Celine Dion Soars Into iTunes Top 10 With ‘Ashes’

Published: Saturday 5th May 2018 by Sam

Celine Dion has well over two decades of dominance under her belt and her success shows no signs of slowing.

This week the vocal powerhouse surprised with ‘Ashes’ – a brand new song which serves as the theme for hotly anticipated movie ‘Deadpool 2.’

And while it’s early days, the song seems to be slaying out of the gate.

Details below…

As at writing, ‘Ashes’ has blasted to #9 on the US iTunes tally.

And it’s entirely plausible that it could climb even higher as the media machine for ‘Deadpool 2’ (which hits theatres May 18th) cranks into overdrive.

What’s more, its accompanying video – which sees Ryan Reynold‘s Deadpool dance up a storm – is proving viral. A reality which is no doubt helping its charting prospects.

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. badgyalrihrih May 5, 2018

    I like that she’s not selling a dream and singing in her now range

    • JOHNVIDAL May 5, 2018

      She has been doing that a lot more since her husband died. I suppose she said “pfuck everything” and just let go of the extreme expectations people still have for people like her. She would still be one of the best to do it even if she had not a single note more to sing in her throat though.

  2. King Z May 5, 2018

    tgj always finds the gayest pics possible to use

    • TRASHmine Juwanna Mann, TrollBISH & SMH omosexual are the same thing Davis expose TROLLmine on 5-3-18 May 5, 2018

      Like you don’t gag on c***…

      • Suicide Blonde May 5, 2018

        Hey Gurl. You seem so bitter. Let’s exchange profiles. You can be you and I can be me. Let’s be nice to each other for once okay.

        “So come on, let it go
        Just let it be
        Why don’t you be you
        And I’ll be me
        Everything that’s broke
        Leave it to the breeze
        Why don’t you be you
        And I’ll be me”

        James Bay – Let It Go

  3. DanYiel Iman May 5, 2018

    She’s a great vocalist!!

  4. JOHNVIDAL May 5, 2018

    LOL she still sounds more special with declined voice and all than all these basic vocalists that have come after the trinity. Ariana and the likes sound mute. All these legends need is some real promo from mainstream media (for example RADIO AIRPLAY) and they can even have success even on the charts (they already keep having it on tours and all that). They are THAT special as to keep being known and forever remembered and appreciated decades later. They were too big. Same goes for Mariah.

  5. stan May 5, 2018

    lol love it

  6. Lupita May 5, 2018


  7. Mateo May 6, 2018

    Are you sure that its Ryan Reynolds dancing? He moves like Yanis Marshall. I would double check and investigate this.

  8. Jasmine May 6, 2018

    hey gurl

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