Rihanna Teases New Music

Published: Friday 27th Apr 2018 by Sam

For over a year, Rihanna has been serving up all things Fenty.

Fenty Beauty, Fenty x Puma, and more recently Fenty lingerie by way of her new ‘Savage’ range.

And while fans have celebrated the star’s entrepreneurial ambitions, there’s been growing groans about the absence of  Fenty music.

Well, the Navy needn’t fret anymore. Because the leader of their sturdy ship says it’s incoming.

While promoting her underwear range, Runway RiRi assured irked fans that the fresh material is on its way:

The 30-year-old released last album ‘ANTI’ in 2016.

A roller-coaster era, the project was marred by seemingly endless delays and false starts before striking gold with Drake collaboration ‘Work.’

The set was quickly rushed out and awarded an eyebrow-raising Platinum plaque thanks to a Samsung promotion which saw the LP given away for “free” to TIDAL users.

Thereafter, the campaign experienced notable highs (see: ‘Needed Me,’ ‘Love On The Brain’), but unfortunate lows too (see: half-filled tour venues, ‘Kiss It Better’ tanking).

In more recent times, Rih has kept her music presence afloat via high profile collaborations such as DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Loyalty’ (for which the duo won a Grammy).

Can she cook up more smashes? When will she be ready to serve? Pending the answers, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? April 27, 2018

    Coming to sale more records than beytard

    • Beystansince1997 April 27, 2018

      Lies! She had a SPONSOR buy 1 million copies and she still came up short in PURE SALES! Beyoncé don’t need that! She outsells Rihanna consistently and out grosses her on every world tour! The fact that you even worried about Bey proves my point! I see BeyChella still FITB you haters shocked!

      • ??? April 27, 2018

        lmao stop deluding yourself bug, Rihanna BEEN sold more records than roach, AND makes more hits than her while roach is still struggling to hit 2 million pure sales after 2 years lmfaoooooooooo, and Rihannas gonna throw even MORE hits on the hot 100 while roach struggles with bubbling under whole getting slayed in pure sales lmfaoooooo!

      • Caribbean native April 27, 2018

        both you guys are the reason why people pit them together,,,,,,, when theyre bithe great artiste in their own right……..jus stop this stan buller man thing and live

      • DanYiel Iman April 27, 2018


    • ??? April 27, 2018

      lmaooo basically everybody sells more records than beytard lmfaoooooooooooo

  2. Danzou is back! April 27, 2018

    PLEASE don’t let her release more crap we don’t need my ears can’t take her so called voice.

  3. I HatE WWHYYYyyt n BLaccck. Bitchezzcc April 27, 2018

    Thank God….summer 18 is going to be off the hook especially with Nikki having an album out to

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott ?? April 27, 2018

      You can’t even spell that bish name.

  4. Hmmm… April 27, 2018

    Maybe she’ll sell 300k first week this time. 9th times the charm right??

  5. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 27, 2018


  6. A&R April 27, 2018

    Rihanna displayed artistic maturity with Anti. Sonically that album was AMZING. What she wasn’t ready for was the business: creativity needed to roll it out right and to sell it. That comes with age and experience. He doing the flawless roll out of her make up and clothing line is the experience she needed to sell us an Anti album.

    Saying this to say.. I pray to God she doesn’t scale back her creative desire in fear of us not receiving it. You’re Rih and have earn your right to have a Lemonde moment. Just tighten up that biz and you’re alteady doing so.

    I’m hyped!

    • SdotB April 29, 2018

      NO, we don’t need no “Lemonade” album from Rih. Rih’s albums are all gems in their own right, and she needs to stay in her OWN lane. No one else has Rih-Rih’s touch when it comes to laying down a track. I reeaaaaaalllllyyyyy hope she keeps it urban & experimental like Anti, as well as giving us some s***-swag joints like Wild Thoughts & Loyalty. Anti rejuvenated my love for her and made her my fav, over Bey. I personally have liked Bey’s music less and less since the “4” album (although Drunk In Love is one of my fav songs from her). But all in all, Rih just needs to do what she does best, which is continue to set trends and continue to not GAF.

      Bring on that double or two back2back albums Rih!!!!

  7. DanYiel Iman April 27, 2018

    I don’t take her music seriously… ?

    • Cupid April 28, 2018

      She has 14 #1 singles, she has the most digital records sold, she’s the top female streaming artist…… lol enough people take her serious already!

  8. RoyalBey April 28, 2018

    Im Ready RiRi!!!!!

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