Huge! Janet Jackson To Perform At Billboard Music Awards & Receive Icon Honor

Published: Monday 7th May 2018 by Sam

Janet Jackson is set to make her first televised performance in 9 years at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. 

And it’s with great reason too – because she’ll be receiving the coveted Icon honor.

Details below…

The news was announced moments ago:

The Billboard Icon Award celebrates an artist’s cultural impact, both inside and outside of the music industry; past recipients include Neil Diamond (2011), Stevie Wonder (2012), Prince (2013), Jennifer Lopez (2014), Celine Dion (2016) and Cher (2017)

Jackson is one of the most decorated artists of all-time and easily one of Billboard’s most successful. Hence, the award is more than deserved.

During her illustrious career, she has amassed 10 #1 singles on the Hot 100, has 27 top 10’s on the tally and has sold over 100 million records worldwide. 

She’s also been nominated for 18 Billboard Music Awards and has won 10 times.

The news comes as Jackson gears up for another round of dates for her ‘State Of The World Tour’ and a rumored documentary film.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yeah I said it May 7, 2018

    She has well over 10 Billboard awards. She won 8 televised in 1990 and an additional 7 that was not televised for the Rhythm Nation album alone.

    • China May 7, 2018

      Jennifer HO-Pez is a ex-Janet Jackson Backup dancer — Who STOLE vocals and songs. JANET JACKSON is one of the GREATEST performers of all time. She is an Icon and a Legend, who deserves to be there with Madonna, Beyonce, MJ, Tina Turner.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

        Well on paper she is up there with all those and has far outsold beyonce and Tina and had a bigger influence on those she mentored that came after her. The list of ppl that are stars today that list Janet as their inspiration is huge: Beyocne, Kelly Rowland, HER, Bruno Mars, Usher, Justin Timberlake(irony), Teyan Taylor, TLC, Lil Kim, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Jussie Smollet, Jennifer Hudson, Britney Spears, Aaliyah, Ciara, Missy Elliot, Katy Perry and the list goes on and on and on and on. Janet is a trailblazer, an originator and the 7th biggest artist in billboard hit 100 history. She’s just fine and will continue to slay until the day she leaves the earth

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 7, 2018

        @Jasmine…- “She’s just fine and will continue to slay until the day she leaves the earth.” – Amen to all that!

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

        @Superstar Janet has done too much for music, pop culture, fashion, black folks, women, dance and the world to be going ANYWHERE but down in history as a legend

  2. _KINGSEANCOURT_ May 7, 2018


    • BIGGESTAALIYAH May 7, 2018

      Guess I’m watching now!!

    • Its me Gowrl May 8, 2018

      I see why this trashy ass sissy site don’t get that many hits or comment anymore. These queens that run it erase anything true about Beyonce seating bc of this. I’m off this b****

  3. SMH May 7, 2018

    Great news! But let’s get our facts correct. Janet has a total of 31 Billboard Awards, making her the female artist with the most awards, second to only Michael, who has the most out of any male artist (40). And she has sold 160 million records.

    • Me Again… May 7, 2018

      Thank you SMH. Just imagine the amount she would’ve one and sold if it wasn’t for the dab fiasco that tarnished her career, but skyrocketed that culture vulture.

      • olusheyi banjo May 7, 2018

        I was thinking the same thing

    • Sheltop May 7, 2018

      B**** THANK YOU.. trying to downplay the queen.

    • michael bosket May 7, 2018

      She has 33 billboard awards and she actually to date sold over 200 million records

  4. RoyalKev May 7, 2018

    Queen Janet at an award show?! I’m so ready to see this legend destroy that stage! I love that she’s giving us a treat within her birthday month! Slay Damita!

  5. Shawn May 7, 2018

    I’m just mad Jennifer Lopez got the award before Janet Jackson did

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

      And Janet is 5,000 times more successful

    • pat May 7, 2018

      shows just how ignorant the 00’s was as far as Janet was concerned…glad everyone’s coming back to their senses

    • Jeans May 7, 2018

      Exactly! Like seriously?

  6. Keith May 7, 2018

    Congrats to her!

  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

    Janet has 33, and soon to be, 34 billboard wayward a, the most by any artist. Get your facts straight when speaking of royalty!! Receipts below.

  8. cocobutta May 7, 2018

    ?????? will be ??

  9. pat May 7, 2018

    I love how Japan is losing their minds over this.

  10. olusheyi banjo May 7, 2018


  11. Fancy BISH May 7, 2018

    I’m watching Miss Jackson if ya NASTY lol ??

  12. Shawntel Lilly May 7, 2018

    Go ‘head mama Jan! It’s your world, we’re just trying to live in it! Congratulations and see you soon! #QueenJ ????

  13. Jeans May 7, 2018

    Yasssss cannot wait!

