Cardi B Accuses Jay-Z Of Cheating On Beyonce? The Beyhive Responds With Fire & Fury

Published: Friday 29th Jun 2018 by David

Members of the Beyhive are shaking with rage after Cardi B, in a bid to defend her husband Offset, seemed to accuse Jay-Z of cheating on his wife Beyonce.

Full story below…

Cardi has found herself forced to defend her decision to stay with Offset after he was accused of cheating on her with a number of his lady friends.

So, to remind her critics that she isn’t the first celebrity to forgive and forget, she said this…

The Beyhive was triggered.


Do you think Cardi was wrong to drag Jay’s name into the messiness?

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  1. Meme June 29, 2018

    This woman is dumb it’s embarrassing

    • China June 29, 2018

      Cardi is Dumb? But in three short years a Multi-millionare who is currently OUT-SELLING all the other ladies on the charts. She is proven to be a force in the Music Business. She sells ho_e

      • ??? June 29, 2018

        lmao you mean out STREAMING lmfaooooo

      • XYZ June 29, 2018

        That doesn’t qualify her as intelligent. There are a lot of dumb, but rich people. She has a good team, was at the right time at the right place and is talented – I give her that. Additionally to that she is hustling, can’t take that away. But all of that doesn’t make her intelligent

    • Ejai June 29, 2018

      Not only that…..the statement she made was true…so not sure why that qualifies her as dumb.

      • Meme June 29, 2018

        If you don’t see what’s dumb about that statement then you too is lost.

      • SMH June 29, 2018

        Its a true statement, but she’s dumb for using them as examples, because it only shows that they’re all dumb for staying with cheating partners.

    • Angello June 29, 2018

      ???? Camel Z did cheat Beyawnse. Both monetized it. Both made an album about it. the smelly Beyhive need to buy Everything is FIop instead of coming for other artists that are saying nothing but the true.

  2. JAQUALA FLETCHER June 29, 2018

    But they did cheat sooooo why they mad. Jay cheated more than once he admitted that as well

  3. I Said It June 29, 2018

    The BeyHive need to go stream Everything Has Flopped and stay off of Beyoncé’s D I C K she speaks of having. She mentioned other cheaters as well. It ain’t like she lied. I can guarantee the ones going in on her are probably being cheated on, but you’re worried about a celebrity’s relationship that you don’t even know in real life. Do Better Clowns! ?

    • kevo June 29, 2018

      I totally agree. MF’s kill me acting line Bey and Jay ain’t human beings who make mistakes. There was nothing wrong with what she said, she made a valid point. Her message was people f*** up and work it out just like everyone else. I don’t see people targeting her because she said something about Martin Luther King, but when mentions Jay…she gotta be dumb! People are so f****** immature.

      • kevo June 29, 2018

        *acting like

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 29, 2018

      I agree. They should support their queen b with sales support.

      • Ejai June 29, 2018


      • ??? June 29, 2018

        lmfaooooo screaming @ ‘sales support’ LMFAOOOOO!!!!

  4. Linda June 29, 2018

    B******* we new he was cheating two kids then popped up and he avoiding blood work and that’s why her sister whipped his ass cause the whole family knew and why u think he gave her more kids not to leave him nothings planned but s*** happened so back off cardi b she young and she will learn she only 25 Beyonce older and wiser and got jay rite where she want him ..

    • ??? June 29, 2018

      lmao no dear, roach is older and dumber. camel is still cheating on her and she’s still pooping out his babies like a dumbass. camel has HER where HE wants her-dumb stupid and blind lmfaooooo.

  5. Lmfao_Hoe June 29, 2018

    All I gotta say is she could’ve simply said she’s respecting her vows thru sickness and health, bad or good. They took a vow and if she forgave him that’s her decision. Nothing wrong here just leave others out of the examples and let it be known you and your man are both good, importantly the baby that’s due soon too. So much hate and not enough love spread these days smh, then a lot people wonder why the world has been so damn cruel lately

  6. Erica June 29, 2018

    why are the infested roaches mad? What she said is the truth

  7. Tutorial June 29, 2018

    Jayz cheated multiple times. Bey forgave. Beyhive, your fave may not be 5th baby mama but she is most likely the Third. let’s not forget J has a pending paternity test that he is refusing to take. So Cardi right.

  8. Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 29, 2018

    What she said was flat out stupid though. When people confront you about your man cheating you make a list of other men who did it? As if that makes it okay? And furthermore, they’re right. Cardi is stupid. And Jay Z and Offset are 2 different situations. Cheating within a marriage with kids isn’t the same thing as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, especially if you weren’t pregnant yet. And even if you were pregnant when he did it, don’t marry him??? Cardi had the best opportunity to run. Her career was taking off, she wasn’t married. She could’ve pulled a Taylor Swift and used it for her favor (which she tried to do with Be Careful and essentially failed). That opportunity isn’t as perfect and simple for people who have a marriage and family they want to fight for.

