Normani: “I’m Not the ‘Next Beyonce’ Just Yet, But I Hope to Be”

Published: Thursday 2nd Aug 2018 by Rashad

Much like Beyonce, former Fifth Harmony star Normani not only found her roots in a girl group, but also emerged from the composite as a fiery performer that’s left stages lit from killer choreography, sex appeal, and undeniable stage presence.

Because of the similarities some of the latter’s fans have already begun christening her the second coming of the Queen Bey – a comparison ‘Mani recently told ‘Fader’ is flattering yet undue.

 “It’s flattering but I definitely have room to grow and improve. I want to work for my spot. It’s not fair that I’m the next Beyoncé just yet. But I hope to become that,” she said.

This, due in large part to the fact the 22-year-old’s debut album has yet to arrive.  However, given the list of heavy-hitting producers and songwriters set to line its credits list (see:  Missy Elliott, Boi-1da, Danja, Ester Dean, The Dream, DJ Mustard, and more), it’s easy to see how and why industry analysts and fans alike are forecasting the set to be a major breakthrough toward the young singer’s goal of being ‘the next Beyonce.’

Until then, look inside for more interesting quotes from ‘Mani and see her sizzling Thomas Richard McCarty-curated shots from the mag:



“I’m able to go to the studio now and write about ideas that actually mean something to me,” she admitted. “I am going back to the music that I grew up with that really inspires me. I get to pull from that and incorporate those sounds into this project.”



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  1. truthtea August 2, 2018

    Normani, unlike Beyawnce, you won’t have to face plagiarism and inflation allegations, nor have to pay for your noms and awards! You’ll do great!

    • ??? August 3, 2018

      lmao yup, and since love lies is charting better than APEFLOP, normani is already on her way to surpassing that flopped roach lmfaoooooooo!

  2. Boytoy1814 August 2, 2018

    She’s definitely the next Beyonce
    When I saw her performance on
    Billboard Awards w/Khalid that’s exactly what I said.

  3. Lukegumbo August 2, 2018

    She’s gorg, smart, can sing and dance, I stan.

  4. Ispeakfacts August 2, 2018

    She can dance & has great stage presence but I think what’s gonna be her biggest hinderance is her limited vocal talent… she can sing but I don’t ever think she will have beys vocal skills… I see her having success but not Beyonce success… like selling out stadiums… Bey also has that “it factor” star quality when she walks in a room the room lights up… I don’t see that with this girl but I will be rooting for Normani!

  5. Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ August 2, 2018

    I need to see a lot more than a cute hair performance combo to call her the next Beyonce. Although I know she studies and idolizes Janet and Bey so she very well may be on her way. I like her

  6. Whoops ???‍♀️?? August 2, 2018

    She doesn’t have the voice to be the next Beyoncé. Maybe she’ll improve but she can only improve by so much. Though, She can dance though, she can hold a note, and I see that fierceness in her to be able to command a stage, so she does have the potential to be a consistently great performer like Beyoncé is.

  7. G7Pat August 3, 2018

    She doesnt have the voice but she is a more electrifying dancer.. we will c

  8. AnonymousTruth August 3, 2018

    Lol , that’s cute . Next Beyoncé – maybe not , just because of the vocals.

    I think for Normani to appeal to the masses. She’s going to have to be very ‘POP’ and have the perfect mainstream material , I’m going to be honest here but it’s very hard for darker girls to find this grand success and it’s a shame , we’ve seen all the articles discussing this so it’s not my personal opinion … it’s true. I’m hoping she won’t just fall in to the same category of the other R&B chicks that are doing just ok.
    Sevyn Streeter
    Even Kelly Rowland.

    & I also know lighter skin doesn’t automatically equal success either – see Tinashe. It’s just all about the material .
    Good luck to Normani though , because I do want her to succeed.

    • DumbJuice August 3, 2018

      Girl shut the hell up with the light skin dark skin b*******….

      • AnonymousTruth August 3, 2018

        But it’s the truth …
        So nah …

  9. PERY August 3, 2018

    Why everybody want to be the next Beyonce? Be Yourself and dont try to be LIke…… That makes people Like Janet Jackson,Tina Turner, Whitney, Diana Ross or evene Donna Summer to Legends.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 3, 2018

      @Pery – I agree

  10. Flop22 August 3, 2018

    Billboard updated & released its Hot100 Artist of All Time, why hasn’t this been posted?

