Shocking! Kelis Alleges Nas Physically Abused Her

Published: Thursday 26th Apr 2018 by Sam

For a moment in time, Kelis and Nas were considered couple goals and music royalty.

However, their acrimonious split – which has played out oh so publicly – has made clear that there was much more than met the eye with the union.

And while much of the discourse surrounding their divorce has centered on child support for their son Knight, Kelis has shockingly revealed that her rapper ex physically abused her.

See what she had to say below…

Speaking specifically on the alleged abuse, she shared a story about being covered in bruises when the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal hit. She stressed that she considered going public with her own situation but opted not to:

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Check out the full interview:

The Nas revelation comes amidst court drama that has seen Kelis request a higher child support fee for their child given the Hip-Hop star’s gain’s in his business investments. It also comes ahead of the release of Nas’ new Kanye West produced album (which arrives June 15th).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme April 26, 2018

    Girl bye

    • Suicide Blonde April 26, 2018

      I want to get with Nas. I wish he was into men. I would suck up all his nut and swallow. He could pee on me, fist me, and drill my boooty hole till he nut. Yummmm

  2. ROCK April 26, 2018


  3. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.! April 26, 2018

    I didn’t listen to the hour long dialogue, only the social media clip, but I will say that I don’t understand why she’s saying all these things now? What is the point? I understand that she is an alleged “victim” and she has a right to speak her peace but I still don’t understand why NOW?

    It all appears to be so convenient since she has been going back and forth to court attempting to get her child support re-adjusted. I don’t understand what she wishes to gain from putting this information out NOW? It comes as yet another attempt to nail this guy to the wall. She divorced him, they settled their divorce but there still appears to be something else. There always appears to be something else when she wants an adjustment to her child support or an adjustment to the child’s schedule. If he hurt you then, shame on him, but at this point it should have been let go (i.e. dealt with on many different levels ages ago and released from her body and her spirit.)

    I just don’t know about this one as she appears to have a vendetta against this guy and it doesn’t appear as though it going to be “settled” or let go until their son is AT LEAST out college. Good grief.

    • Miss Popular April 26, 2018

      Maybe you SHOULD watch the entire interview…smh.

  4. Liam April 26, 2018

    she’s not even playing victim..she said “we” both use to fight which meant that it went both ways and she they were young smoked and drink alot back then.

  5. ~The Arcade~ April 26, 2018

    Just got done watching the whole thing and boy this is truly shocking. 2018 looks like a lot of skeletons coming out of the closet smh.

  6. Jasmine April 26, 2018

    I believe her. She should realize though that her children will see what she is saying about their father. Sometimes it is best to not speak on topics like this when their are children involved when the abuse went both ways (she hit him / he hit her). Also, Kelis should learn how to forgive. She seems still bitter at Nas.

  7. Shazell April 26, 2018

    This was a really good interview! She seems really sincere!

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