Rihanna Hails Beyonce As The Queen Following Epic Coachella Performance

Published: Monday 16th Apr 2018 by Sam

For years folk have pit Beyonce and Rihanna against one another – something that hasn’t been helped by their seldom interaction (or acknowledgement).

However, sources close to both ladies have maintained that there’s nothing but respect.

And RiRi lent credence to this by sharing her response to Bey’s epic Coachella comeback.

See what we mean below…

Taking to Instagram stories, the Bajan belle, 30, posted the snap of Mrs Carter on-stage and hailed her the Queen with an apt crown:

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Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme April 16, 2018

    She was in the front row dancing up a storm as well. Love the love she continually shows Beyonce.

    Now y’all know I always have to keep it 100%. When Beyonce drops new music I’m really going to need her to get rid of her whole team and bring in new ppl. Although no one can deny that she is the best performing alive, I feel like her performance is always the same. You always know what you’re going to get and to me that just isnt exciting.

    • DanYiel Iman April 16, 2018

      I guess you forget that Ri-Whine-A performances are always flat alto & whimpering high notes!!✌??

      • Jasmine (The Original Princess) April 16, 2018

        Guess you forget that Yonka is nothing without lipsync and about 100 dancers.

      • Deyzz April 16, 2018

        Rihanna is not in the same class as Beyonce when it comes to performing. Beyonce can do better. We cannot say that for Rhianna. She is limited as a performer.

      • ??? April 16, 2018

        lmaooo but roach and her predictable azzz always does nothing but booty pop & lip sync to pre-recorded tracks. then she throws 1000 roaches onstage to distract everybody form her basicness. but yall so stupid cuz she throws a bunch of lights & glitter & a million dancing roaches at you & yall think shes “slaying”. meanwhile Rihanna is breaking chart records weekly & roach is still struggling to hit 2 million sales after 2 years lmfaooooooo!

    • Deyzz April 16, 2018

      I agree. Beyonce needs new choreography and music. Her performance, although good, are the same. She used to be unpredictable, but no more. It could be, there’s no competition in the game to have to step it up.
      And how many moves can you do for the same kind of music??? We expect more from the Queen.
      So she better deliver. New music, new steps.

    • University April 16, 2018

      As a Rihanna fan, your opinion is NULL & VOID. So do us all a favor, and stfu. Thanks. And btw, your fav could never pull off what Beyonce did on that stage. She is your favs, fav. Remember that.

    • Jasmine April 16, 2018

      Beyonce tries but I always fastfoward through her tours because many of her songs suck. Her catalogue has too much microwave music to enjoy it. She needs to rearrange her set list to only do songs with substance…Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable, DC songs, and her most popular solo songs. She has been trying to sell dumb songs like “Girls”, “Bow Down”, and “Diva” for years and it is annoying to hear because the music itself is subpar. She is old enough to have enough quality music in her catalogue to perform those songs and let the chicken little songs go.

      • Keith April 16, 2018

        Why dont more people talk about this: the fact that Beyonce’s catalog has waaaaaaay too many simple songs. People get upset when you say this but Bow Down, 711, Flawless, Yonce, DIVA, Top Off do not a classic catalog make. Not for an artist of the calibre of Beyonce. But she seems ok with it…..

      • oh please April 17, 2018

        I guess its a matter of taste cause I completely disagree, those are all bangers to me! And i cannot even claim Beyhive. Are you KIDDING ME you guys are coming for Diva, Flawless and Bow down?! I just cannot relate. I made a playlist after the performance and it’s just banger after banger for 4 hours straight.

  2. Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2018

    Rihanna is phony.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R. April 16, 2018

      @Cinnamon…- I agree.

      • Cinnamon Girl April 16, 2018

        @S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R, Rihanna knows damn well she doesn’t like Beyonce

    • ??? April 16, 2018

      lmaooo but roach is the one standing there with fake hair/face/skin/body/personality/etc….. lmfaoooooo

  3. DanYiel Iman April 16, 2018

    That’s awesome Beyoncé really showed up & out for #Black pride & as a historic moment for a lot of people of color!!?”Bzzz”?

  4. Jasmine (The Original Princess) April 16, 2018

    Yonka wouldn’t know originality if it slept with her husband

    • Jasmine April 16, 2018

      Troll Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Do Not Engage! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BubblePopElectric April 16, 2018

    How fortunate are we to live in a time when both Beyoncé and Rihanna can coexist in their respective lanes while simultaneously reaching unheard of heights within the entertainment industry. Black women truly are EVERYTHING

    • Kevon April 16, 2018

      All woman is everything .. it has and there should not be a race about it .. your just racial

      • BubblePopElectric April 16, 2018

        Lol we’re discussing 2 Black women. So mind the raisins in your potato salad and find a diffetent post to troll

      • Keith April 16, 2018

        Sorry Kevon, but it IS about race. How many useless white girls do you see all the time in the music industry? Millions. It is a wonderful time when you can see two black women at the top of the game simultaneously. I wish we could have more…it sends a message that that level of accomplishment is possible.

  6. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 16, 2018

    Beyonce and rihanna are only comparable in popularity…. no fan of rihanna should give advice when they love a person who can’t perform better than an American idol contestant. Beyonce is the second best living performer after Janet Jackson. Rihanna is nowhere near anything except popular…

  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 16, 2018

    Also it’s sad we live in a time where someone as great as Beyoncé has a rival as poorly organically talented as rihanna. Mariah had Whitney and Celine… michael had prince… brandy had Monica… Janet had Madonna… Shania has faith hill.. faith Evans had kelly price.. lil Kim had foxy brown.. allllllll comparable talents… beyonce and rihanna are the furthest thing from comparable but due to the fact that popular music lacks any real talent, albeit a few acts, they’re “rivals… and that shows how terrible our industry is now. It sucks.

    • Lala April 16, 2018


    • JuanR April 16, 2018


    • Jasmine April 16, 2018

      I agree S****** Blonde. Why are you still trolling though as “Jasmine”?

  8. Music lover April 16, 2018

    Yeeesss at my two favourate queens. And yes, these two can coexist and slay in their different lanes. This show was good, better than I had expected.
    You did your thing Bey.

  9. ??? April 16, 2018

    lmao queen riri is just being nice and throwing roach a bone, its her name thats in the history books for breaking chart records, not roach lmfaooo. lmfaooooo

  10. Just the Facts April 16, 2018

    The post was far from acknowledging that Beyonce is “The Queen”. Royalty yes but ya’ll be pumping up these headlines. Rihanna herself is a queen and they’re in the same field. She’s at the show! Isn’t that enough to show her respect? But you guys just can’t take it that there’s no beef, just friendly competition. COME ON ROUND TABLE !!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!

    • Mr.StLaurent April 16, 2018

      I guess the crown emoji Rihrih put on Beyonce head, make Bey, the Queen ??

  11. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 16, 2018

    Of course! She was in the FRONT ROW! Getting her life

  12. I HATE .WHYyyyte n Blaaaxk. Bitchezzzzz April 16, 2018

    Beyonce is a thief

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