Tekashi 69 Kidnapped / Receives Severe Beatdown

Published: Sunday 22nd Jul 2018 by David

Tekashi 69 is recovering in hospital after he was kidnapped and beaten mercilessly by a crew of armed men!

Full story below…

The colourful creation was minding his own business on the set of a video shoot in Brooklyn this morning when he was spotted by a group of men who went on to block his access to his driveway as he tried to enter his home.

There was nowhere for him to run when the villains jumped out of the car, pulled him out of his and knocked him out by pistol whipping him!


It wasn’t long before the men are said to have entered his home (where his girlfriend and daughter were sleeping) and made off with $750,000 worth of goods and almost $20,000 in cash!

Then, they got back into the car (where the performer was still knocked out in the backseat) and sped away from the scene.

Little did they know that the rapper had actually regained consciousness and was waiting for the right moment to escape from the moving vehicle and free himself for their web of terror.

When the time was right, he opened his eyes, flung the door open,  jumped out of the car, ran towards another car and begged its driver to let him in….much to the horror of his kidnappers who were forced to watch him get away.


The stranger called 911 and then asked 69 to get out of the car at an intersection.

An ambulance came and Tekashi was taken to a hospital, where he remains.  Doctors are performing various tests, including a CT scan.

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  1. July 22, 2018

    He needs to get protection when you are a Celeb no matter who you are people will try you.

  2. Meme July 22, 2018

    These youngins need to be safe. They are too flamboyant and are easy targets for real street goons. Celebs today are far too accessible.

  3. Hmm July 22, 2018

    He talks wayyyy too much and should take this as a warning that the streets are not a game. I understand he’s using the gimmick to get yourself out there but at this point he needs to chill out.

  4. Nah July 22, 2018

    You stole this story and half the text from TMZ and aren’t going to credit them?

    TGJ love stealing other peoples work

    • Just saying July 22, 2018


    • Bey Sting July 22, 2018

      That isn’t a picture, clearly marked with TMZ’s?logo, in the middle of the story? And how does one steal news?

      • Nah July 22, 2018

        hunniiii i work in copyright and protection, i do this s*** daily. they haven’t credited any images, what they’ve done isn’t adequate, and i know they cheap ass hasnt paid for em. they haven’t credited any of the text they copied word for word for tmz. they can have legal proceedings filed against them. the only thing they wrote for themselves is that bedtime story sounding ish about “villains” and a “crew of armed men” pfffft

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 22, 2018

        Written text is protected under journalistic copyright once it is pulished. TGJ should have copied the meaning of the article an rewrote all of the text and wrote proper credits that the story came from TMZ. Alternatively, TGJ could have just taken the easy way and just said the story came from TMZ with a link to TMZ’s site like other site do that don’t feel like writing a new article on it.

      • Bey Sting July 22, 2018

        I’m confused. You say you do this daily but didn’t notice that the part from TMZ is clearly placed in a quotation format. ?. That is the part you say was “plagiarised” right? ?

    • Xavier Woods July 22, 2018

      If they stole it at least they could’ve updated it as well!
      Here’s the update…

      UPDATE: 9:30 AM PT Tekashi told a different story to cops. Law enforcement sources tell us, they ended up interviewing 69 and he said the following: At around 4:25 AM Sunday, he was a passenger in a Chevy Tahoe at a Brooklyn intersection, sitting at a red light, when a car bumped them from behind. He told cops 2 men with guns jumped out, stole the driver’s iPhone and then grabbed Tekashi and dragged him into their car and sped away.

      Law enforcement says they drove to Tekashi’s home and he called someone inside — presumably his baby mama — and asked her to come down with his jewelry … which she did. Our sources say Tekashi then told cops he managed to escape and reported the incident to cops, but then became uncooperative. He checked himself into the hospital. Our sources say they have no idea how Tekashi was injured.

      The 2 stories are obviously different. As for why … Tekashi has bragged that people don’t mess with him. The version he told his people make him look harder than the version he told cops. You be the judge, but it seems pretty easy to figure this one out.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 22, 2018

        I agree. Why not just cite TMZ with a link to their site? Plagarism is not cool but then again this site is really just a Beyone fan club site and she is a queen of plagarism and not giving proper credit. Neyo called her out on it once and she was like oh my bad.


    No gun…..tek dn’t have a gun. This post is a lie…. neighbor’s didn’t call ice….. No video either…lies lies lies

  6. Achooo! July 22, 2018

    Plagiarized! Tekashi catered to that lifestyle so they delivered.

  7. Jaybee July 22, 2018

    Anything to get that music to sell

  8. Marcel July 22, 2018

    Wasn’t he arrested for sleeping with An underaged girl?

  9. Abel July 22, 2018

    XXXTentacion, The Whatever Twins, and now this guy. Who the f*** are these people?

    • xyz July 22, 2018

      Asking myself the same, but I guess I‘m just getting old

  10. Sanghai Stephens July 22, 2018

    Sorry man to here that

  11. xyz July 22, 2018

    Where the f*** do they all get their money from?

    I actually haven’t heard of all these people before they started killing each other

  12. SNF July 22, 2018

    ALL this to promote a song lol

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 22, 2018

    the only bad news I read is that hes STILL ALIVE

    • Beam Me Up Scotty July 22, 2018

      You’re a disgusting person.

  14. Beam Me Up Scotty July 22, 2018

    Why no post on his new song “Fefe” featuring Nicki Minaj? It’s really good.

  15. Bravo!! July 22, 2018

    One of his close friends set him
    Up. Because how did the robbers know his home address.

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