mention broke history already by being the only female rapper to bring out championship boxer to her track. The woman is pure genius but some will never get it still living in 96, 98, 01. Its 2018 come on ppl stop sleeping and catch up.

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