  14. Jeans May 7, 2018

    Slay us janet!

  15. Bloop May 7, 2018

    Whoever wrote this article should be fired. Janet has sold more records and awarded more Billboard Awards than listed in this article.

  16. Jacob May 7, 2018

    But um can we talk about how beyonce got her icon award first as well as Jennifer lopez, janet still wont ever be bigger than those two artist ever again, janet jackson is stale chile

    • Nate May 7, 2018

      Janet WAS the blueprint for all the names you listed. Fail

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

      Janet has sold more than both, has more hits than both, more original and pioneering than both, is both inspiration to beyonce and j.lo, and is #7 on billboards most successful hot 100 artists. Beyonce is 39 on that list and j.lo ain’t on the list plus she’s the only one with an Oscar nom- Janet teacher, them pupils… they don’t wanna see Janet on stage

    • Dr Perry May 7, 2018

      Beyonce does not have an ICON award, she’s not an Icon. She received the Michael Jackson Millennial award, far from an icon award sweetie!

    • Kenny May 8, 2018

      Janet out sold those two. Try again.

  17. Cora May 7, 2018

    Now this is a real legend if I ever saw one. It’s Miss Jackson if u nasteeeee!

  18. JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2018

    Well, every year someone gets it. Why are u guys making it seem so important? As if it were a record broken or something?

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

      If it were Celine Dion you’d be doing jumping jacks, girl sit down they’re excited because Janet deserves this much overdue award. Your shade is always so tragic

    • pat May 7, 2018

      It’s JANET biih!!

    • JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2018

      Celine ALREADY got this! LMAO And no, I didn´t think it was anything special. Her team paid for it to promote and that´s it. Same way it is a good moment for Janet to do it LOL You are so retardded. Oh btw, now we know YOU, Jasmine, are the troll and not suicide blonde. Suicide loves Celine, and Jasmine is always obsessed with shading Celine´s monumental career and voice (deluding herself thinking jennifer Hudson and the sreamy church girls can rival voices that have it all like Celine´s). Did u know Celine Dion has sold way more millions of albums than Janet even in the USA alone? Be humble, Janet is not the biggest thing just cause you say so.

      • MuSiC Facts not opinion! May 7, 2018

        This is a Janet Jackson Thread post and Celine Dion has outsold Janet 160 to 220 million. Janet Jackson has 10 Number one on BBH100 and Celine has 5.

      • Jasmine May 7, 2018

        JohnVidal You got it twisted dear. That was definitely Suicide above as “Jasmine…” and not me. Don’t be fooled by that thing liking Janet (notice how it did not “shade” Celine at all in this post!). If I felt like shading Celine at Janet’s expense I would do it outright. You know damn well I am not down with subtle shade. My “shade” is more outright reads dear but only a fool would compare Janet vs Celine because they are POLAR opposites in terms of artistry, creativity, looks, and entertainment skills. POLAR OPPOSITES. That is Suicide so don’t get it twisted. Notice that thing’s emojis too.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 7, 2018

        What number is Celine on billboards biggest artist list? Janets #7… where’s Celine? I’ll wait

      • Jasmine May 7, 2018

        Suicide why don’t you post comments under your own name you white trash f.a.g.g.o.t? I’m sick of people confusing you for me and I know that if I changed my username you would just copy your troll account usernames to it. Why don’t you get off my c*** b|tch?

      • JOHNVIDAL May 8, 2018

        Where´s Celine??? LMAO Celine has sold 20 or 20 million albums MORE than Janet in the uSA alone. Celien is much bigger. And worldwide the difference only grows. And a LOT.

    • Dr Perry May 7, 2018

      Nope. It’s not given every year. Look at the small amount of people whom have received it. It’s a Huge award!

      • JOHNVIDAL May 8, 2018

        They started to give it only a few years ago. That´s why only a few people have received it. It´s not a huge award. It´s something you pay for that nobody really cares about. It´s not a main category grammy 🙂

      • Dr Perry May 8, 2018

        You do not pay for an Icon award. I have a friend that works for Billboards. Janet has never had to pay for any award

  19. Trounsell May 7, 2018

    NEW MUSIC!!!!!!

    • Jeans May 7, 2018

      She is gonna bring it hard. I’m pretty sure that the one call dance audition was for this performance! OMG!!!!

  20. eric May 7, 2018

    Biggest and best performance of the night is guaranteed to be Janet.

  21. justafan May 7, 2018

    why did jlow get one again? Stealing songs surely disqualifies you

  22. Rey M May 8, 2018

    I love ❤️ Janet Jackson so happy for her. An award & honor well DESERVED.

  23. DanYiel Iman May 8, 2018

    Her fans don’t mind her whispering act…

  24. Antincia foster May 8, 2018


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