Ouch! Twitter Slams Faith Hill For ‘Awful’ Performance at Aretha Franklin Funeral

Published: Friday 31st Aug 2018 by Rashad

Was it grief, nerves, or a cold that got that best of country star Faith Hill?  While the jury is still out on the reason, what’s for certain is the Grammy-winner didn’t have a friend on Twitter today as they weighed in on her performance of ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ at Aretha Franklin‘s live streamed funeral services (August 31).

Kicking off a star-studded tribute to the Queen of Soul featuring the likes of Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Chaka Khan, and many more, Hill – with the help of the celebration choir – croaked belted out the gospel classic to mixed reviews from audience members and viewers abroad.

Are people overreacting?  See the performance and read the Twitter responses inside:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Linda August 31, 2018

    Everyone has a bad day people.

    • Rosy August 31, 2018

      Twitter always complaining leave the woman alone

    • Fancy BISH August 31, 2018

      Not bad…it’s a little struggle here and there lol…but nothing too crazy…beautiful dresses tho lol ?

    • Rasputia Lattimore August 31, 2018

      She sang the song how most white women would sing a gospel song. I don’t see anything wrong with it. People expecting something out of her she ain’t never delivered in her 25 year career. Post one video performance of her wowing a crow with some soulful vocals. I’ll wait. LOL.

      Moving on to more important things, who is that little light skin man in the black t-shirt that keeps popping up on the lower right hand side of my computer when I come on this site? I want to slam dunk his little ass until I bust a nut. He’s fine. How u doing?

  2. Steve August 31, 2018

    Bad day. Sounded like she has a throat infection from the unset .

  3. King z August 31, 2018

    She sounded like someone undergoing exorcism

  4. Ejai August 31, 2018

    Lol! Sounds alright to me!

  5. Achooo! August 31, 2018

    It’s simple Faith Hill lacks soul

    • David September 1, 2018

      Why? Cause she ain’t “black?”

  6. Seth August 31, 2018

    She can sing and I usually enjoy her voice and think she’s a nice person that nobody ever talks bad about but this is this good . Maybe nerves and age took its toll of her voice today? She isn’t going to sound like she did 20 years ago

  7. Hmmm… August 31, 2018

    Ok but “when I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I thought that was something new at Taco Bell”. ? The Black church does not have 1 ounce of restraint. ?? Now as for Faith over here… girl. Aretha would not be having it. Any of it.

  8. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 31, 2018

    She did okay. It sounded like many of a singers in church who’s voice is a bit tired because they have just sung about 2-3 songs. She did okay nothing to make to do about. Those who ARE OBVIOUSLY never attended church.

  9. Theman August 31, 2018

    She was decent. Bums on twitter complain too much.. She’s been on tour a lot. Recently..

    • nate August 31, 2018

      The folks on Twitter weren’t complaining, they were ROASTING. It takes a sense of humor to know the difference.

  10. SMH August 31, 2018

    Meh, so what. Mariah choked during Michael Jackson’s funeral, the world didn’t end then so it won’t now lol.

  11. Tori August 31, 2018

    She did good. She was great in the beginning, hit a bad note in the middle and got lost in the vamp, but she held her own. Dont let let black twitter get yall hype, they literally overhype or overdrag EVERYTHING.

    • gina August 31, 2018

      Um, no, she sounded horrible. nothing to do with black or white twitter, just facts.

  12. Casual August 31, 2018

    Aside from her GREAT GOWN, BEAUTIFUL GOWN, she was trying to do too much. She needed to pull back and control her lead over the outtra rather than try to screech her way through it. She doesn’t have the kind of voice suited for what she was trying to do. But . . . I am glad she showed up to pay her respects.

  13. Intro August 31, 2018

    Side note: Tyler perry brought the haves and the have nots cast…

  14. Dev August 31, 2018

    I preferred Faith Hill to Ariana Grande. Faith’s voice simply wasn’t designed for the song, but Ariana just showed again that she isn’t as good a singer that people made her out to be. On paper it should’ve been okay its wasn’t

  15. JOHNVIDAL August 31, 2018

    Faith Hill is a good singer though.

  16. Blessed August 31, 2018

    People always complaining smh She’s not going to sing the song like Aretha, but like Faith. It was great but it was ok

  17. Dee August 31, 2018

    C’mon people ! They make it seem like she was terrible or something

  18. Killthebhiveasap August 31, 2018

    She wasnt thaaattt bad

  19. Wayne August 31, 2018

    it wasn’t even that damn bad. ppl make me sick.

  20. Caleb August 31, 2018

    I didn’t know she was still around honestly. I remember she used to be a great singer. Never seen this blog mention her once in my many years of visiting and the one time it’s for something negative lol.

  21. Liam August 31, 2018

    It wasn’t bad she did ok sounded like she like she was ill or something though

  22. DanYiel Iman August 31, 2018

    I mean several acts were pitchy IMO…

  23. eric August 31, 2018

    She was nervous, because she knew she would be judged by people who choose to be cruel during a time of peace, love and unity. Aretha would be mad at the viewers and their comments, not at Faith.

    • Rasputia Lattimore August 31, 2018

      Not true. She is a seasoned performer. You can tell she is not nervous at all. She sang the song how most white women would sing a gospel song. I don’t see anything wrong with it. People expecting something out of her she ain’t never delivered in her 25 year career. Post one video performance of her wowing a crow with some soulful vocals. I’ll wait. LOL

      • Jason September 1, 2018

        No…white women can sing Gospel. She either was sick, hoarse, or in horrible voice. I know plenty of white women who could have sung rings around that performance of Hill’s. And all black women do not have voices to sing but just have the soul to back it up. Don’t insult great singers unless a great singer like Hill has a lousy day and lump all white singers into it.

  24. Jason September 1, 2018

    Faith was beautiful but her voice was not. It was painful.

  25. David September 1, 2018

    Forget Faith Hill. Who was the black “singer” who just SCREECHED?

  26. Susan September 1, 2018

    Hard to even listen to her SCREECH …sad, very sad !!!

  27. tutu September 2, 2018

    i love u faith but guuurrrl i jus wanted to grab that frog in yo throat and stomp it to death on the ground doin my james brown church shout bcos u simply lacked the lustre honey!

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