Toni Braxton Tour: Traci Booted From Bill – Sources Blame Tamar

Published: Saturday 31st Mar 2018 by Sam

Move over ‘Braxton Family Values’ because there’s reportedly a Braxton family drama brewing and it’s getting intense.

Full story below…

According to TMZ, the drama centers around Toni Braxton‘s upcoming ‘Sex & Cigarettes Tour’.

During promotion for the trek’s like-titled tour, the R&B icon revealed that she’d be hitting the road with sisters Tamar and Traci. 

However, this week Traci was pulled from the bill without explanation and “sources” allege Tamar to be the reason.

See, the 41-year-old is believed to be incensed with her sisters (and their mother Evelyn) over their on-camera remarks about her estranged husband Vince Herbert.

Despite, herself accusing him of fathering a child out of wedlock on Instagram, Tamar is said to feel that they have gone out of their way to vilify the father of her child.

Now word is that Tamar has found means of wielding her influence to take her sister off from the line-up. Allegedly.

Toni‘s been silent and Tamar’s camp flat out deny the report.

But as it stands, Traci will not be performing on the trek which kicks off this summer.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TeaHunty March 31, 2018

    That’s messed up

  2. steve March 31, 2018


  3. Yc18 March 31, 2018

    This isnt real. You’ll think Toni will pick sides? Be real!

    • Jasmine March 31, 2018

      Toni is always on Tamar’s side and goes out of her way to defend Tamar even when Tamar is in the wrong. Toni also makes a lot of excuses for Tamar’s bad behavior.

      • Len March 31, 2018

        That’s a lie!

      • Cassandra chen March 31, 2018

        Show me where Toni be going out of her way to pick Tamar side when Toni be giving it to Tamar . Lol what bfv and stop list to blogs..

      • Jasmine March 31, 2018

        Cassandra you are already on defense so I know anything I tell you will go in one ear and out the other. You are not receptive so why are you even asking me for examples. I’ll give you an example. I watched the first episode of BFV this season and there is a scene where all of the Braxton sisters are eating dinner sans Towanda. Traci and Trina decided to call out Tamar on how she dogged their ex-husbands / father of their children on the show and off the show but put her own husband on a pedastool. Toni scolded Traci and Trina saying that it was not the right time for them to speak on that to Tamar. That is certainly Toni defending Tamar because why was it okay for Tamar to speak on everyone else’s husband in a negative light on the show and not for them to speak on Tamar’s husband on the show???? Now when Tamar spoke negatively on everyone else’s husbands Toni did not defend her other sisters or put Tamar in check yet when the sisters did it to Tamar Toni quickly put them in check. There are numerous other examples I could point out but I already know I am typing to closed ears so what is the point?????

      • Jasmine March 31, 2018

        Toni putting Tamar on a pedastool but claiming all of her other sisters don’t support her mother. That is biased because money does not equate to support! At the time Miss E was living in Atlanta while Tamar and Toni were in CA so Toni should not have discredited the emotional support and comfort Towanda and Trina provided Miss E by living in the same city as her:

  4. Jasmine March 31, 2018

    I like Traci and this your will help her career. I hope this rumor is false. Track has a wonderful personality and would be a great opener because she brings comedy and singing talent togethet. I blame that evil demon Tamar. Tamar wants all her sisters to fail so she can be queen b of flop records. That bald ho Tamar ain’t never gonna be Beyonce or Mariah or Tonu so she just a mean old b!!tch.

  5. China March 31, 2018

    Tamar, how about we get that TACKY setlist together. How about you NOT twerk and talk us to death at this show. How about you stand there and SING for once. Love and War. Stay and Fight. All the Way home. Broken Record. King. The Makings of You. Empty Boxes. Stop dancing and talking and SINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

  6. whatever March 31, 2018

    Girl good who was going for her anyways. Tamar and Toni would be a great DUAL show

  7. Teflon Boy March 31, 2018

    I hope she brings the tour to the UK, I love Toni.., and whatever the haters say, Tamar is different enough to Toni and can really sing. She’s not on Toni’s level but she’a earned her stripes to be solid support at this point.

  8. Althea Martin March 31, 2018

    Traci is a trouble maker she’s always been jealous of Tamar you can see that on camera an that Toni is two faced as hell

    • Cassandra chen March 31, 2018

      Toni don’t be hiding sh!t on how she feels. This is business not a joy ride. Where is Traci album? Toni puts out before Traci when Traci be working on her for years. What she is going to sing on tour? You all love to blame Tamar when no one tells Toni what to do. She kick Trina off her tour already when she was not ready to perform. People paying it ain’t free.

      • Jasmine March 31, 2018

        Cassandra please read what you write girl. I assume you don’t honestly want to sound like a hoodrat but girl…

  9. Cc April 1, 2018

    I love traci shes funny and crazy but lets be real its not a huge loss. We all know how Traci sounds live… Again love her but ….Just saying…

    • Jasmine April 1, 2018

      She sounds fine. She could easily pull off singing 2 or 3 songs and some comedy as an opener.

      • Mika April 5, 2018

        Tamar is very overrated. Tamar is not a performer…I’m sorry. All that screaming and swinging her head all over the place has got to stop.

  10. DanYiel Iman April 1, 2018

    I blame stale tones soprano Tamuppet!!

  11. Aiden April 1, 2018

    The tour that we keep hear is coming but still haven’t had a date for!! Really hope the world tour happens but with the drama coming about money and now this I wonder if it will. Fingers crossed

  12. justafan April 1, 2018

    no, it’s cuz Traci is whack and unreliable on stage

  13. Cynthia Coleman April 17, 2018

    1st Traci didn’t say anything that I saw on BFV. She was sipping her drink and worrying about being a dutches. 2nd Tamar starts the drama every time she gets mad at Vince and goes on a social media tyrant. 3rd Tamar talked about all her sisters husbands like dogs that should be put out to pasture and shot.

  14. Jasmine May 7, 2018

    Well family comes first. Im Boycott this Tour. U never blackball a sister.Period

  15. sheila peterson May 17, 2018

    I hope people boycott toni’s tour and not buys tickets cause most people would rather see traci then tamar any day of the week not impress with tamar new cd and it shows us that toni don’t have any balls to let tamar say who she can put on her tour. shame on toni giving tamar that kind of power and control and that’s the reason tamar is the way she is cause they let her get away with that foolishness, tamar don’t want traci on the tour cause of her jealous ways. don’t worry traci God got you and your going to shine with or without toni and tamar.

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