Shocking! Fabolous Shouts Abuse At Wife & Her Father – After “Knocking Her Teeth Out”

Published: Saturday 31st Mar 2018 by David

Shame and disgrace has befallen the once beloved rapper Fabolous now that footage of him berating the woman he is accused of assaulting has surfaced online.

In the harrowing footage below, the star can be seen clashing with the mother of his offspring Emily B and her father before he said to have knocked out two of her teeth and making terroristic threats.

An unfortunate scene below…

TMZ reports…

The video was shot on Wednesday evening in the driveway of Fab and Emily’s Engelwood, NJ home — and the rapper’s bodyguard is attempting to hold him back as he yells at Emily and her father. At one point he asks Emily why her dad is even there — her dad yells back, “That’s my motherf***ing daughter” and calls Fabolous a coward.

Fab has turned himself into the police.

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  1. Gurlwepa89 March 31, 2018

    This piece of s*** irrelevant ass, has been less than a man of a rapper deserve to be locked up. He shall reap what he sow!!! Violence is never the answer.

  2. steve March 31, 2018

    In as much as domestic should never be condoned let’s not be judgemental and act like we know what the situation is especially for someone who isn’t known with such trait.

    • Truthful March 31, 2018

      It doesn’t matter what the situation is..he should have kept his hand to himself. It’s that simple. And only a weak ass man would ever lay his hand on a woman.

    • Its me Gowrl April 1, 2018

      Just how fuucckn stupid ARE you!!?

  3. Danzou is back! March 31, 2018

    He is still more of a man then Trasmine Juwanna Mann Lee’s “husband”.

  4. March 31, 2018

    Damn coward.

  5. Jasmine March 31, 2018

    He is trash. Cowards hit women. I hope somebody knocks out his dentures.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 31, 2018

      I agree Jazz. I lost all respect for this niqqa here. /lame corny asss niqqa hitting the mother of ur child. Yes he is trash and coward indeed.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 1, 2018

      Jazz trash knows trash don’t they Trashmine.

      • Jasmine April 1, 2018

        I am not Trashmine fool LOL. That is the other “Jasmine”. There are way too many Jasmines on this site.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 2, 2018

        Your all trash to me Trashmine, don’t ever call me a fool you d***** bag.

  6. Gee March 31, 2018

    Not a good look at all. By Emily’s reaction she was terrified and their children were afraid as well. Honestly there is no excuse for this type of behavior. Hopefully Fabulous is held accountable for his actions just like Chris Brown has been for past situations.

  7. BANGBANG123 March 31, 2018

    She went through a lot of s*** with him! I mean a lot of women would have left him long ago. This is her fault! She stayed way too long! He probably was always like this!

  8. Brent Christopher March 31, 2018

    You can tell by the way she runs from his simplest of movements towards her that she fears for her safety. He has definitely physically abused her in the past & present.

  9. Caleb March 31, 2018

    Who is screaming in the background? It’s very disturbing. And it seems she wanted to tape him and brought her father along as a deterrent against his abuse.

  10. Suicide Blonde March 31, 2018

    I love masculine Negros in bed but this is too much. T

  11. DanYiel Iman April 1, 2018

    What an ABUSER & his fans will say “Well why didn’t she leave?” ???

  12. Joelle April 1, 2018

    I’ll say this..violence is never the answer but for the people who are saying hes probably hit her before that is false. Based on her body language she is afraid for the moment, someone whos constantly abused or has been abused by a partner would stay away and not go anywhere near them. She keeps going back towards him.

    I dont know the situation, I dont know what happened if he even put hands on her or not…

  13. Juelz April 4, 2018

    This is Very sad, Did anyone tale notice to the child Yelling & crying in the background, also the way Emily is running and steamed when he approached her U can tell it was previous domestic violence. It’s a shame the body guard allowed fabulous (punk) to knock her teeth out, shame on them!!!! I feel for Emily’s dad to be held back by security, helpless, unable to protect the most precious thing to someone , his own daughter, sooooo sad?! Message to fabulous, u suck, punk, once a fan NOT anymore!!!!

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