Azealia Banks Insinuates That Remy Ma Is A “Closeted Lesbian”

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 by David

As Azealia Banks’ new single ‘Anna Wintour‘ glides to glory on Spotify, the entertainer has offered fresh thoughts on her short-lived friendship with Remy Ma.

Fans will remember that Ma stunned Banks’ fans when she published exchanges they’d shared about Nicki Minaj and others via text.

This week, Azealia has revealed that she wishes Remy had listened to the career advice she gave her during their private conversations and that she believes her hatred of Minaj is fuelled by the fact that she “may be a closeted lesbian.”

Fortunately, the above tweets weren’t the only messages the genius shared with her fans. For, now armed with the benefit of age and experience, she gave them insight into her difficult childhood and how the death of her beloved father/abusive mother caused her to sabotage her own success.

My father is not going to let Russell Crowe get away with spitting on me.Before he died his wish was for me to be a black ballerina. Which is why the cover of my debut album features me as a ballerina.Russell may think I’m some broke little unloved black girl who no one will stand up for but he’s going to be in for a VERY big surprise.

I really wish he were here. He died when I was three and the only memory I have of him is him in his casket because my mom kept him away during my very early years. The ONLY memory I have is my mom telling me to give him a kiss and me saying “no he has boogers.I really regret not kissing him goodbye.

He’s a big part of the reason I’m still alive. My mom was SUPER abusive and it made me want to kill myself. Suicide was a common theme amongst me and my siblings when we were little. We all wanted to be somewhere else.Imagine being a five year old little girl trying to figure out ways to die. . . That was me.


I was a VERY VERY VERY sad little girl. I cried ALL the time. I went to school in tears at least three days out of the week mostly from crazy shit my mom would say to me. Other times it was because of beatings.

That’s why I wanted to be a star. I wanted to be told nice things about myself. I wanted to be loved. I didn’t know my fan base would be the people to love me unconditionally.Y’all love and appreciate me more than my own mother does.

Thank you.and you guys REALLY love me. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle that.I don’t know how to be loved. I really don’t. And regardless of whatever “failures” people like to make fun of me for… on a personal level, every moment of my fame is new for me.

No one EVER told me they loved me before you all did.My mother NEVER told me she loved me. She never ever gave me hugs or kisses. Saying “I love you” just wasn’t a thing. She’s not a bad person though. She did the best she could with what she had. And she did an excellent job.

She added…



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  1. macfac2018 May 23, 2018

    couldn’t she have said allllllll of this without having to talk about Remy? this is the problem i have with her. Yes, she’s talented, yes, she’s opinionated….but why do her words always have to involve other people when she could really just talk from the heart about her own issues and feelings? Remy is over somewhere minding her own business and inadvertently gets dragged into this mess AGAIN from Azaelia. I want her to win so bad, but her mouth man….that mouth!!!!! her and kanye and others who just speak by reflex instead of examining their words first….it’s just dangerous.

    • Aries Nation May 23, 2018


      • DanYiel Iman May 24, 2018

        Especially since Tricki Garbagh is an INDUSTRY FRAUD!!

  2. xavier clone May 23, 2018

    why do yall post about this girl?

  3. Bravo!! May 23, 2018

    Tiana Taylor And Remy Ma are two people don’t play with. Who ever this fraud is need to concentrate on her career

    • Bravo!! May 23, 2018

      Teyana Taylor****

    • Jasmine the Princess May 23, 2018

      What career?

      • Bravo!! May 23, 2018


  4. gina May 23, 2018

    still have absolutely no clue who this girl is.

  5. Parker May 23, 2018

    f*** that mouse trapp looking botch #iggy

  6. Detruth May 23, 2018

    She’s an embarrassment to the black race tbh. Dont give a back story all these years later after you had beef with 1166708743 ppl due to your reckless mouth. It’s too late ppl will never like you!

  7. Meme May 23, 2018

    So she actually straight then? Cuz bish look like a man

  8. Korrenzo May 23, 2018

    Honestly TGJ…there’s so much more for y’all to post about…why do y’all give her any attention? There’s so many artists grinding out there but y’all miss them for ish like this. Please quit wasting space.

    • Lol May 23, 2018

      This!! This is literally the only entertainment news site that stays posting about her and it’s hardly ever about music. She’s a waste of space and breath.

  9. Jamie May 23, 2018

    Why she always worried about what someone else is doing? She’s aggravating.

  10. WRTW? May 24, 2018

    Speak your truth AB. Such a strong woman who is still more relevant than Remy

    • Caleb May 27, 2018


  11. DanYiel Iman May 24, 2018

    She makes it hard to except her music ?

  12. Its me Gowrl May 24, 2018

    Didn’t read this crap. I just wanna ask why do y’all even post anything about this bitter ho?

    • Korrenzo May 24, 2018

      I didn’t read it either. Just had to ask TGJ a question.

  13. Naya Inez Rosado May 25, 2018

    I love her

  14. gio88 May 27, 2018

    talent isn’t a excuse for everything!i’m tired of reading about her diss or shades and then reading comments like “she i talented ” ecc.. so what? i’m tired of reading about her diss on blogs or twitter , you guys are giving her relevance when her music doesn’t.

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