New Song: Lil Yachty – ‘Who Want the Smoke’ (featuring Offset & Cardi B)

Published: Friday 6th Jul 2018 by Rashad


Cardi B is reassuring fans that ‘Who Want Smoke,’ her recent collaboration with Offset and Lil Yachty, is NOT a Nicki Minaj diss.

Despite featuring lines like “This attention is so flatterin’ ’cause they’re admirin’ / Don’t know what’s on their mind but it should be retirement / Get the AARP or this AR get to firin” and “These bitches is 0-3 / And there ain’t a lower league, all in my ovaries / The fur on my shoulder mink / Tell me what Hov would think,” the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ rapstress is saying the accusations are misguided.

Listen inside and tell us what you think?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Mynk July 6, 2018

    She lying ! Who else need a AARP CARD chile… WHO?!

  2. D July 6, 2018

    Cardi I love u….but this was….trash. I’ll just stick to listening to the #1 song in America for now lol

  3. Thatflopjuice July 6, 2018

    I love how y’all never the question St Nick’s shots at Female Rappers in 90% of her music… Y’all been free passing and spoiling and yes men’ing The b**** for 10 years straight and y’all wonder why the hate train ain’t stalling anytime soon. ? P.S. St Nick name drops Bardi in Ganja Smoke, tea been spilled ☕️ Can’t wait for this Q**** era to flop for the culture ??

    • Hoodrat July 6, 2018

      How can you want Nicki to flop when she is your culture? You sound dumb as f***. This website been riding the Cardi B train for awhile now.

      • Thatflopjuice July 6, 2018

        You gentrified b****! Leopard beehive gimmick galore swaggerjacking, conniving and evil industry S**** built Nicholas Molestaj is NOT my culture. You are so dumb. ??? Shes the worst thing to happen to female rap and music PERIOD and you will deal. #AllAboardTheNickiHateTrain chooo! Chooo! ? ?

    • Ri Ri July 6, 2018

      First of all,the song is called Ganga Burn. Second, you like all the other Nicki haters. That song was just leaked a few days and as usual y’all Nicki haters are always front and center every time one of her songs are released. Yet y’all say y’all wish she would go away. However, for some reason y’all just can’t stop listening to her.
      Nicki makes music for her fans, she’s not forcing y’all to listen to her. Nicki has been black-balled at the radio stations. They rarely play Nicki’s music so it’s not like you can’t escape her music. The radio stations are flooded with Cardi B. Twice an hour they’re playing Cardi B. Cardi is the worse female rapper I’ve heard. I only like 2 verses of hers. Her rapping skills needs much improvement. I’d rather listen to Iggy Azalea over Cardi.

  4. Yolanda July 6, 2018

    Why is Cardi so quick to open Nicki’s legs and whisper I’m sorry? Nicki did not write a disclaimer about Ganja Burn when social media said that it included a Cardi diss!! Nicki disses Cardi every two seconds and Cardi rips off her panties, spreads her lips, and blows!!!!

  5. Yolanda July 6, 2018

    Hip hop needs a little dissing every now and again. Sheez. I don’t even like the song now. Cardi should’ve just kept us wondering. Simp from The Bronx.

  6. Binx July 6, 2018

    God this was dreadful.

  7. Niggah in Africa July 6, 2018

    I’d pass and stick to this blunt ???

  8. Loskii July 6, 2018

    I mean that’s what nicki do so hey why not! It’s always shot after shot after shot! Nicki do this s*** all the time!

    • Hoodrat July 6, 2018

      Sad part is that someone wrote this for Cardi. She can’t even write her own disses. Regardless this song is not radio friendly.

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