    • ??? June 29, 2018

      lmao chile shut up. staying with a man that keeps cheating on you is STUPID, whether hes your boyfriend or your husband. thats why women dont get taken seriously and men continue to sh*t on yall with other women. BECAUSE YOURE IDIOTS lmfaooooo.

  9. ??? June 29, 2018

    lmao, um the FLOP hive needs to sit their stupid asses down and go stream Everything Has FLOPPED. Its a well known fact that camel’s been cheating on roach since day 1, why are they mad at corni again? maybe because both her album and single are outselling the sh*t out of Everthing is FLOPPED and APEFLOP? lmfaooooooooooooooo silly bugs.

  10. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 29, 2018

    In the words of Miss E, “All men cheat except for Obama” LOL. Now if your husband cheats on you that is nobody’s business but yall but if he is foolish enough to get caught then u have to boss up and handle his ass. If he has a prenuptial agremeent against u then that is the perfect time to force him to renup that sh|t so that u can get paid well when u leave him or if he leaves u. Rule number 2 is never marry a man whose net worth is less than yours ladies. Always marry up or be equally yoked. There is no point in marrying a broke niqqa or a man with little net worth. They gonna cheat too so why not marry a rich man? Rule 4 is never marry a man with more than one baby mamma. Multiple baby mamas means drama and a big hell no.

  11. ceeplez June 29, 2018

    i wish yall would stop with these posts ! clearly we know he cheated therefore she didnt accuse him of anything. some posts are not necessary. damn click bait.

  12. G7Pat June 29, 2018

    But didn’t he ..n she gave him twins

  13. DanYiel Iman June 29, 2018

    I love how Beyoncé & Jay z marriage is the speaking point for all of Hollywood!!✌??

    • blue June 29, 2018

      you mean after they made it into a spectacle?

      or is that when she listed a list of other celebs next to Jay and the only ones who cared for the Jay part are the hive?

      lol…y’all are truly delusional.

      • SMH June 29, 2018

        Exactly, literally nobody else is reporting about this. A delusional bunch indeed lol.

  14. Mr2Raw4U June 29, 2018

    Did she lie tho?

    Hell Bey and Jay made whole albums about the fact that he cheated. A lot of y’all still trying to figure out who is Becky with the good hair.

  15. Renee June 29, 2018

    Nope don’t think she was wrong she just left out a lot more nobody relationship is perfect.

  16. Jazmine June 29, 2018

    She not lying though , although IDK About MLK. . . I never heard that one before but Jay-z did cheat. Lol Even if it was “Once”. They even apparently talked about it in their music. So idk why the Fleahive so upset about it. Yet they upset about anything anyone says about Beyezelbulb. Cry baby worshiping ass titty suckers. Lmfao! Also , don’t reply back to me if you going to cut up. I’m open for friendly debates . After all it isn’t MY life it’s their damn life. I’m just stating my opinion as everyone does on a daily. 🙂

    • SheReady July 2, 2018

      Chile, MLK used to cheat with white women ?

  17. Caleb June 29, 2018

    Jay and Bey talk about it in their own music so what’s the big deal?

  18. RealNegro June 29, 2018

    She didn’t say anything wrong! Well known infidelity. Your dad and man probably cheated as well. If they like it, I love it.

  19. t June 29, 2018

    Beyhive go buy B and J’s new album!!!!!
    Becuase from sales you didn’t!!! Why you’ll mad; he admitted to it!
    Sidebar we all knew before he told!
    Love Cardi!!!

  20. Thando June 30, 2018

    Offset cheated, Cardi forgave and got pregnant AND married Offset. JayZ cheated, Beyonce forgave JayZ not only did she forgive him she thought getting pregnant would solve the issue AND she renewed her vows to JayZ therefore there is nothing wrong with Cardi comparing her situation to Beyonce’s because they both forgave their cheating partners AND got pregnant off of these men. So Cardi is right, if she’s “stupid” for forgiving Offset, then so is Beyonce. Judging by Beyonce’s calmness in that elevator fight, that was NOT the first time that was happening. No wife would ever stand by and do nothing while her sister is swinging at her husband.

  21. Tessie June 30, 2018

    She was wrong for dragging anyone’s name into her mess.

  22. Detruth June 30, 2018

    I won’t say she is right or wrong what you put up with in your relationship is your business. She is married and making millions when most ppl going in on her are single, lonely, and not securing her kind of bag. Many rich and famous men cheat rather their married or dating another celebrity or not. Not saying its right to put up with it but we would have a lot more divorces if every marriage ended when 1 party is unfaithful.

  23. SheReady July 2, 2018

    She didn’t accuse him lmao there are 3 full albums that tell us he cheated. Yall funny.

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