    • ??? August 3, 2018

      lmao because the roach didn’t even make it to the top 40, but Rihanna is in the top 10, thats why lmfaoooo

  11. NotoriousTruthTeller August 3, 2018

    Hahaha I can’t with ya’ll acting like Beyawncè has epic vocals. Her vocals are consistent, but not Great. She doesn’t evoke any emotion.

    And forthe stage pressence, she borrows heavily from Drag Queens.

    I wish new artist would stop making this so called Queen B the standard. There are better and way more diverse legends out there


    • AnonymousTruth August 3, 2018

      Like who ?… I’m curious .

    • ??? August 3, 2018

      lmao all of this, roach’s vocals are as basic as brandy’s, and her stage presence is no more spectacular than the average strip show lmfaooooo

  12. Erica August 3, 2018

    Incorporate sounds you grew up on? So she’s going to have New Orleans bounce music in her sound ok mani

  13. Bravo!! August 3, 2018

    There’s only one Beyoncé.

  14. DumbJuice August 3, 2018


  15. Mel August 3, 2018

    Next beyonce where? Her voice is extremely mediocre but she does has a beyonce inspired stage presence.

  16. DanYiel Iman August 3, 2018

    She’s a great artist it will take a while for her to be a Beyoncé,Kelendria or even Tenitra!!??‍♂️

  17. Nah August 3, 2018

    Next Kelly, but Bey, a reach….. you know them folks pulling strings got a skin tone phobia chil’

    • AnonymousTruth August 3, 2018

      Exactly my point !

  18. Gurl Bye! August 3, 2018

    How about being the next big star? The next Normani. Beyonce has always the Beyonce not the Michael Jackson, the Janet Jackson, the Tina Turner, the Vanessa Williams. Beyonce, Usher, Alicia Keys, etc. created their own lane and imprint in entertainment that distinguishes them from everyone else. Once you become the next anybody, you lose your identity and mark on entertainment. (See Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle)

    • Lake Erie August 3, 2018

      Yea, I applaud K. Michelle for being able to write really good music. But when she said she’s the black taylor swift (taylor writes too)… I was like… huh? What about just being you maybe!?!?… .. you great yourself for writing your own unique music.

  19. ??? August 3, 2018

    lmaoooo roach couldn’t even make the top 40 on Billboards Greatest of All Time list, nobody wants to be the next her lmfaoooooo. normani needs to raise her standards on who she admires, even her duet with khalid is charting higher than APEFLOP, she doesn’t need to be the next roach, she’ll surpass her basic overblown asss in no time lmfaooooo.

  20. xyz August 3, 2018

    She would have a harder start than Beyoncé as she comes from a different place. Destinys child has been a worldwide successful group for years, with multiplatinum hits in the biggest countries. And Beyoncé has always been the lead that everyone knew. Normani on the other hand comes from a group that has been successful, but more like ok, with the last album tanking. But good luck to her, she is talented

  21. Adele August 3, 2018

    She is more like the next Ciara than Beyonce. She is cute or whatever and can dance her ass off but those vocals leave much to be desired.

  22. Lana August 3, 2018

    She’s great but I have a hard time seeing it. She doesn’t have a bubbly personality, she comes off stuck up. This day in age is different than when Beyoncé came out. She’s lucky to have gotten on the charts with Someone else’s song.

  23. thanosoftitans August 3, 2018

    She lost me. I’m not interested in anyone trying to be the next Beyonce. Sorry.

    • JET August 5, 2018

      She just loves her. I’m sure she is trying to be her own thing, but for some odd reason people are just trying to make her be compared to her. She does idolize her and I am sure it isn’t as deep as you took it.

  24. Lit August 3, 2018

    I dont understand the hype about this Normandi

  25. Shane August 5, 2018

    Why are folks (mostly this generation ) acting like beyonce was slaying straight out the gate when she went solo? Need I remind you no one was checking for “work it out “ and it was a certified flop. She had to work her ass off and tone down on all the unnecessary runs she did in destiny’s child before she got to “dangerously in Love “ . Fact of the matter is , Beyonce is not God , she is a human being who has worked very hard to master her craft, her brand and her business. If Normani plays her cards right, surrounds herself with likeminded individuals who want her to genuinely succeed and doesn’t allow herself to be intimadatd by the process she has the potiental to be just as great

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