Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ Demos Leak

Published: Friday 27th Jul 2018 by David

In 1998, Madonna- then a new mother- poured her mind, body and soul into ‘Ray of Light’, the poignant Pop album many agree is her magnum opus.

Filled with moving stories delivered on Trip-Hop, Electronic and Ambient beats, the set saw the singer document her feelings towards fame’s fleeting and soulless nature (Drowned World)  her longing for real love (Frozen) and the loss of her mother(Mer Girl).

With all of this mind, fans may not know whether to react with rage or glee once they discover that a number of the album’s demos have surfaced online.

The video above was published with the message below…

This is a compilation of snippets from the demo assembly CD of what would become Madonna’s magnum opus,1998’s Ray Of Light. This particular assembly of songs has a more urban and R&B sound,akin to the sounds of Bedtime Stories and Something To Remember. At the time she was working once again with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and was originally going to create a Bedtime Stories 2.0,but the entire album started over from scratch after meeting and working with the final producer,William Orbit. Some of the songs were scrapped off the final album and never released,while one (Has To Be) was used as a bonus track in international territories and others (Frozen,Sky Fits Heaven,and Nothing Really Matters) were reworked into the final versions we know and love. It’s fascinating to hear these songs twenty years later and see a window into what could have been on the Ray Of Light album. Unfortunately I do not own full versions of any of these songs featured in this video and I’m only sharing the clips that I downloaded via Madonna-Infinity forums,thanks to club78boy.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Boytoy1814 July 27, 2018

    Madonna getting ready 2 cuss someone out 4 this leak!

    • Fancy BISH July 27, 2018

      lol, fa sho 🤳🏽 As a fan, I’m glad to hear it tho! 🎶

  2. Meteorite July 27, 2018

    I’m glad she did decide to rethink the concept and go with William Orbit.
    Now I have to go listen to the Ray of Light album

    • Mensa Mania July 27, 2018

      Same. I enjoy Bedtime Stories more because it sounds so different compared to ROL. Both beautiful.

  3. Teflon Boy July 27, 2018

    Bedtime Stories was stunning.., Ray of Light deserved to be it’s own thing too so it was wise to rethink the sound. Madonna works best when she goes in with one main producer per project. She doesn’t leave anything on the table, which is what allows her to move onto a new sound without leaving fans wanting more of the last.

  4. China July 27, 2018

    Bedtimes stories is her most Passionate and powerful CD. The lyrics. The stories. Forbidden Love is just perfection. Love Tried To Welcome Me is the best song she has every written.

    • Mensa Mania July 27, 2018

      Yes!!! Welcome Me brings me to tears. You know it’s about a s** worker?

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