Did You Miss It? Trey Songz Won’t Be Charged In Domestic Violence Case

Published: Friday 4th May 2018 by Rashad

The last month has been rocky (to say the least) for Trey Songz, but today brought news that gives the R&B hitmaker reason to celebrate.

A month post learning he evaded a felony criminal charge after his friends joined forces to contradict statements made by his alleged attack victim, Andrea Buera (click here to read more), Songz will also not be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Details inside:


“Trey Songz will not be charged in his domestic violence case… The L.A. City Attorney declined to file charges due to lack of sufficient evidence likely to result in a conviction…”



The victory comes after claims arose earlier this year indicating the singer was the perpetrator of an attack on Buera during NBA All-Star Weekend.  Click here to read more on those accusations…


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  1. Jasmine May 5, 2018

    Good maybe he will recognize this as a lucky break and mature up. He is pushing 35. Time for him to grow up, settle down, and mature instead of acting wild. I think if he shifted from immature music to grown music he would find a little niche and be more popular. Chris Brown will always have his spot so time for him to re-brand himself as a mature act.

    • Trashmine Juwanna Mann & TrollBISH are the same thing May 5, 2018

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      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

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      • TRASHmine Juwanna Mann, TrollBISH & SMH omosexual are the same thing Davis expose TROLLmine on 5-3-18 May 5, 2018

        Are you trying to be b e nice because David called you out as a TROLL.? You can keep it TROLLmine I see through your fakeness h0.

      • Jasmine May 5, 2018

        I am trying to be nice because I am a better person. You can keep being nasty and mean if you want but I don’t need to warn you that doing that has repercussions. Let’s try to be nice to each other for once. There is nothing fake about that. It is time for you to be you S****** and stop impersonating me. BTW, You are the only one obsessed with David. You been begging and pleading TGJ for months now about some bs and if you are that overly satisfied with being ignored and rejected for months only to have a nonfactor occur then you truly are not man enough. You don’t have any balls and it is time for you to stop hiding behind fake female accounts and be a man. Enough with the passy-agressive bs you project, enough with you being soulless, and enough with your nastiness. Be nice for a change S******.

      • TRASHmine Juwanna Mann, TrollBISH & SMH omosexual are the same thing David expose TROLLmine on 5-3-18 May 6, 2018

        Sis you have already been exposed as a TROLL but the ones who run this blog. You are a fraud.

  2. Gregg May 5, 2018

    He is just creepy to me..From listening to Keke Palmer tell the story of being at his place and him slapping Kelly Rowlands ass during her “motivation” performance a few years back….just seems disrespectful and creepy.

    • Caleb May 5, 2018

      I mean she went on to do a photo shoot with him and play in one of his music videos the next year so I’m pretty sure it was part of the performance.

  3. DanYiel Iman May 5, 2018

    Duh of course he PAID THOSE FOLKS OFF!!

  4. Caleb May 5, 2018

    So she hurt and damaged his reputation for no reason. Smh. I knew he was innocent.

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