Azealia Banks Creates Chaos On Twitter / Throws Jabs At Nicki Minaj

Published: Friday 6th Jul 2018 by Nehemiah

As always, Azealia Banks is the conductor of controversy on on social media.

After her raptress rival Nicki Minaj shared a teaser of her upcoming video ‘Bed,’ laying on a beach clad with a mermaid tail and a green wig, Azealia ignited a firestorm of tweets accusing Minaj of duplicating her signature style — and also slammed her for poor execution.

Details below…

She boldly stated: Why does nicki Minaj have to be so damn corny,” she wrote in the opening tweet. “Like sometimes it’s just like sis !!!!! Find some art !!! Please !! Lol.”

The New Yorker, who was referencing her ‘Aquababe’ and ‘Fantasea’ aesthetics, clearly seems to think she’s the only allowed to dabble with mermaid imagery.

Banks continued throwing a slew of jabs towards Onika, but in the midst of the verbal assault she claimed that she and Nicki “supposedly” teamed up to block Iggy Azelea from prospering.


The baffling comments come after the two seemingly reached a resolution last year when AB apologized via Instagram DM for her catty behavior; much of which stalled the two from forging an alliance.

Following the fence mending, the ‘Anna Wintour’ rapper supported and praised ‘Chun Li’ – until she she decided to hop on the so-called “Nicki-hate-train.”

And Azealia wasn’t the only one on boarding. For, as reported, Joseline Hernandez has hitch-hiked a ride too.


As for Azealia. She clearly chooses controversy to market her talent; a pattern that has become redundant as she continues to pave her path with negative headlines. None of which help her new music. There’s no denying that the ‘Chi-Chi’ rapper is talented by leaps and bounds by over industry counterparts, but her behavior has blocked the masses from recognizing her for gift.

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  1. Loskii July 6, 2018

    I mean she does have a point nick has not authenticity at all. Like she always tryna surf on somebody else’s wave. Point in case why she doesn’t have a number one or a Grammy because she doesn’t authenticity.

    • ??? July 6, 2018

      lmao chile shut up, you just hoppin on the bandwagon too. azubica or whatever the hell her name is jacked this bullsh*t from the little mermaid, so where is her so called authenticity? or her grammy? or her number one song? lmfaoooooo

      • audreyherbsburn July 6, 2018

        where’s nicki’s authenticity? or her grammy? and superbass will be her last one, and the credit for that really belongs to ester dean.

    • Bettie clayton July 6, 2018

      White folk is why her bey and jay never wins top awards but they. Are the best…..

  2. L July 6, 2018

    Nicki getting dragged left and right since shether, she needs to retire tired of nicki

  3. Hoodrat July 6, 2018

    Azealia Banks be reaching hard. Sade was a mermaid in one of her video, so does that mean Azealia Banks copied her? No it doesn’t. Azealia Banks desperate for attention and sales for her new single.

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