Teyana Taylor Drops Out From Jeremih Tour / Says “I’ve Been Extremely Mistreated”

Published: Wednesday 15th Aug 2018 by Sam

Teyana Taylor has pulled the plug on her joint tour with Jeremih. 

And she’s not biting her tongue about why.

Details below…

The 24-city jaunt kicked off on August 3rd, but the 27-year-old Taylor says she’ll no longer be involved due to tension with her co-billed act.

Moments ago on Twitter, she wrote:

She more squarely took aim at Jeremih, tweeting:

The singer, who embarked on the trek in support of sophomore album ‘KTSE,’ quickly drew support from fans who too say they noticed something…off.

Peep some of her retweets:


No word yet from Jeremih.


Given the Kanye West affected roll-out of the ‘KTSE’ album and now this, we hope Teyana catches a break sooner rather than later.

Truth be told, she does indeed have the buzz to mount her own tour, so she totally should press on with that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 15, 2018

    Azealia 2.0. This girls a whiner, she stays complaining about something. Her attitude is horrible and she’s thinks she’s bigger than she actually is. Girl bye.

    • DanYiel Iman August 16, 2018

      She’s better then your Meme!! Ri-Whine-A✌??

  2. Bravo!! August 15, 2018

    My favorite song is Gonna love me & hurry. The whole albums nice though. I can see her doing a video to hurry something like the fade video.

  3. pat August 15, 2018

    i saw this coming…she just realized she can pack those lil venues out alone…so why not scrap and get all her coin

  4. Jackx August 15, 2018

    She need to fire her team. They don’t know what to do with her. She should be winning with a voice and body like hers

    • Keith August 15, 2018

      I agree, totally

  5. Caleb August 15, 2018

    All I know is that here in Houston they play her song like every time I turn on the radio. So I guess someone is a fan.

  6. Ughhh August 15, 2018

    This girl thinks she is an A list artist. She is an opener. You have to work to be treated like the main act. Get over yourself. She has been bîtchin since her Sweet 16 episode

    • Faf August 15, 2018

      Is she opener or coheadliner? Bc Jeremih has platinum songs but besides bday s** none of it is his own doing, it’s always a feature with a bigger artist or a group

      • byisi August 15, 2018

        Actually that’s a lie, majority of Jeremiah hits are his and if it is a feature, it’s normally him featuring an artist. Teyana Taylor’s only time being on the Hot100 6 years ago was a bigger artist featuring her. They aren’t even comparable, he’s had way more success!

  7. SMH August 15, 2018

    I knew she was doomed the moment she hooked up with Kim Kardashian’s husband.

  8. Spiicy August 15, 2018

    Girl bye. You’re an IG personality with no hits or plaques.

  9. Deyzz August 16, 2018

    She is a star! Jealousy is always around when you are with people who cannot appreciate your shine. I believe her. Many years ago, Luther Vandroos had the same issue with Anita Baker and with En Vogue years later.

    He was the headliner, but people gave so much love for the opening acts, he got jealous, so Anita B. kept her distance from Luther V. on their tour and years later, En Vogue left tour with him. See the pattern?

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