Final Numbers Are In! Janelle Monae’s ‘Dirty Computer’ Delivers Her Best 1st Week Sales To Date

Published: Saturday 5th May 2018 by Rashad

‘Tightrope’ performer Janelle Monae has traipsed her way into yet another top 5 hit on the Billboard 200 thanks to her tertiary release, ‘Dirty Computer.’

Her first studio album in nearly five years, the set – kicked off by ‘I Like That,’ ‘Make Me Feel,’ ‘Django Jane,’ ‘Pynk,’ and a short film – has come as a welcomed addition to her critically acclaimed discography as it was greeted fanfare similar to that of its forerunners.  Initially, industry analysts suggested that critical laud wasn’t exactly reflected commercially as the LP was predicted to shift 37,000 units its first week (click here to read more on that).  The numbers, if proven true, would have delivered the singer’s second best first week sales of her career.  Keywords:  “would have.”

For, at the close of ‘Computer’s first full tracking week (May 4), a surge in sales has not only seen her leave that first report’s prediction in the dust, but also gifted her the best first week sales of her career:

Janelle Monae’s ‘Dirty Computer’

Pure Sales:  41,000

SPS:  54,000

With the numbers above, ‘Dirty Computer’ replaces its predecessor – 2013’s ‘Electric Lady’ (which shifted 47,000 its first week) – as the singer/songwriter’s best premiere week figures.

Congratz are certainly in order to Miss Monae!  Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more details on its chart placement on next week’s ‘TGJ Chart Check:  Billboard 200.’  [source]

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  1. Jasmine May 5, 2018

    I’m happy for her but these sales are low given the extraordinary amount of dollars spent on the album’s promotion. Multiple videos, a movie, live performances, etc. Now I see why labels are not investing a lot of money in female RnB singers…the return on investment is mighty low if at all.

    • Ispeakfacts May 5, 2018


      Sweetie…. it’s not just female r&b singers that are suffering from poor album sales…. so are pop artists! Actually some r&b artists are doing better!

      • King Z May 5, 2018

        thanks ispeakfacts for checking Jasmine’s uninformed azzz.

        go look at miley cyrus numbers last year and her promo was way higher than janelle’s and ‘malibu’ was a top 10 single. look at demi lovato’s sales (77k)…not much higher than janelle’s but demi had top 10 singles and promo on every major outlet.

        sales in general are bad. labels are finding other ways to recoup

      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

        Thanks ispeakfacts that helps.

      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

        Thanks queen z. That was informative. I do not listen to white people music so I am uninformed of the white flops. Thank you for inforMing me dear.

    • Audreyherbsburm May 5, 2018

      Is Janelle monae an r&b act though…?

      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

        Yes she is.

    • Jasmine the OG troll May 5, 2018


  2. Brent Christopher May 5, 2018

    this is truly some of her most EXQUISITE work!
    she is indeed one of our more formidable, organically talented ARTISTE’S!!

    • JOHNVIDAL May 5, 2018

      No doubt.

  3. Theman May 5, 2018

    These are good numbers for an alternative r&b artist. She didn’t have a huge hit.

  4. DanYiel Iman May 5, 2018

    I mean she sounds better now then in high school I’m not mad at her!!

  5. Darius C May 5, 2018

    Still a flop

    • Jeans May 5, 2018

      LOL @ still a flop

    • Brent Christopher May 5, 2018

      please grow up you raging homosexual! i really cannot stand when you sissies & kweens try to downplay the success of black artists. if it were not for them, there would be none of that pop crap you girlz shake & twerk about to.

  6. JOHNVIDAL May 5, 2018

    You know an album is being liked by people when sales expectations grow and with no radio hit whatsoever. I can only say FINALLY in her case. She is so good and creative.

  7. JD May 5, 2018

    Let’s get screwed!

  8. WRTW? May 6, 2018

    Why is everyone black or dark skin artist r&b even if they don’t make r&b music but soul singers like Adele who make r&b music are considered pop and are also given awards in the r&b categories. Asking for a friend?

    • G7Pat May 6, 2018

      Right xtinas new song is listed as pop when its clearly r n n n would b labeled as so if she were black

  9. Antincia foster May 6, 2018


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