Cardi B Cancels All Upcoming Performances Due To Pregnancy

Published: Thursday 26th Apr 2018 by Sam

Cardi B is reportedly in the third trimester of pregnancy, as such the rapper is unsurprisingly winding down.

And she formally confirmed as much moments ago.

Head below for details…

Taking to Instagram, the rapper revealed that she won’t be performing on stage beyond this week.

Prior to her pregnancy announcement, she had been scheduled for several festivals including Panorama NYC and Wireless in the UK.

Here’s what she had to say…

Still, the femcee – who topped the Billboard 200 this month with debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ – was sure to let fans know that while her live itinerary is slowing down her hustle isn’t:

Got to love her work ethic; we’re eager to see her continue succeeding. What’s more, winning with baby in hand will powerfully help reshape what working motherhood looks like in the Pop cultural landscape. Women can do it all.

The ‘I Like It’ rap star will make her return to the stage on Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic Tour’ in the Fall. 

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  1. Nah April 26, 2018

    Girl she’s so canceled….. You got this great opportunity and spoiled it all just to be offset’s fourth/fifth baby mama?

    • gina April 26, 2018


    • Darius C April 26, 2018

      But her album platinum 13 singles on billboard 100 she winning while u home getting ebt for your kids lol

    • China April 26, 2018

      DEAR NAH. You sound totally STUPID. She is expecting a baby at 25, and blessed. She is RICH wealthy, still performing pregnant and collecting checks. She is a working mom, just like your mother probably was. Let her get her life…………..

    • Deyzz April 26, 2018

      True! This was her moment! Yes, women can do it all, but she worked so hard for this moment. Enjoy your fame when you get it. You shouldn’t have to put it on hold.
      This is your “orgasm” time.
      You want this feeling to go on and on. That’s why my son do not want to get involved with anyone, until he gets to where he wants to be professionally. Distractions are a waste.
      Her pregnancy is not slowing Offset’s career. Ladies protect!
      Love Cardi and wish her the best.

  2. ??? April 26, 2018

    lmao she’s shook cuz Queen Nicki returned, and all the streaming in the world wont help her match nickis slayage or sales lmfaooooo

    • Danny Bey April 26, 2018

      This is the DUMBEST comment I’ve been ever read. It’s cuz she’s PREGNANT you idiot ?

      • ??? April 26, 2018

        lmao its still the truth DUMMY, now sit until offset baby momma ca sell 150K pure sales lmfaoooooo.

  3. Meme April 26, 2018

    She’s dummy for getting pregnant in the first place. By a serial baby daddy Who she will not be with in 5 yrs at that. But I expect nothing more from her.

    “Ain’t pushing out his babies tell he buy the rock”

    • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 26, 2018

      Cardi songs bang wayyy harder than Nicki’s.
      I think Nicki is slowly evolving into a has-been and it’s painful to witness

      • OLivier April 26, 2018

        You delusional if u think Cardi B songs bang harder .. Nicky rap where Cardi is forcing n acting when try to rap.. bang harder do u know about stupid H** ?

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 26, 2018

        Nicki MIGHT rap better than Cardi.
        Nicki MIGHT have better bars than Cardi but Cardi has an album full of bangers….and thats why the Barbs are salty af.

      • Meme April 26, 2018

        I’ll give Cardi her props she def have an album full of bangers and I myself enjoy every song in her album.

        But having a “hot right now” sound will not give her longevity in the game. Her music is more popular than Nickis right now among the kids. But these the same kids who made Iggy go #1 and now wouldn’t touch her music.

        When you take away Cardis banging beats, her migos style raps and her writers…she’s talentless.

      • Jasmine (The Original Princess) April 26, 2018

        So is Hoenika

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 26, 2018

        Iggy might have had one #1 single but her debut album wasn’t nearly as successful as Cardi’s. Plus, Iggy was exposed as a fraud. Cardi is honest. She’s humble and down to earth. That’s why people f*** with her. The public is tired of Nicki’s s***** bully attitude/persona.

        I also find it funny how you’re dogging Cardi for being “talentless” when you stan for Rihanna…one of the weakest vocalist/performers in the game.

      • ??? April 26, 2018

        lmaoooo corni songs bangs as hard as iggy azaleas lmfaooooooo, sit down with your delusions fool. corni’s dumb ass will be knocked up by offset before the year is out & she still wont hit 200K in sales lmfaooooooooooooo

  4. Me again April 26, 2018

    Y’all kill me trying to compare Cardi to Iggy. She already surpassed her before her album even dropped, and when that happened, that went #1. I guarantee Cardi ain’t going nowhere, so stay mad. And stop telling people when they should have a baby. And if Nicki is smart, this will be the perfect time for her to drop her new music. I like Nicki as well, liked her before I knew who and what a Cardi B was. Why can’t they both win? Some prefer Nicki, some prefer Bardi, and some like them both.

  5. Cinnamon Girl April 26, 2018

    Folks are calling Cardi stupid but fame is not making her happy. Money isn’t everything. It’s all about being happy

    • Hmmm… April 26, 2018

      Her own success isn’t gonna make her happy but being the what, 4th baby mama, to a guy that cheated on her will? Well that’s…. unfortunate.

      • Cinnamon Girl April 26, 2018

        Everyone has different definitions of happiness. Success doesn’t automatically make someone happy

  6. Antincia foster April 26, 2018


  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ April 26, 2018

    She’s an idiot.. beryone loves her cause she’s “so real”… yeah soooo real. Follow ur dreams and have raw s** with a dude who’s not faithful to u so u can get pregnant with his 5th child RIGHT when you’re starting to pop off. She appeals to idiots, if you really look at her in actuality. Yea u got money honey but you making dummy moves and that nigha is not cute either.

  8. Keith April 26, 2018

    Glad she is putting the health of her child first. I was scared looking at her during Coachella. Cardi’s popularity relies strictly on comedic timing, trap drums and perceived “homegirl”-ness. Genuine musical talent does not seem to be present but she is entitled to her 15 minutes of fame (hopefully). Thankful I don’t have to sit through that mess at Panorama, lol…

    • Meme April 26, 2018

      Very well said

  9. Janice April 26, 2018

    In reading all these comments, I have to say: I’ve never seen such poor grammar in my life.

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