Mariah Carey Sued By Ex Manager

Published: Monday 16th Apr 2018 by Sam

Mariah Carey won’t be rid of ex manager Stella Bulochnikov as soon as perhaps hoped.

For, the controversial figure is suing Mimi.

Details below…

Per TMZ, Bulochnikov has filed legal docs alleging that, by firing her, the diva is in breach of contract.

She further goes on to state in her submission that the 48-year-old superstar is in violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Act – with added specificity relating to the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

It’s anyone’s guess what that means. But it’ll no doubt spill out in the weeks and months ahead.

Bulochnikov is reportedly eyeing a huge payout based on her claim that Carey owes her money. It’s also thought that the sum she’s seeking includes damages attached to helping Carey in ways that go beyond the scope of her role and also the impact being let go had on her.


The pair’s tenure was unique to say the least.

Introduced by mutual friend Brett Ratner, the duo would enter into a managerial partnership shortly after that lasted for almost three years.

During said time, Bulochnikov – who has an extensive background in TV and film production – helped exploit the singer’s presence beyond the charts. Case in point, the various Christmas themed projects Carey has embarked on in recent times, as well as her aggressive touring push. The latter being something Mimi had rarely undertaken over the course of her career. Put simply, money was made.

However, there existed a number of very notable blemishes on the singer’s brand – including the shocking shambles that was the E! “docu-series” ‘Mariah’s World.’ A ratings disaster, the soapy production was accused of fakery by many – who also felt it was overtly aiming to make stars of Mimi’s team – especially Bulochnikov.

Then, of course, there was the dismal handling of Mariah’s first New Year’s Eve performance (when she refused to sing due to “audio issues”). Bulochnikov took scathing aim at anyone who leveraged any blame her way – including the show’s producers and Carey’s ex manager/husband Tommy Mottola. The latter of whom suggested the songbird secure the services of a more professional team.

Carey and Bulochnikov ultimately went their separate ways last year when the 48-year-old cleaned house. She’s now signed to Roc Nation for management and is working on a new album.

The news comes just days after Carey revealed she has been battling bipolar disorder since 2001, and sought help recently.

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  1. Stephy April 16, 2018

    Jigsaw puzzle is a mess.

    • Fancy BISH April 16, 2018

      lmao ?

  2. kenny April 16, 2018

    We knew that was going to happen! This lady looks like a snake and is going to try and get as much money from Mariah! i feel bad for Mimi

  3. Kerry Johnson April 16, 2018

    Something in the back of my head told me Stella was evil and was always on the edge of my seat once her and Mimi parted ways, knew she’ll be back ???

  4. Truuteaaaas April 16, 2018

    Lol alll that plastic surgery is a give away she loook she saying to Mariah u gonna pay me for being your friend for 3 years shes a psycho nothing a good lawyer n accountant cannot fix but its a good wake up call for mariah to calll down all her diva s***

  5. China April 16, 2018

    Stella is a CROOK. An evil rude woman who was destroying Mariah’s career

  6. Fancy BISH April 16, 2018

    Stella trying to get her groove back! Ain’t gonna happen hunty lol…just think, your salty asss was managing one of the most successful entertainers that ever walked on planet Earth ? and you messed it all the way up! Take your L and go home ?

  7. pat April 16, 2018

    how’d this lady slip thru camp mariah’s cracks….we all noticed how shady she was almost immediately

  8. Jasmine April 16, 2018

    Stella is an evil ugly biatch. Look at her ugly face and those hideous cheek implants sitting on top of her old lady face and her saggy grandma boob job. Ugly biatch is mad because Mariah dumped her as a manager! I bet she is suing for major coins but Mariah is a smart businesswoman so this old evil biatxh won’t be getting that big pay day. The smart woman Mariah is went public with her bipolar disorder so Mariah can argue she was not in the right mental state to hire Stella and only kept her as a manager out of fear for retalliation! I’m sure this lawsuit will be full of drama and leaked inner details of Mariah’s camp but I hope Mariah stays strong and fights thud biatch! Stella does not know who she is messing with. Mariah goes straight NYC when it comes to her coins.

  9. the blues April 16, 2018

    is this really a shock

  10. @KurtisLeeSinger April 16, 2018

    This snake a*** b**** has gotta be joking ???
    Move on with your life you lost parasite!
    Your five mins of fame is up ?

  11. Teflon Boy April 17, 2018

    This adds more light as to why Mariah decided to come clean about her bipolar condition. She was likely aware of Stella’s plans before news of the lawsuit became public knowledge.., Stella’s whole family were privy to Mimi’s private info while on the payroll and are likely all a bit salty at having lost their meal ticket. It was sensible of Team Mariah to get ahead of the story. The best thing Stella did was encourage Mariah to tour.., but aside from that the majority of public showings were mishandled and ultimately damaging.

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