New Song: Ariana Grande – ‘The Light Is Coming (ft. Nicki Minaj)’

Published: Wednesday 20th Jun 2018 by Sam

Ariana Grande is sprinkling her new album ‘Sweetener’ onto the charts song by song.

Ahead of the project’s August 17th arrival, the Pop starlet has opted to unleash ‘The Light Is Coming’ as the latest taste of the set (which is now available for pre-order).

The whimsical cut was produced by Pharrell Williams and reunites Grande with frequent collaborator Nicki Minaj.

Take a listen below…

A refreshing number for Ari, whose releases up until now have following a fairly safe trajectory sonically.

This does away with the usual structure in favor of production that is arguably much more interesting.

Is it “single worthy”? We vote “no,” but it doesn’t seem to be lined up to be anyway.

It does, however, successfully function to showcase  the variety Ms. Grande is about to serve up with her fourth studio effort.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AnonymousTruth June 20, 2018

    I’m confused , she’s been teasing this song …. she has a video she is also teasing ….. but this “isn’t a single” ?

  2. Kenhern June 20, 2018

    Meh. Not good at all. I would’ve expected something better

  3. Gavin Gavalli June 20, 2018

    Seriously I’m so over this era of music ! I feel like artist are like who can release the craziest peice if sh*t and still sell ! I’m over it !

  4. China June 20, 2018

    She has a top notch vocal ability but she CONTINUES TO RELEASE GARBAGE. She will end up like Jesse J. Demi and the others……disposable talent. She WILL NOT have a career like PINK who continues to have Top Ten singles – 20 years in.

  5. Jay June 20, 2018

    This is terrible lol.. wow

  6. Meme June 20, 2018

    Reminds me of Nicole Scherzinger Supervillian

  7. drinkmybussyjuice June 20, 2018

    let me start by saying that i love her albums. im not that into her as a performer, but her albums always give me something to bump to….however this is the WORST song i have hear in a long time.. not just from her but from ANYONE. IT is all over the place and the cover is AWFUL

  8. Whoops ???‍♀️?? June 20, 2018

    It’s awful. The chorus sounds like it was written by a 5 year old and the melody is so broken that it makes the song nearly unlistenable. Like, do you dance to this, vibe to this, what? I appreciate a unique production but Pharrell has really been throwing noise together and calling it music. Same thing he did with those other terrible last songs Lemon and Sangria. Surprisingly, Nicki is the best part of the song. And for some reason, Ariana’s vocals here are super lazy and weak.

  9. XYZ June 20, 2018

    Whoa- that was bad

  10. Bad bixxx June 20, 2018

    A certified bop, will be working out at the gym to this all summer

  11. Caleb June 20, 2018

    This is really terrible. Like unlistenable.

  12. Onika June 20, 2018

    I like it…it bops

  13. Haterz Gon’ Hate June 20, 2018

    Wow. Pharell really fell off didn’t he? What kind of B-Side, Album Filler, nonsense is this???????

    At least ‘NTLTC’ had a addictive hook, melody, and vocal key changes. This is a mess. And, from the video clip I’m not sure why she’s doing s*** to this song, Choreo and attitude are the only things that will engage beyond a first watch.

    SMH, the mediocrity of it all. ??‍♂️

  14. DanYiel Iman June 20, 2018

    Yea I’m going to pass on this message!!

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