New Song: Maxwell – ‘We Never Saw It Coming’

Published: Tuesday 12th Jun 2018 by Sam

Maxwell is back.

The Neo-Soul pioneer has unlocked new single ‘We Never Saw It Coming.’

Aptly titled, the track launch comes as somewhat of a surprise, although the crooner had been cryptically teasing the title ‘The Glass House’ on social media.

As it turns out, ‘The Glass House’ is a dramatic short film designed as a vehicle for ‘We Never Saw It Coming’.

We wish we could tell you more about the Bush + Renz helmed visual, but it premiered on TIDAL and is currently sitting on the platform as an exclusive. So there goes that.

Thankfully though, the song has been made available more widely. Take a listen below…

We love us some Maxwell, but this is a little lacking.

Perhaps it strikes a more potent chord when paired with its visual, but in isolation its core melody seems lost amidst a seemingly endless stream of sentences. Wordy ones at that.

Sure his appeal has never been rooted in candy-coated hooks, however this would have been better served with a sweeter approach to its sonics and memorability.

Still, a part of us is just elated to have Maxwell back on the scene and we remain amped for his new album ‘NIGHT’ (which arrives later in the year). It serves as the concluding part of his ‘BLACKsummers’night‘ trilogy.

Speaking to That Grape Juice recently, the 45-year-old confirmed that he wouldn’t be taking as long a break as he’s been renown for (see: the seven year gap between his last two projects).

And, at the very least, he’s standing by that promise.

Now all that’s needed is more compelling material.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ughhh June 12, 2018

    Song is kind of sleepy and boring. Not really made for a summer release.

  2. Bravo!! June 12, 2018

    I stop the song but the part I heard sound like it will tackle racist and the visual will do something with are Ancestors

    • Deyzz June 12, 2018


      • Bravo!! June 13, 2018

        The cross is burning references racist and he said something about they walk among us, and that reference are ancestors. So I feel this song is about racist. We never saw this coming being back fighting even harder for are rights. Being more divided in this time.

      • Bravo!! June 13, 2018


      • Bravo!! June 13, 2018

        He feel them walking no chance of overcoming the cross is burning.. I feel the song is about racist

      • Deyzz June 14, 2018

        Got it. You mean racism.

  3. Deyzz June 12, 2018

    Oh Maxwell…..too slow and wordy, but I will always love the voice. Oh, the recognizable sound you give me goosebumps! However, please, please get back to Sumthin’, Sumthin’. I miss your uptempo songs. That’s how you got me in the first place. Then Whenever Whatever left me speechless.
    Maxwell please back track to the beginning. You have been riding on “A Woman’s Work” for awhile now.

  4. China June 13, 2018

    Oh he’s now from Wakanda? Since When? This Fake black girl — whose IG page was Dedicated to his traveling the world with his WHITE GAY MALE FRIENDS??? He’s like Glover/Childish Gambino — using Black issues to Sell records when HE IS OBESSESSED WITH WHITE CULTURE. Queen bye……….. Maxwell is the dark skin african guy in the African Carb who dates a Bleached Blonde Guy. FAKE.

  5. Incognegro1983 June 13, 2018

    This is par for the course for Maxwell – poignant and thoughtful, which are placed with great vocals and beautiful music. This strikes me as an album/EP track versus a lead-single. Not because of poor quality, but because the subject matter and musicianship might be a bit much for people to casually handle. In this world of trap-beats, catchy choruses and hooks, and cute visuals – people do not have the attention span for anything that is not readily entertaining. Yes, I agree, this is not my favorite Maxwell song; however, I feel the value of the song is lost due to current trends in music.

    • Deyzz June 14, 2018


  6. Barb2Barb June 13, 2018


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