Backtracking? Kanye West Attempts To Clarify His ‘Slavery Was a Choice’ Comments

Published: Tuesday 1st May 2018 by Rashad

‘Heartless’ hitmaker Kanye West was already atop Black Twitter’s ‘canceled list’ for declaring his support for President Donald Trump (read more on that here), but his name went from penciled in the top spot to cemented just hours ago when he took to TMZ to suggest that ‘400 years of slavery’ was a choice (click here to read more on that).

The backlash – ongoing at the time this is being reported – is so harsh the Grammy-winner has taken to his own social media handles to clarify the statement and elaborate on what he meant.

Read more of his thoughts below:


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  1. Jasmine May 1, 2018

    No more Kanye posts. Let’s talk about music and celebs that are still relevant. Kanye’s nappy headed ashy asss is CANCELLED. The DOOR IS CLOSED. Stop talking about this TRASH!

    • Yolanda May 1, 2018


  2. Jasmine May 1, 2018

    He got stank resting b|tch face.

  3. Jasmine May 1, 2018

    His bottom teeth are missing and his breath is stank. He looks like MJ’s c**** Bubbles.

  4. Meme May 1, 2018


    Stop giving him attention.

  5. L May 1, 2018

    Where is XTINA teaser post?????!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!?????????? She has some teaser released #TGJ

  6. Achooo! May 1, 2018

    We know Kanye miss his Seroquel regiment. However, he is right about Nat Turner and let’s not forget people are threatened by educated or rich people of color ie Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson ad infinitum.

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 1, 2018

      Bill Cosby is a convicted serial r***** and Michae Jackson is a self loathing psychopath, self mutilating mental case and possible p******** … bad examples

    • Jasmine May 1, 2018

      Achoo Michael Jackson and Kanye West have no education. I agree with you that Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson were victims of being black and extremely wealthy / powerful but Kanye West is doing all of this kooning as a means to beg the illuminati to accept him. Thus, I do not understand your reasons for bringing up Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby in this post. Michael and Bill never bent over for the illuminati or begged to join them like Kanye is doing. Furthermore, Kanye’s comments about Nat Turner do not exist! He is speaking about a movie and not Nat Turner the man who has been documented in over a thousand books regarding slavery.

      • Bon Bon May 2, 2018

        You know NOTHING about Michael Jackson! He was very educated he when to private school and had tutors. He NEVER spoke negatively about Blacks. He gave millions to HBCUs and other black organizations. He spoke out against racism in several videos and gave black press interviews when his record company did want him to. You Just let the mainstream media fed you that garbage about black entertainers. Look for interviews on youtube with people who knew MJ personally.

      • Jasmine May 2, 2018

        Bon Bon you want to take one little thing I said about Michael and take it out of context totally disregarding the overall context of my comment. I stand behind what I said. Michael was NOT educated. It showed in his interviews, his diction, his grammar, and plastic surgery choices. Michael was a natural genius yes but he was not educated. He would often mispronunciate words in his interviews, use double negatives in sentences, etc. Perhaps you are uneducated too and that is why you did not pick up on his bad grammr, diction, and enunciation. Educated men do NOT get the extensive nose jobs Michael did and allow white men to mutilate their faces. Educaed men do not blow 250 million a year to maintain a ranch in the middle of nowhere. Educated men do not get so out of control on drugs and then jeapordize their entire brand by doing sit down interviews for the world to see (Bashir intv). Educated men do not spend 15 million on tacky rip off furniture in vegas:

  7. Tom Johnson May 1, 2018

    From my time in high school until now, working with black children for 20 years getting cursed out and breaking up fights.. I have realized sometime ago that too many black people love being a victim and are not that nice on top of that. Selfish, heartless, bullys, mean, vacuous, close minded, all the negative attributes that they like to put on white people , they possess to even a greater degree. At first when I learned rosy black history, I was angry at white people, how could they do this s*** to us but I know the truth now, we did do that s*** to ourselves by being ignorant just like we do now, too many of us don’t want to learn s***, just wanna play. Look at the stupid mothf’ on this site, just wanna play, too many black kids in school just wanna play, can’t build s*** with that mentality, just wanna be a mob, no real thought, just zombie thinking. That’s why we ain’t invent s*** since the pyramid and don’t tell me no s*** about a peanut because that s*** was done In America after being taught by white people, we were just students regurgitating our western education. Name me an impactful African invention in the last 2000 years. Too many of us just wanna sing and motherf”in play. Kanye is on some African Guru s*** but black people never listen to their prophets, too busy singing and throwing a coconut in a basket. It s what I witness with these black kids now, they think they are so smart and they don’t know s***. These white people done built the most advanced civilization the world has ever seen, yeah we was slaves but what vision did we have for Africa except f***** around sacrificing people to spirits and warring and s***. that’s why we ended up here and now we still doing a lot tof the same ignorant s***. White people don’t want us to turn America into Africa and frankly neither do I and based on what I know of most black people they do not want to go to Africa and its funny most black celebrities would only visit South Africa the one place white people built up and black people are f****** up right now, if we don’t change our mentality and evolve we won’t ever build s***. Think for yourself, read a book, learn something about science and stop trying to be the hippest coolest m*********** , we need the brainy m************ to get us out this s***.

  8. Jay May 1, 2018

    First off, stop calling our ancestors (yes you born in Africa of the Diaspora) we’re all from the same lineage. Some got taken away… stop calling them slaves! They were ENSLAVED. Stop degrading them. They were humans with emotions. Mothers, daughters, Men… caretakers… I find it disgusting! Visit the plantations in your area! Google it and go! See the truth!! They had names!!!!!

    • TheNewKidOnTheGrape May 2, 2018

      I like your post, and the distinction you put in words. it resonate with me.
      Speaking of Kanye, there are a lot of ignorant Black people who don’t know what to do with their anger and shame, and that’s why they act like this(like him).
      In my opinion, it shows why it is important for us to learn the real history behind slavery : the fights of Africans, of Haitians, of African American and everybody in the diaspora.
      The fights which succeeded and those which didn’t.
      The historical figures who play in big part in those fights, the African figures, the Afro American figures, the Haitians figures, Carribean figures.
      And more than that, we need our children, every Black ( and non-Black) person on the planet to know all the brilliant contributions of Black people everywhere, in each era of the humance race.
      With knowledge, we will able to give eveybody a better perspective of things, a stronger self-esteem and resilience, and the global capacity to immediatly shut the mouth of lost Black people like or ignorant (and racist non-Black people).
      And finally, this core will give us more power because it will bring a deeper senses of unity and mutual comprehension between us. It is essential to break the chains of white supremacity. This is the very first step to reclaim our global power. Because at the moment, Black people in position of power can’t do much because they are surrounded by white people working for white interests. Black people in position of power need Black conscious and woke to work side by side with them.

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