SZA On Next Album: “It’s Going To Be My Last”

Published: Wednesday 21st Mar 2018 by Sam

SZA‘s career on been on an incredible incline thanks to the success of debut album ‘CTRL’ and smash hit singles such as ‘Love Galore’ and ‘What Lovers Do.’

However, the soulful songstress is already looking at the finish line.

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Speaking to Flaunt Magazine, the TDE star said of her sophomore set:

“My word got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage.

I’m making the best album of my life for this next album and I know that… because it’s going to be my last album.”

We’re taking this with a pinch of salt; after all, it’s not the first time SZA has “quit.” She infamously declared that she was done during the long wait to kick-start her campaign in 2016.

With her career fortunes all the way reversed and her star shining brighter than ever, we anticipate bigger and better for SZA with this upcoming LP and beyond.

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  1. China March 21, 2018

    OK 2017-2018’S jODY WATLEY. STOP LYING with your basic voice and basic ass. RIHANNA and BEY please release new music to SAVE us from these water weak vocal girls…………………

    • gina March 21, 2018

      Number one, Jody Watley was WAY more iconic & creative than this girl, and she actually won a Grammy unlike this girl. Second, you talk about water weak vocals then mention beyonce & rihanna? LMFAO ironic much?

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 21, 2018

        Since when were Beyonce’s vocals weak? Speak for Frih not Beyonce.

  2. The Alpha March 21, 2018

    ARE YOU DUMB!? Bye Nappy Head! You just ma cause you aint get no grammy! Thats what you get for lettin these kids hype ya head thinking u were the next Erykah.. And her live singing is horrible! Stick to writing songs for Bey & Rih

  3. Meme March 21, 2018

    As much as I love Sza this is the type of s*** that makes me upset with her. Girl bye. She did the same thing with her 1st album talking bout she quit the music industry. She comes across very attention seeking. It’s annoying.

    • So true March 21, 2018


  4. Bich March 21, 2018

    Sza got those endorsements and said why make more music when it’s not making any money. Girl take some acting classes and get into tv, movies, and other things. The same people that are mad at her for saying it’s her last album are the same ones who get up in arms over paying for music. Girl get your coins and forget these haters.

    • Meme March 21, 2018

      Your logics are dumb. The only reason she’s gotten those endorsement were because of her music. If she wasn’t popping no one would be endorsing her.

  5. Haters Gon’ Hate March 21, 2018

    Why are these chicks tryna make ‘fetch’ happen (Tamar). Stop trying to manipulate people into buying into your brand – this does not make people want you material any more than they did before. If you’re going – get gone and be happy with with your life. People will move TF on! ?

    • Meme March 21, 2018


  6. Caleb March 21, 2018

    How dramatic.

  7. JuJu March 21, 2018


  8. Tim Brown March 21, 2018

    Dang—no mercies in these comments ?

  9. Keith March 21, 2018

    Someone needs to counsel this girl. She doesnt realize how young in her career she is. If she only makes one more record, she will soon be forgotten. And she should NEVER be compared to Jody Watley…that poster should do some homework!!!!!

  10. DanYiel Iman March 21, 2018

    She can tour on her sound because it’s relatable!!

  11. Meteorite March 21, 2018

    I only know one song by her that and I didn’t think she could sing anyway.

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