Demi Lovato Issues Statement Following Drug Overdose

Published: Sunday 5th Aug 2018 by Sam

Demi Lovato has broken her silence following her near-brush with death.

As widely reported, the singer made headlines last week when she was rushed to hospital after drug overdose.

Now, following confirmation of her stable condition, the 25-year-old has released a statement.

Her words below…

Expressing gratitude for the support received, she offered the following…

Kudos to her for her candidness.

We wish her a speedy and enduring recovery.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rasputia Latimore August 5, 2018

    Translation: I’m a crack head and I’m gonna stay a crack head. LOL She should get wit the program and stop hardcore drug use. I only smoke weed and drink wine coolers and you never heard anything about me overdosing LMAO.

    • MBD August 5, 2018

      Lmfao…u wrong for that!

    • Danzou is laughing at how TROLLMINE got exposed 7-31-18 with his FAKE modeling pictures. August 5, 2018

      TROLLmine aka TRASHmine aka JASman aka Shaniqua aka Shanishaniquaisanana aka Jazmenique aka Jazzneka aka Jazznifa aka Ting Tong Lee aka Amanda
      aka Vile Peasent aka Rasputia Latimore you are as sick as ever you are so F’ed you make Azealia Banks seem like she’s Mother Teresa!

      • Rasputia Latimore August 5, 2018

        Shut up b|tch and stop stalking my comments. Go fetch me a wine cooler you white trash meth demon.

      • 1989 August 5, 2018

        Back to your old self sweetie.
        I guess your mother’s basement fits you as well as ever.
        Stay there eating all day and saying hateful to everybody…sooner or later you receive what is yours. Last week you were exposed and your little credibility now worths as much as Azelia’s.
        Danzou is right you’re a sick guy, go take your meds!

      • Rasputia Latimore August 6, 2018

        Stop being so damn serious / sensative. Realize there is a cultural difference here and move on. I come from sites like TMZ and M.T.O where it is quite the norm to call white people crackers and gay people f.a.g.s all day long so if a bad word slips here and there in my comments don’t read it b|tch. It’s not personal. I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you uptight queens. Now how u doin?

      • Danzou is laughing with how the TROLLS are getting busted these days August 6, 2018

        Are you racist?
        Are you a model?
        Are you a black female?
        Are you married to a real life man?

      • Rasputia Latimore August 6, 2018

        Are you racist? NONE OF YOUR BUSINUESS!
        Are you a model? NONE OF YOUR BUSINUESS!
        Are you a black female? NONE OF YOUR BUSINUESS!
        Are you married to a real life man? NONE OF YOUR BUSINUESS!

        Now go make yourself useful and go find a man and stop stalking my comments. Cultural Differences. You stay mad about nothing. Aint nobody forcing you to read my comments so stop stalking all my comments!

  2. Facts August 5, 2018

    Let her just go already. She clearly doesn’t wanna be here and doesn’t care about life. She clearly is a crackhead and she keeps getting second chances meanwhile people like Trayvon Martin are killed and their potential to be great is taken from them. But God keeps sparing this Mediocre crackheads life and we’re supposed to care?

    • Ughhh August 5, 2018

      Do not mock pain you haven’t endured, let alone put death upon someone

    • eric August 5, 2018

      @Facts. Why should God keep giving ANY of us chances? The reality is none of us deserve to be here, because none of us are perfectly pleasing to God. We should be grateful for God’s protection and be thankful that he is a loving and forgiving God who offers another chance. The next time you mess up and need God’s help getting out of something, remember what you said about Demi.

    • Whoops ???‍♀️?? August 5, 2018

      Bye. Who are you to decide how many chances she deserves? The irony is that the man who killed Trayvon made that same exact decision about him. Only he acted on it. And Trayvon Martin is dead. We cannot bring him back (and getting justice for his loss is a completely different issue that doesn’t belong under this post). But It’s interesting how people can go so hard for the dead but when you had an opportunity here to encourage someone to live, you just told her and everybody praying for her to give up. A whole, actual, mess.

    • jammy August 6, 2018

      that is such a foul and disgusting comment. Don’t trash her just to make a point about something else. I just like you and many others hate the killings of our black men, but never say anything like this. Negativity does not help those we have lost and a system that needs to be fixed.

  3. Oliver and elio August 5, 2018


  4. Meme August 5, 2018

    Girl bye. You were partying it up living it up with friends taking drugs for 2 all days straight. If you didn’t damn near kill your self you would still be with those same friends taking drugs.

    Keep your fake sentiments and cry for pity to yourself and actual seek help. I do not feel sorry for you.

    • Dionysus August 6, 2018


  5. AnonymousTruth August 6, 2018

    I have zero respect for this girl .
    Drugs is such a careless and stupid thing to do to begin with .
    And all that does comes to mind is ‘ damn this crackhead’ .
    I just don’t think it’s an ‘illness’ that attracts much sympathy, because it isn’t something that just happens to unlucky people , it’s something that you brought onto your damn self .
    So girl bye AF.

    • Dionysus August 6, 2018


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