Ouch! Slim Thug Says Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Marriage is a Sham

Published: Thursday 2nd Aug 2018 by Rashad

Yikes! ‘Still Tippin’ emcee Slim Thug has tipped right on over to the bad side of the C-Squad (singer Ciara‘s beloved fan base) after he asserted in a recent radio interview the Grammy-winner’s marriage to footballer Russell Wilson was a sham.

Referencing her dating track record prior to her marriage to the Seahawks star (the couple recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary), Slim Thugga was not shy with his suggestion that the union was more of a move for ‘financial stability’ by Cici.

Needless to say his statements set off a firestorm of clap backs from the C-Squad across his social media platforms.  Look inside to hear the quotes that got them all fired up:

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  1. Perfection is so…mphm! ?? August 2, 2018

    So initial thought “who tf is slim thug?” Second thought “why isn’t he slim??” ….heads to Apple Music *sees his feature on check up on it. Ohhhhh him!? Follow up thought “boy If you don’t get yo irrelevant assssss opinion off their marriage!” Lmao ?

    • Perfection is so…mphm! ?? August 2, 2018

      According to google…HE NOT EVEN MARRIED!?!? Why don’t you focus more on why you 37 and single still going by slim thug looking more like a thick girl. You outta pocket and out of money. Stop it. Congratulations you just played ya self!

    • Caleb August 2, 2018

      He is a legend in Houston for what it’s worth.

      • iamdiego August 3, 2018

        right!!! they tried it.

  2. KodakRedd! August 2, 2018

    He sound bothered cuz Latoya Luckett got away from his cheating a** and has had two husbands since leaving his bum a** alone….

  3. Ispeakfacts August 2, 2018

    Come on now if we all gonna be real… Russell Wilson isn’t what Ciara typically dates… she does typically dates street dudes… she was proud of being a baby mama to Future until everything blew up in her face… I definitely think she wanted to be with another celebrity power couple like bey & Jay but I think what changed for her is her circle changed… she started being around women in the industry that was in stable relationships & were getting married… she found herself being a single mother. Russell definitely upgraded her entire career… he really saved her… tbh

    • Perfection is so…mphm! ?? August 2, 2018

      You don’t know her. First off. Second of all I’m sure you’ve spread your legs for a pleatora of different kinds of people with different energies and characteristics. People are not one deminsional they are allowed to like different things. You sound ignorant. Learn from this Tiffany. Be better. Do better.

    • Faf August 2, 2018

      Wait Russell and Ciara have over 100mil together they a) are a power couple

      B) Russell has more money than future
      C) Ciara went through a phase like most women bow wow isn’t street and nor are the athletes she dated

    • xedos August 3, 2018

      what career?

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 3, 2018


  4. Gurl Bye! August 2, 2018

    Slim Thug is right with his sexxxy self.

    • Perfection is so…mphm! ?? August 2, 2018


  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? August 2, 2018

    SLIM is Still ugly but atleast he still THICC.

  6. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 2, 2018

    Lol he’s hating. Ciara just grew up and realized thug nighas are out of style and tired AF. Now she has a real man and she’s trule happy!

  7. SNF August 2, 2018

    Grown a** men bothered…

  8. Boytoy1814 August 2, 2018

    Jealous much?!!

  9. Eyes August 2, 2018

    What does this guy thinks he sounds like ,a jealous b****!!! Why does he and future even comment about this women they sound mad jealous fools but when you mess up it’s always someone there to take your spot!!! Move on cause she is gone

  10. Sweetnothings78 August 3, 2018

    Or it’s maybe because we don’t have to lime a certain type and she naturally fell in love with someone decent.

    Also she strikes me as a lady and not trash so this man makes her feel more like a lady. Good for her. She won’t respond to that type of trash anyway which signifies she is actually classy! She’s a positive person!

  11. xedos August 3, 2018

    I always believe the same thing its a security an status marriage. nothing to do with love.She can pull him before every camera something she could never did with Future.

    • Amber August 3, 2018

      No, she grew up and saw someone better. This is something a lot of women do, Ciara just happen to be famous and I think MOST BLACKS are happy for her and Russell regardless what a FEW back wooded street thugs want to believe.

  12. Jackx August 3, 2018

    and who is slim thug his most know song is Beyoncé’s check on it from 12 years ago ??
    Boy ?

  13. DanYiel Iman August 3, 2018

    And to think LeToya was sprung in between the two and she really wanted to be with him?!!??‍♂️ Slim thug is a fraud I guess every woman is supposed to want to be with a player with 10 kids

  14. Meme August 3, 2018

    This kinda mentality in the black community is so f** up. So if you’re a clean cut well spoken good guy your either corny or gay. Aw ok. I understand what he’s saying Ciara, given her track record of guys she’s dated, Russell doesn’t seem like her type. But don’t call the man corny.

    • Amber August 3, 2018

      I agree Meme. And if these “corny” black men get white women and treat them good, then some of us get upset. I am glad Russell is with Ciara even the way they waited for each other. NO, it is jealousy that Russell and Ciara are getting the respect compare to this clown and Future and these type of men want everyone to sleep around with different people and being thugged out like them. Sorry Thugs do NOT get respect. Only PRISON TIME.

      • Meme August 3, 2018


  15. Yan August 3, 2018

    This is stupid. She may have a few flops under her belt, but she doesn’t need money from anyone. She has her own.

  16. Amber August 3, 2018

    This clown sound jealous that Russell gets more respect than him and Future. Call Russell whatever you want, more black men need to be like Russell’s image and need to give up the street look and thinking being and looking like a Thug make you look good. NOT. It only prepares you for Prison and a stereotype. Do not hate. Ciara GREW UP and went for a man who was special and left the “boys” alone.

  17. Quentin Parker August 3, 2018

    First his comments are ridiculous!!! Majority of people date people who they want but ita not who they need… Some people stay in situations like that and end up unhappy and miserable…. Because its not what they need… Then people change when someone treats a woman like shes a queen that opens her up to what she deserves… Ciara is a grown woman now back then she was young people grow up and grow up their ways…..and when God is involved he’s going to bless you with the best….. look at Letoya Luckett she use to date slim thug and look where shes at now…happy married and about to have her first child by a man who looks the total opposite of slim thug……im sorry but don’t hate on the good guys from rescuing women from toxic situations!!

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