Adele Criticised For Throwing ‘Titanic’ Party

Published: Monday 7th May 2018 by David

Adele‘s decision to celebrate her 30th birthday with a themed party has seen her face criticism from fans.


Details below…

The beloved singer invited her closest pals to a ‘Titanic‘ themed party which required them to dress up as people from the era the ship sunk in.

Alas, not everyone was impressed by the concept.

Do you think she was wrong?

Your thoughts?


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  1. Jamal May 7, 2018

    Who the f*** cares? She can celebrate her 30th Birthday any way she chooses. Mad about Adele but I’m sure people were out celebrating Cinco De Mayo without knowing the real meaning…..BYE!

    • Fancy BISH May 7, 2018

      Adele can pop, lock and drop, dip it low, do the butterfly and the dutty wine in her life jacket if she wants to lmao ? Happy Birthday Queen ? ?

    • China May 7, 2018

      F*** that ship of racist White people….glad they drowned.

    • Jasmine May 7, 2018

      Exactly. People celebrate Halloween every year and we all know that is a celebration of evil. Now this story is just a bad media spin on an otherwise celebratory twitter post to put Adele in a bad light. I am going to stand by the CNN version of the story which states:

      “The singer held a “Titanic” themed party over the weekend, recreating scenes from the iconic 1997 film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.
      Adele went as Winslet’s character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, decked in a wig and what appears to be an exact replica of a gown she wore. She even danced in a life vest.”

      Thus, this party was about the movie and nothing more and was all in birthday / celeb filled fun.

  2. pat May 7, 2018

    in relevant news..janet receiving billboard icon award

  3. Jasmine the OG May 7, 2018

    White tears

  4. Lmao_Hoe May 7, 2018

    Smh the people of today have become so damn sensitive it’s ridiculous. This is why a good majority of people online don’t deserve such a platform as social media. Not everyone opinion is needed and they’re damn sure aren’t exactly right on what they say %110 online.

  5. SMH May 7, 2018

    This is the most ridiculous story i’ve seen in a while. People have WAY too much time on their hands lol.

  6. Tori May 7, 2018

    Social media is the Anti Christ.

  7. Jamie May 7, 2018

    I’m sorry, but I laughed??? Petty people I tell you… If the victims’ families aren’t pressed then why should they? Brittney Spears’s boyfriend went down and salvaged the neckless from the ocean and nobody said a word.

  8. BOOMKACK123 May 7, 2018

    Most of the people outraged and vocal about this are silent when their own people continue to do blackface and mock slavery… So um, whatever.

  9. Brazio May 7, 2018

    It was her party and her business…. her day to enjoy…nothing else matters

  10. JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2018

    30 years-old already? Wow she releses so very few albums that it seems like she has just started and actually reading that age is surprising.

    • Jasmine May 7, 2018

      JohnVidal in that Janet post you accused me of being the one shading Celine but that was certainly S****** Blond posing as “Jasmine…”.

  11. Ryan May 7, 2018

    People need new hobbies, everything offends everyone these days. Get over it and focus on your miserable lives.

  12. Truth May 7, 2018

    Well your or any woman going to look like Titanic when they hit 30. Lol
    Y guy R Easy 2 PIS

    I can make the world mad by saying Merry Christmas Ha

  13. eric May 7, 2018

    The majority doesn’t have to agree in order for something to be considered offensive. People have valid feelings and opinions and that should be respected. How would you feel if this were an Amistad party complete with chains for accessories? Yeah, I thought so.

  14. Dwest May 8, 2018

    What next her 4th theme party could be the twin towers?
    Or a school shooting?
    Or so many tragic events to choose from.
    Shame on you Adele.

    • Dwest May 8, 2018

      What next her 40thh theme party could be the twin towers?
      Or a school shooting?
      Or so many tragic events to choose from.
      Shame on you Adele.

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