Report: Billboard Music Awards Deliver Lowest Ratings In a Decade

Published: Monday 21st May 2018 by Rashad

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Despite delivering a kaleidoscope of acts with the likes of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Christina Aguilera leading the bill (click here to watch), the curators of the Billboard Music Awards were delivered news the 2018 edition had courted its lowest viewership since 2006.

Moving the show to a new network home of NBC (where it aired last night), the ceremony reeled in less than last year’s ABC-aired showing which, at the time, was itself a decade low with 8.7 million viewers.

Curious to see how much last night’s affair drew?  Look inside:

“Time-zone adjusted numbers put the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at 7.9 million viewers. That is a new low for the awards show in the key demo. It is also a decrease of approximately 8% in the demo and 9% in total viewers compared to the 2017 ceremony.

Nevertheless, it was the top-rated program on Sunday night in the demo.” [source]


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  1. Tori May 21, 2018

    Well…it is what it is. Most people didn’t know it was coming on and they found out they really didn’t care. 7 million for an award is just a slap in the face. Did they even promote?

    • gina May 22, 2018

      I don’t think so. I never saw one commercial for it until the day before, and I still didn’t watch it lol. I watched the performances online yesterday like everybody else.

  2. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 21, 2018

    1. Not enough male performers

    2. This is expected. TV on demand is the trending way to watch TV because no commercials and you watch it when you want to

    • Keith May 22, 2018

      @Jasmine: That is an interesting thought. What male performers might have brought more viewers to the table? Rappers? Singers?

    • SdotB May 22, 2018

      On Demand does have commercials, just not as many. Plus for many of the programs you cannot fast forward at all.

  3. LB May 21, 2018

    With all the Janet, Taylor Snake and BTS hype I would have thought the ratings would be better.

    • Its me Gowrl May 22, 2018


  4. Alex May 21, 2018

    A certain artist wasn’t there, that’s why. ?

    • DanYiel Iman May 22, 2018

      Obviously they needed more then just Janet’s whispers to full the likes of talented artists!!

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 22, 2018

        U mean Beyoncé’s idol?

      • ??? May 22, 2018

        lmao roach screeching wouldnt have done better, she couldnt even get 500K people to stream her screetching at roachella lmfao

    • Typhoon May 22, 2018

      Exactly, CHER should’ve been there’s like the prior year.

    • ??? May 22, 2018

      lmao the rating would have been even lower if roach showed up. she couldnt even pull 500K streams for roachella so lets not lmfaoooooo

  5. Ropeburn May 21, 2018

    Meh. Awards shows all across the board have suffered from low ratings for some years now. The media and music landscape is so fragmented that it’s hard to get people to sit through hours of performances by artists they don’t care about.

  6. Wow May 21, 2018

    Why watch someone who uses autotune/studio tricks normally, butcher songs “live”?

    When back in the day you had Celine, Michael, Cher, Mariah, Prince, Madonna, Whitney, Janet, Elton, etc, all taking the stage in their primes?

    It’s nothing but corn pop and f****** stupid nowadays.

  7. Cbeylive May 21, 2018

    Been going on for years next year it will be lower

  8. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ May 22, 2018

    Janet slayed

  9. Xyz May 22, 2018

    They will go downhill with each year. No one cares for these shows were the showbusiness is just celebrating itself. All we care for are the performances and we can see them online. So why should we watch the entire show of self-congratulation?

    • Xyz May 22, 2018


  10. I HATE WHYYTE N BLACCK BITCHEZZZZ both not ish May 22, 2018

    Y’all had too many Latinos performing

  11. Vera May 22, 2018

    this is expected in todays age. People dont have the attention span to commit to such long shows when they can watch their favorite clips on demand the next day. Ratings for all shows will continue to drop across the board

  12. G7Pat May 22, 2018

    But performances r still trending fewer people will watch the actual telecast each year

    • Jeans May 22, 2018

      And with beyonce the results would have been the same

      • ??? May 22, 2018

        lmao even lower, roach doesnt pull viewers and thats a fact lmao

  13. SMH May 22, 2018

    Not surprised. Award show ratings across the board are all on a decline thanks to streaming & on-demand, not to mention that basically nobody sits through an entire award show anymore. Eventually theyre gonna stop broadcasting on TV altogether & start streaming these shows from their websites.

    Janet still slayed lives though lol.

  14. KB May 22, 2018

    Does it matter Janet still benefited from it ,record sales has gone up and her albums all have charted on I tunes chart.

  15. Alex May 22, 2018

    TV is dieing, period.

  16. Poor TROLLmine had to change her picture. May 22, 2018

    Janet can’t even pull in the viewers oh well people have list interest in her.

  17. JoeJoe May 22, 2018

    Well of course it was gonna be low rated. The only big event that was happening was Janet. There were no Rihanna, Taylor, Nicki, Drake, and whoever else is hot. Nobody is gonna tune in for a 3 hour show just to watch 1 person. I know I wouldn’t. Also they moved it to a new network NBC and nobody watches NBC. Also the NBA finals were on the same time.

  18. F You May 22, 2018

    Hardly no black performers, sounds about white

  19. Jasmine the Princess May 22, 2018

    Poor Janet couldn’t even pull in the viewers, oh well no ones is checking for her anymore. It’s seems the Jackson name is losing its appeal it’s the only reason she became famous off her brother like the rest of the Jackson’s.

    • daclassyman May 25, 2018

      Poor Janet… increased her catalog sales up 939% … so RICHER Janet. LMAO

  20. daclassyman May 25, 2018


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