Kelis’ Finances Laid Bare / Singer Earned Nearly $1,000,000 In 2017

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 by David

The hard-working creative Kelis is a very affluent woman.

Want to see how much she earned in 2017?

Meet us below…

The single mother has urged her ex-husband Nas to do more to support their son financially as much of her money, she says, is spent covering costs she and the rapper should share.

This week, her efforts to force the legal system to force Nas to step up to the plate has seen her own finances laid bare via court documents and showcase just how successful the ‘Game Show‘ singer has fared away from the major label system.

‘The Blast’ reports...

According to her income declaration, Kelis says she currently has $691,153.22 in the bank and $1,374,000 worth of property.

Her grand total of monthly expenses comes to $25,319.

Kelis has two businesses which pull in monthly income — her entertainment/touring company (MyKnight, Inc.) and Feast Enterprises, which is her food product business.

In 2016, MyKnight pulled in $287,755 and the following year, made $922,840. Her net income following expenses came to $98,273 (2016) and $463,809 (2017).

Her food business, Feast Enterprises, pulled in $30k (2016) and $17k (2017) but both years she ended in the red following expenses — $51k and $31k, respectively.

Her music royalties weren’t as much as one would think: $21k for 2016 and $9k for 2017.

All of this lifted her income to close to $1 million in 2017.

She is now seeking more support from Nas, whose income is much higher, as she raises their son Knight.

Click this link to hear her detail the physical abuse she says he forced her to endure during their marriage.

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  1. ? + ✈ = ? May 23, 2018

    She’s doing better than I thought

  2. Ropeburn May 23, 2018

    She’s solidly on the high end of “upper middle class” but if she wants to live lavish then perhaps she should get another record deal and devote herself to music once again.

    • Keith May 23, 2018

      This is the truth

    • Faf May 24, 2018

      1M is upper middle class in a year

    • Taqui Arandi May 24, 2018

      Music dont make money for artist, Touring does

  3. Ughhh May 23, 2018

    Makes more than anyone on here

  4. Jasmine May 23, 2018

    Something sounds off. If her income was 1m why does she have less than 1m in the bank. Surely her living expenses are not that much a drainage on her income. Her savings should be higher, a lot higher. What was her income in 2016, 2015, and 2014?

    • StarXavi May 25, 2018

      She stated her monthly expenses are $25, 319….thats over $300,000 for the year which makes since that she has just over $600,000 in the bank. Do the math.

  5. DanYiel Iman May 24, 2018

    I’m not mad at her, she’s a great vocalist & I love she’s true to her style!!

  6. gina May 24, 2018

    So basically she’s just another stereotypical money hungry thot. She must know about income that Nas has that hasnt been reported, thats why shes acting so thirsty. She’s clearly not hurting for cash.

    • Taqui Arandi May 24, 2018

      How so? His SON should reap the benefits and lifestyle afforded to his father…. WTF? Nas should be happy to provide for his shorty or man up a responsibly share custody and do the real fatherhood biz he hasnt done twice now

  7. Thotsaintloyal May 24, 2018

    That is so wrong. This thot making bank and wants more than 8 racks a month? Nas 1 hella koowl brotha. Back home this chick woulda got 500 n a bean pie !

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